What are TRITTON headsets plugged into?


I am very close to buying these after seeing them at EVO:

When I play at tournaments, there are mainly 360s. I also have a Qanba dual stick. My question is, what does the headset exactly plug into? The two USB slots on the 360 are usually occupied, and I don’t know where else the headset would be plugged. I have a headset (AUX-looking) port in my stick, but I thought it was for voice chat only.


IMHO these headsets are very uncomfortable, especially if you wear glasses and have terrible sound quality. If you’re ok with stereo sound, I’d reccomend getting an amp (even a cheap CMOY headphone amp would do it) and some proper headphones like Sennheiser HD215.


Yeah, for that money you can get good Sennheisers, which not only outperform these in sound-quality and comfort, but also in weight, build-quality and durability.
People need to stop buying this branded trash for small fortunes. Gaming-headsets are the scam of the century.


They plug into a USB splitter, which is used at tournaments. They don’t only use the stock USB ports.

The headset port on your Qanba only works with voice-chat headsets, but who cares about that shit. No in-game audio for that, which is really stupid, and Sony and Microsoft need to step their shit up.

And yes, for the price of a “gaming headset” you can get good Sennheisers, which are far superior to pretty much anything these dudes have to offer.


PS4 Dual Shock 4 game pads allow for In-Game Audio via the player’s headset. Lucky for us the PS4 Dual Shocks use a standard 3.5mm cell phone headset jack (4 Contacts)
And the current stock of PS3 Bluetooth headsets works too.

I do agree with you guys and Tritton, they are the worst headsets I ever used. Broke on me in matter of weeks, quality is sub par, and they aren’t that comfortable.

Looking up sennheiser headsets, these would be perfect for me.

This is what sennheiser has for Xbox 360, put I would get one of there PC headsets and a audio adapter for Xbox 360 use.


I’m glad to hear that’s changed. I’ve always wondered why that option wasn’t featured with the xb360 and ps3 though. It seems like it could be done with some software revisions and updates, but they just can’t be bothered to do so.