What are Vega's Regular Combos?

What are some combo’s I can use for Vega in C or N Groove? What are his bread and butter combos (if he has any)? And how would you combo his super in? Thanks!

Havent seen anyone mentioned this so…

opponent is close and leave an opening:

c.mk, flip kick. (3-hits)

vega strategies

If they block the backflip, is it punishable? Or is it unpunishable from only certain distances, like most combos.

If anybody who uses Vega reads this, I am interested in knowing your general strategy with Vega. Please post!

Vega isn’t really a combo character.
c.hp, claw super works.
so does rolling claw, claw super(inconsistant).

rolling claw is safe. Jab version is supposed to be safest version. Do ppp or kkk right after the last hit, you’ll be much safer.

You can also cancel c.mk into his wall moves.

i play Vega as my first fighter in C groove (R1), dont use combos but rather play him a bit cautious, waiting for the other player to make a mistake then punishing with a c.HK, HP roll or HK Flip…
by using his long range slide he can punish projectiles easily either rolling through it then sliding him or waiting for him to jump or roll, then sliding as they land.

I play vega as my ratio 2 person. I find it easy 2 rush peaple down with him considering peaple r unexpirienced at fighting him. His c.mp stops most fire call animations and his s.hp is a great poking tool 2 keep them away. Also is jump in hp had killer priority so when u jump in make sure its with hp. I only do his special moves on noobs becuase they cant stop it but against good players i play a poking game . But never let peaple jump in on u its what kills vega But when u do get jumped in on use a flip kick its a very underated move. N e other questions just ask

This isn’t for playing against experts but I use it a lot

Throw, Slide ( time it so it connects as they get up ) then jump fierce and crouch fierce

If you connect all 4 it does some sizeable damage

combo for vega

well i use vega for my first charactor. A combo i do oftenly is a c.lp / c.lp / c.mp and then i cant remember the name of the move but you jump off the side wall and then jump at there head from above by holding down then away from them and kick it usually hits them because they are on the ground blocking from a secound ago attacking and catches them off guard

simple combo: sj. or j.rh, c.mk, flipkick. just do kkk if you think youre gonna get punished.

(vs everyone) j.hk, c.lk, s.lk xx stab super

(vs fat chars) c.lk, s.lk xx hp rolling claw (doesnt work off a jump in)

I play lv2 Vega in N for my last character and he gets me through a lot of shit.

Jab roll = safe and can air ikuza drop when finished. (charge within roll)

Easiest and damaging super combo chain: c.MK, to Blood Red, (lv.3 charge b, f, b, f+P)

His c. mk can chain into everything. His roll, flip kick, blood red claw super, flip kick super, wall moves (charge d, u+P and charge d, u+K. <— and all of it’s properties from their.) If you mix up good, you might beable to fake out someone with his ikuza super drop off of a c.MK. (charge db, df, db, uf+K~P for claw rage super or [close]f or b or d+P for super ikuza drop.)

If you play Vega in N, then you can rush with:
c.jab, run, c.jab, run, c.short, run, c.mk into all of the above ^.

Vega is very good in N-Groove, IMO.

Remember in N or K groove you can run and charge d. Like guile’s running flash kick if you like to do jp rush down. then mix it up with a run charge d/f then wait for them to crouch then bam jump off the wall and you get a mix up slash maybe even a throw.

p.s. Mas it’s good to see another Coloradan post here.

WE REPRESENT!!! :smiley: And also Kai sometimes…:slight_smile:

So do you think you are gonna make the tourney. Hope so, cause I wanna see some dahlsim action in SvC. :slight_smile:

Yea i’m gonna be there. I think i’m just gonna enter CvS 2 though. I havn’t been able to play SvC as much as I’d like cuz of work and school ish. But yea i’ll definetely go and play some Dhalsim cuz he ownz for free in that game. well not against Kasumi.

Don’t depend on combos for Vega, u can do shit like crouching or standing jabx2, claw roll but the time on the two jabs is quite inconsistant. Just stick to pokin, two-in-one’s and like what Angel of Rage said play him cautiously I dont see Vega much as a rushdown player cause he’s got very lil’ tempo he can’t control the match like a Shotokan could for example.