What are ways to avoid getting hit?

I have been playing online on kaillera a little bit and I keep getting rushed down. Especially when they get me to the corner, with Akuma, I have nothing that I can do. Its a guessing game and I keep having to block high then low and avoid throws. But in the end I get hit and comboed. Is there any way I can learn to avoid getting hit so easily? What are some tactics to avoid those mad attacks?


Learn to block/tech. Never stop teleporting.

I think he meant when Akuma has him cornered. Yeah that can be tough if the other player is good. Exactly what are they doing to trap you? Air fireball/low forward trap tick throw or something else?

Being a fomer Gouki player, I was very prone to parry after my dive kicks or Tatsus. If you can anticpate those two moves in the corner you have a great shot of owning Gouki. Most Gouki players loves the cr. short, short > flip. If you have a dp character, after cr.short, short shoryuken him.

lol if they’re dive kicking you and you have an uppercut you don’t have to stand for that shit. Just make sure to watch out for empty jumps. Learn to dash under them when you can.

Basically get the hell out of the corner is the best way to not get hit. In the corner a person can space his shit optimally make it difficult for you to poke him or counter him, so the best way to not get hit is to get at your characters optimal range which can only be done by escaping the corner.

If you play Akuma and get hit too much, its time to learn a new character :sad:

One thing is that on wakeup, they sometimes get me.
Like a wanted to throw them with oro (they were standing at throw range), but they just hit me before I get them. I thought the throw would be faster than their move?? It was just a MP by ibuki or something.
Also, sometimes happen with shoryuken even.
So what things can beat/nullify a wakeup shoryuken other than parrying? Say I am waking up and do a shoryuken and they are standing ‘relatively close’ to me. Other than parrying or standing too far for me to hit, what else can beat my shoryuken?

I am kind of looking for a teacher who would train with me against my noobish yang and other characters.

A block.

You have to know the priority of your moves. If somebody knocks you down and hits you as you get up, and you throw them, they’re gonna beat you unless their move is really slow (because of the knock down you just won’t have time to throw them.)

Meanwhile for the uppercut question, you have to learn to time your uppercuts with reversal timing. You know you did it right when the game says “Reversal” when you do it. It’s also pretty easy in this game, so just learn the timing. After that you have to make sure you’re using a good uppercut when you get up.

For example, Oro’s LP MP and HP uppercuts have little (in fact, I’m pretty sure they have NO) invulnerability. People can interrupt these with well timed hits or even some throws. If you use the EX version and time it properly they won’t be able to beat you with anything except a super.

In general you should think more about blocking on wakeup than how to best attack your opponent back. If they know you’re gonna try to attack them back then you’re gonna eat a shitload of damage.

I don’t think you’re teleporting enough.

When in a bad situation when your starting out just block and look for throw attempts and break those with techs and input throws with jump outs. When you become more comfortable try beating throws with more character specific things like back dashes (some characters can actually be throw out of their back dashes if the throw range is big enough like the RH Moonsault press of Hugo’s or his gigas breaker) or backswing blow if your dudley, but overall the first set of options should altogether be what you rely on as they are the better/less risky options most of the time.

LOTS of people when they start out try to parry a bunch of shit. This isn’t fish for parry on wake-up strike. That will get you killed. Start with things like air fireballs and your empty jump in parry’s and as you get more familiar you can start working in more risky parries as you’ll have a better idea when to take those risks. Wake-up parrying should only be done if your nearly 100% sure they are going to meaty a certain way, but you still shouldn’t do it often as it is very likely they’ll mix you up so it’ll just be a random guess on your part.

Learning when your opponent is going to reversal is basically a guessing game. Your going to get hit by some, but you should always be looking out for when it is likely they will reversal you and try to block it. If you think they’ll reversal a super most characters reversal supers can be dodged if you attack them certain ways on wake-up so look into that. Actually any non-super reversal in the game can be stuffed by a well timed crouching light kick or punch so if you expect them to come up with a shoryuken meaty with something like that. Only time your going to guarantee your shoryukens is if they meaty a medium or high attack early enough for you to see it and you know it won’t recover in time, otherwise it’s risky.

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tele is great dont get me wrong…now learning to do it w\o gettin hit is a lil dif and not for newbs

aside from that…BLOCK! youll get the timing down when you can counter~what mariodood said

Needs more teleports.

Wake up with Cr. MK x Teleport. They’ll never see it coming. Or just block. I hear that gets success sometimes.

like eminem said back in the day…“DONT DO IT, ITS NOT WORTH IT TO RISK IT, NOT OVER THIS SHIT…”


Rub dicks with another guy and it will turn on auto parry for lyfe boyeeee!!! Try it, it works you can ask anyone on here. I don’t cheat like that so I haven’t done it

know the oponents options and try to guess the right defensive maneuver at the right time

on wakeup the oponent can atack low, attack mid, grab, overhead, crossup, crossup fake, high priority attack to get priority over a move he anticipated from you,meaty, bait etc

once you get used to those and get a hang of the game, you could get used to those and do the right defnesive maneuver, wich will work maybe 50 percent of the time.

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