What are ya'll doing to get the most stun with Akuma?

This is the part about Akuma I miss the most. I feel that his stun is still pretty good, but you have to work harder to get it and use more ex meter. What combos and moves do you guys find build up stun pretty quickly?

and if someone says this topic isn’t good I apologize. This forum is ass and all over the place. The vanilla to super change should have came with fresh forums.

I was also wondering this.

Combo with most stun without using FADC
Combo with most stun using FADC

Want more stun? Try our new EX Tatsu.

I agree everything is scattered all over the place some of the other character forums are so well laid out and then here is like …

Someone should just make a super comprehensive thread with like everything important, sticky, lock and update as need be. That thread LoyalSol made doesn’t count.

You think you can do better, go for it. Everyone loves to suggest improvements but no one wants to do the work themselves. Although I don’t get what you are complaining about since the same threads in every other forum are at the top of this forum. You can still access the information in a relatively fast manner.

First thing is you must be able to hit confirm from crouch jab to standing fierce. It makes up for a good portion of stun lost from vanilla. Second, you just have to accept that you won’t stun players like you used to. I’ve tried so many different things, but so many of his moves have reduced stun that even with substitutions it isn’t always possible to make up for the lost stun.

I didn’t do much testing on it, but as you all know EX srk does more as a finisher than lp dp fadc hp shaku. But I’m pretty sure to end with the most stun you do mp dp fadc lp shaku. That also is a decent way to setup your vortex.

There is a point to where the stun gets scaled down. Using a ex srk does comparable stun to a lp shaku in those long winded combos. I cant remember the numbers since A) its been awhile and B) I dont fool around with stun totals anymore.

I’d have no issue creating a mega sticky, I just dont want to step on toes.

I don’t mean to be a jerk about anything. I just get tired of doing something nice for people only to have them complain about how I did it. Man it seems like in the Ibuki video thread no matter how many times I update the front page no one is happy with it.

If you do your homework and put the time into writing a good thread then I am all for someone writing a mega sticky, but as it is I don’t have time to do a mega sticky and I am already managing a couple other threads around the forums.

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yeah like shin said, c.lp > s.hp is a “must do” now. The standard c.lp x3 hit confirm is totally ass now…also ex srk instead of hp srk will give a good stun boost.

Anyways, when I end un stunning someone, they’re usually like 2 hits away from death so it doesn’t really matter anyways. I miss the 200 stun sweep soooo bad hehehe!

So what you’re saying is that the basic combo we should be going for, if we’re smart, is something like j.MK, c.LP, s.HP, tatsu, juggle with EX HP SRK? How many of these bad boys does it take to get stun? Like, 2, or just one and another knockdown?

I’ve been meaning to ask this, what are the stun reductions from Vanilla to Super for Akuma’s moves?

right here

Akuma’s Frame Data Super Street Fighter 4 : EventHubs.com

oh well, I’m helping out:
(edit: bah, this code is not working proberly, but I’ll mark the nerfs red, buffs green. I’m in doubt what happens around air tatsu and the demon flip, so no colored markings)

                        Super		Vanilla
Move                 	Stun		Stun
Close Light Punch	50		50
Close Medium Punch	100		100
Close Hard Punch	200		200
Close Light Kick	50		50
Close Medium Kick	100		100
Close Hard Kick	      125*75		125*75
Far Light Punch	        50		50
Far Medium Punch	100		100
Far Hard Punch	        200		200
Far Light Kick	        50		50
Far Medium Kick	        100		100
Far Hard Kick	      125*75		125*75
Crouch Light Punch	50		50
Crouch Medium Punch	100		100
Crouch Hard Punch	200		200
Crouch Light Kick	50		50
Crouch Medium Kick	100		100
Crouch Hard Kick	100	        200
Jump Up Light Punch	50		50
Jump Up Medium Punch	100		100
Jump Up Hard Punch	200		200
Jump Up Light Kick	50		50
Jump Up Medium Kick	100		100
Jump Up Hard Kick	200		200
Jump Toward Light Punch	50		50
Jump Toward Medium Punch	100		100
Jump Toward Hard Punch	200		200
Jump Toward Light Kick	50		50
Jump Toward Medium Kick	100		100
Jump Toward Hard Kick	200		200
F+Medium Punch Overhead	50*50		50*50
D+Medium Kick (Air)	100		100
Focus Attack Level 1	100		100
Focus Attack Level 2	150		150
Focus Attack Level 3	200		200
Forward Throw	   120		120
Back Throw	   120		120
Fireball	           100		100
Fireball EX	    100*100		100*100
Red Fireball Light Punch	200		100
Red Fireball Medium Punch	50*100		100*100
Red Fireball Hard Punch	35x3		50*50*100
Red Fireball EX	70x3		100x3
Air Fireball 	50		50
Air Fireball EX	50		50
Dragon Punch Light Punch100		200
Dragon Punch Medium Punch80*50		100*100
Dragon Punch Hard Punch	70*50*30		100*50*50
Dragon Punch EX	100*50*50		100*50*50
Hurricane Kick Light Kick	50		100
Hurricane Kick Medium Kick	100*50*50		100*50*50
Hurricane Kick Hard Kick	100*50x3		100*50x3
Hurricane Kick EX	50		50
Hurricane Kick Light Kick (Air)	50		50
Hurricane Kick Medium Kick (Air)	50		50
Hurricane Kick Hard Kick (Air)	50		-
Hurricane Kick EX (Air)	50x5		200
Demon Flip	-		200
Demon Flip EX	-		100
Demon Flip Slide	200		200
Demon Flip Punch	200		-
Demon Flip Dive Kick	100		-
Demon Flip Throw	150		0
Teleport Punch	-		0
Teleport Kick	-		Stun
Super	0		
Ultra 1	0		
Ultra 2	0		
Move	Stun		

I’ll consider it a go ahead to start organising info. Have any problem if I send you to review before posting ?

Not to kiss too much ass but I appreciate the info you bring in your threads. If West has no issue with me helping out, then Ill lend a hand.

Just gotta make sure theres some kinda follow up on that s.hp (i.e. fireball) if its a block string. Otherwise, lookout reversal!

Thanks a lot TDK. God, those stun nerfs are seriously disgusting…

his stunning abilityhas to be one of the biggest reductions aimed at one partiucular thing in the game. They clearly thought he was to good at this. (Then again, he could stun Seth with one combo, without counterhit & without Meter)

that said, he still has decent options.

For example, after you’ve done a heft amount of harrasment & you feel they’re nearing stun, on there wakeup go for a HP SRK 3 hits, which gives you ample time to ceck to see if they’ve blocked, if it hits FADC & LP Shaku. (if blocked… well, FADC to whatever you want This nets 350 stun & registers as only 2 moves in a combo, so you get a very strong dizzy combo. Alternatively when near a corner do MP SRK (130) -> FADC -> LP Shaku (200) -> HP SRK (27) / Which does slightly more damage & slightly more stun, less damage than a HP Shaku though but alot more stun.

My reflexes are usually good enough to hit confirm before going for the s.hp…let’s say i do a crossup j.mk or df kick and they block, I go for c.lp x 3 or x2 then follow with a c.mp or some other blockstring…if they didn’t block i go for c.lp > s.hp …at this point if they’re crouching I go for the fireball, if they’re standing (obvious if you’re starting with df kick) i go for the lk tatsu combo.

c.mp x2 is also a very damaging hit confirm now…let’s say that the only times I use c.lk c.lp c.lp is when i want to bait a high block with empty df hand…all the other times it’s either c.mp x 2 or c.lp s.hp

^ What do you mean “now”? What about c.mp changed?

Yesterday I was doing the combo’s in the combo thread and changing the values for super. Then I got bored and quit. I might do it again when I can be bothered.