What are you currently listening 2?


The boys, AKA Biffy.Fuckin’.Clyro.


I love Team Teamwork


One more before bed.


Recently discovered Shannon Wright. Great and ominous song !


Awesome Prog Metal band from Australia. They opened for dragon force like 5, 6 years ago and fucking stole the show. When I got home that night I bought their entire discography and have been following them ever since. I want them to tour the US again so bad.


Got the vinyl album for the fragile album few days ago. Gotta thank Jojos for this buy






Probably my favorite track of their new album. It’s a a banger and hella catchy





Thanks for a lot of songs I didn’t knew

For me that’s haunting me for a long time, I guess I absorbed it


My box set for Coheed and Cambria’s new Album finally came and it came with this super fucking cool mask.

Anyone unfamiliar with them, all of their albums (but 1) revolve around a story called The Amory Wars. Well their newest album Vaxis Act I: the Unheavenly Creatures has a main character named Creature and he wears the mask I’m wearing the picture, I’ve been listening to the album on repeat since it came out last Friday I. Preparation of seeing them in November (this will be like my 15th or 16th time seeing them live)

I posted my favorite track from the album a few posts ago so I won’t post it again but I’ll post one of my favorite songs by them to keep on topic:




Just discovered these lovely ladies on YouTube and I am in love. Especially the drummer, she’s super cute.



Riffs galore