What are you currently listening 2?


My music channel. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s all instrumentals right now, covering different forms of Hip Hop.

If anybody would be so kind to give my stuff a listen I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


Been listening to a lot of Greta van fleet lately. Their album dropped last Friday. (Spare me the they sound like led Zeppelin comments)


Just found these guys on YouTube. I don’t know how to feel about them, but man, this song is a fucking rollercoaster.


This takes me back to jr high and high school where I was suuuuper into punk and ska. Makes me feel good.



Cosmic Black Metal has my soul ensnared again.


Just discovered this group the other night through YouTube roulette. I’m absolutely in the love. The violinist is amazing and super cute


Finding some pretty good obscure rock music


Taiwanese death metal is pretty awesome. Who knew?


I recently went through their whole discography, they’re a fine enough band but Seediq Bale and Bu Tik are their stand out albums imo, darker but have catchier riffs and synths. If you’re interested enough I could link some other Symphonic Black Metal you could try out.

Opener on the Seediq Bale album -


I was up at like 530am and couldn’t sleep so I went to YouTube and it was in my recommended videos (I’ve been watching A LOT of Japanese and Korean Metal bands lately) so I was like “Oh, these guys look cool. I’ll watch” the entire time I was like “wtf am I even watching and why do I love it so much?” I ended up staying up until like 630 watching a bunch of their videos. They’re pretty good.

To stay on topic. I just finished listening to this. I’m feeling super nostalgic and find myself missing my sister terribly (she lives in a different state). This was our fucking jam growing up.


Japanese Avant garde Black Metal band Sigh are a fun listen. This track is more straight forward but their other shit is weird/great.


I’ve just discovered The Slashstreet Boys



I saw this on reddit yesterday. Maybe Wednesday? Pretty solid.


The new hotness.


Because who doesn’t like hair metal comedy bands? (Video is NSFW)


Gotta rep dat gatlike voice.


I can’t sleep and this isn’t helping matters


She roars…!


Happy Halloween nerds.