What are you doing in free time


hello friends,
I am new here. I will start a new topic in this forum. I like to watch tv show in free time. I am a bigger fan of tv show so please share with us

What are you doing in free time


i will post in this thread. i hope you do not mind.




I like to click on the different ads that show up on SRK and enter my email to win free PS3s and Wiis.


Your mother.


If you upload attractive picture me love you long time.

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i live in a van down by the river


i like your avatar! it’s a female symbol…



Not sure. I’m 100% lazy ass, so does this count as my free time or not? :confused:



Speaking proper English. Aside from that I practice using Lei Wulong so that a month from now I can make my friend shut his arrogant fucking mouth about how good he is in Tekken. I also realize I need an arcade stick or smaller thumbs.


i was waiting for someone to say that lol. didn’t have to wait long!


Yeah…before I clicked on this thread I thought to myself “I wonder how many posts it’ll take before someone says fapping.”

Good show SRK.


it’s a bot you morons


Man, robots are becoming more human-like as time passes. :wow:


took me a second to see the “watch super natural online for free” thing in the sig.


I report bots in my free time.


Soar through the skies and eat fish?