What are YOU doing to become a better player?

This isn’t a thread about how to become a good player. This is a thread about things specifically you are working/trying to learn to expand your game. Me personally:

-Just picked up MvC3, working on BnB combos with my characters and basic/advanced strategy. My friend wants to learn as well(casual MK player), so I’m trying to chew up a lot of info and spit it back out into a way he can understand it. Secretly the reason for this thread is to see how different people learn fighting games, and applying it to teaching my mate who is rather clueless.

-Secondly, and probably the most important is I’m taking the games I play more seriously now that I have the chance to. I’m moving close to lot’s of good comp, and I won’t be working 40hrs a week for the next 9 months so I’m going to put some work in and hopefully something will come of it.

Interested to see how others attempt to improve besides just execution/match-ups.

Cool story, bro.

Trying to learn how to setup and keep pressure on someone in Vsav.
Trying to learn option selects in Mash Fighter.

Haven’t been doing much of either lately though. :frowning:

I’m trying to read less threads that ultimately amount to nothing.

Unfortunately I seem to be failing pretty miserably at that.

My bad guys thought this was fighting game discussion, I’ll let you guys get back to your busy lives reading the important threads!

Playing the games I want to get better at.


And playing games that are actually good.

Posting on SRK and talking trash about top players

What am I doing? Not making inane, pointless threads

Kick Phoenix’s ass faster so she can’t turn into DP.

Usually I will spend a week in training mode. Find out new stuff and test them out on locals. Usually try to be on “fire mode” all the time. (when your reactions, execution, and reads are godlike, and you dominate a match.) Try to make sure I know how to get in control when I am not because that is my one true problem. I get mad, curse out the game, and contemplate my life and why I play the game. Couple of hours later I am ready to play again. That is usually the cycle.

Losing a lot of matches

Obviously, especially if you’re playing people a lot better than you. Do you take the time to figure out what you’re doing wrong in specific situations? Or do you prefer to learn to not put yourself in those situations in the first place? Better yet both I suppose, but how do you(specifically) break down a loss? I’m sure people have different methods. Learning characters that give you problems can help too.

One more question, do you think playing a variety games when you’re trying to learn a new one is counter-productive? I could see how it could be distracting, but being able to transfer skills in between games is good. What about for a new player? Better that they focus on one, or get more experience by playing more games?

(That is, if it’s okay with you guys if we talk. I understand if there are more pressing matters to attend to. I just thought it’d be nice to have a thread in FGD that actually talks about playing games. The individual threads for games have lots of info, and you can get some talk about the game going if you ask a question, but thats about it.)

In casual sets, ask yourself what are the last 10 things that happened after a round ends. If you can answer that question, then you know you’re paying attention to the match and your opponents actions. Fighting games are a game of reading people, and if you’re not paying attention, then you’re not reading :stuck_out_tongue:

Learning Ken right now and devising a strategy that includes random DPs, supers and Ultras with a Hadouken spam to boot, changing my nick to XX_3L33tSnip4hK1LL3R_XX and being obnoxious with the mail I send to other players such as calling everyone ‘fags, noobs and cheaters’ to those that win.

Oh and saying ‘gg’ after every win and never when I lose.

Oh yeah I forgot about hanging out with real people. That’s a big one.

Fully understanding the meta game of desire game than developing my own strategy within it.

Contrary to what some dickheads who have posted in this thread are saying , this is a good thread for anyone who’s looking on improving. I’ve decided I want to get way better than my current level at SF4, so for SF4 as of a few days ago I’ve begun doing a few things I wasn’t doing a few weeks ago , Along with picking up a new , higher tier character, most of them involve going into training mode and:
[]Practicing execution (which you need to do with Cammy in this game) ,
]Ideal whiff punishes to make people think twice about mindlessly using moves such as Ken’s f+mk or Dudley’s st.hp.
[]I try to find unorthodox punishes for common special moves/strings, instead of walking up and throwing/sweeping a blocked upkick from Yun for example , I’ve learnt I can dash up cr.hp,st.mp xx spiral arrow.
]I try hard to learn and remember character specific anti airs for stuff like Fei Long’s j.mp , but I’m finding this the hardest aspect of what I learn in training mode to integrate , because it’s so hard to see which jump my opponent is using and react to it with a specific anti air.
[]Option selects and Safe jumps. These two often go hand in hand , and because Cammy doesn’t seem to have a universal safejump like I’m used to with Vega, I have to find safejumps and good option selects to shutdown the majority of my opponent’s escape options.
]I see if I can find new mixups/alter my existing ones to work better against different characters.
[*]I also work on figuring out what I can do in common situation’s you’d encounter against specific characters , like after blocking Abel’s f.mk or after 2 slashes > FADC from Yang.
Once I’ve worked out stuff I then try to commit them to memory so I don’t forget them and my work doesn’t go to waste, I do this by constantly repeating what I’ve learnt. I then try and play online and offline to put into practice what I’ve learnt. I also find it imperative that I watch all my replays as soon as I’ve finished a set so I can note down anything I was doing wrong or anything my opponent did wrong that went unpunished , I also like to see what I did right.

For ST/KOF2k2UM , the other games I’m learning : I just watch a shitload of videos and play a lot of online , along with learning combos in training mode , because the training mode function on those games is nowhere near as solid , and I don’t feel obliged to try as hard at these games due to the lack of competition.

I know what I’m doing in training mode for SF4 might sound a bit overboard , but fuck playing a game and losing that’s not cool, I do what it takes to win.

For Marvel, I’ve been doing a lot of watching matches. Not for specific matches or matchups, but just trying to better comprehend the flow of high level play.

Also grinding B&Bs all day every day.

ALSO trying to work on my zen. So much of being good is not letting people get in your head.

Playing better.