What are you fav doujin Fighters?

I’m enjoying melty blood at the moment any other recommendations?

Hinokera 7.7/10 (not a serious game) SF EX type game, excellent SDM and HSDM’s
Fatal Fake 3d cell shaded 7.7/10 (not a serious game) nice graphics and fun to play.
Big Bang Beat 8/10
Akatzki BK 8.1/10
Melty Blood Act C 8.4/10

axel city ( wish they’d finish it )
big bang beat
dogma ( wish they’d finish this too, fun to mess around with )
touhou SWR ( when’s the full one come out? )
fate sword dance ( still can’t get it to run as smooth as i’d like )
genocide saga ( fun to mess around with especially if you like romancing saga, def. not serious though- almost mugen-ish )
mai-girls revolution ( xvsf-level broke )
maribato ( yeah, i play it )
metal gun III ( still the best enterbrain / fighter maker game )
queen of hearts 99 ’ / 2001 ( still really fun, both of these… i guess the hype for them died down because they’re so old… )
super cosplay wars ultra final ed. ( did the full version with all the new characters, heero yuy-knockoff and all, ever come out? )
valkyrie fight tag ( i am a god at this game, lol :smiley: )
mindarms ( kanna is the brokeness )
and well i was playing nitro royale but i didn’t like it

Eye Ampppppppppp

melty bood, monster and big bang age

No, it’s still not out. Pretty much because the head person in charge of the game (G-Suneo) got a job at a legit software company, SCWU has become a side project. The boards are still very active, I just can’t read Chinese. :arazz:

Play Arcana Heart FULL and forget about everything else.


I’ve yet to play a doujin fighter I liked and kept playing, and there’s no way I’ll ever touch Arcana Heart.

Uh, Arcana Heart is not a doujin fighter.

Yeah…it just looks like one. :lol:

My #1 is Eternal Fighter Zero. There is a character called Misaki in that game that is straight up homage to Fatal Fury series(plus she has double Jump and airdash for the sake of blending in), that I CANNOT quit playing. It’s not just her though, in general most of the characters in that game is homage to another fighting game, so I got addicted easily. The game has somewhat interesting “power” option that limits juggling, even though there still are some on-ground looping combos left.

Then comes the Melty Blood Games… I think it was '05 ish when I was looking for PC games to get, because frankly I was getting tired of SNKP. I thought it fell like the early Marvel games, but everyone I came across says it feels like GG. Oddly, I loved to talk about the game more than I played the game. It’s a pretty interesting game mechanics to dig into and it was interesting to see it change from original MB to many editions of ReAct to Final Tuned, and now into Act Cadenza and even newer editions. It reminded me of how I grew up with King of Fighters, only this time I wasn’t playing it by the years, the updates were as often as once four to five weeks at one point of time. Thing is that it’s one of the games where if I stopped playing for a week or two, it was very difficult to get back to where I was. Little things (like characters walking like turtles so having forced to dash all the time) got to me after I was trying to get back to it after little break. So that’s when I knew I couldn’t hang with rest of my community-Southern Cali at that moment of time.

I really love Queen of Heart 2001… aka Party’s Breaker. It’s not actually that great a game. I don’t think any of the QoH games really are though. There is a youtube video demonstrating the infinite chains for every character(for Yuu it’s infinite jump cancels). I still like it for what it is, an amateur game with soul. They worked hard for the effects, some of the moves’ effect look as good as a recent Tales of Destiny 2 game. They tried to make the game funny, and I thought it was for the most part. It’s a fun game.

Akatsuki series I kinda liked though I never got too deep on it, because it feels different. I wish it wasn’t so damn ugly.

Big Bang Age is great looking game. I liked the demo OK. It is basically combination of what I don’t like about Melty Blood, but I think I can get used to it if the game catches on.

The main reason I play these games are honestly, SNK is souless and capcom quit. Their games feel like a damn turn based strategy or something now. For now, I think I want to get into Monster and the Touhou fighters, simply because some of guys whom I consider mentors left EFZ and went to them.


SRW (Hopes Final version will be out by Winter Comiket)


Higurashi Daybreak (Basically, think a Capcom 3D Gundam game, only with the nutjobs from the Higurashi series)


New stuff that I’m looking forward to in the future:

Chosun Musa - http://blog.naver.com/gooder01 : Korean-based “doujin” fighter, made by one known as Wildcat. He wants this game to supposedly be a “Samurai Spirits killer”. Dunno if he’s up to that, but I’ll look forward to anything to help me kill the time between whenever SS SEN may come to a home console…

(read more here: http://www.insertcredit.com/archives/2007_11.html)

Serio’s Castlevania Fighting game - http://www.chapelofresonance.com/fan-area/fangame/serio.html

Looks to be very interesting, in that Serio (renowned personality amongst the CV fanbase) is trying to craft a game that would meld Castlevania with fighting game characteristics. MUGEN may be the basis of his engine, but everything else he’s doing is going to be custom made, from all the redrawn sprites and backgrounds, to everything else.

(If you have trouble viewing the video on the site, just watch this youtube version: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7WIkQ_fsJwU)

IAMP and Monster

I saw that quite awhile back, and that actually looks really awesome. I’ll take Castlevania over some shitty anime lolicon anyday.

damn dude This is the favorite doujin fighter thread, not the list every damn doujin fighter ever made thread

Yeah…I find it hard to believe there’s more than what he just listed.

I don’t like the word “doujin”.

efz aka the best doujin game

-Melty Blood(cuz no chick is as strong or as hot as Aoko)
-Big BAng Beat(I gotta buy this)

I wanna try Arcana Hearts. I might import that. Kamui and Mei-Fang…

::shrug:: i mean, i play all of them, what can i say…