What are you guys talking about?

Sean is awesome, and has somewhat power, and if used right he can rape akuma and alot of others. He doesnt really suck that much, its just that noone plays him seriously enough to see his true power. I beat chun li’s ken’s and yun’s with sean and all it takes is patience and execution. He might not have any chain combos but why do people classify him as the worst character in the game?

Consider the fact that you beat Chun li, Ken, and Yun with Sean.

Consider how “noone” plays him.

Consider how everyone considers him bottom of bottom tier.

Do you seriously think that he has undiscovered “true power”, or discovered true shitiness?

sean has no shittiness if he can own yun, give ken a hard time along with chun.

everyone just doesnt play him, if more people do then sean wouldnt be such bottom tier, he would be about where oro is.

I think you missed my point. Sean cannot own yun, or give Ken or Chun a hard time. My point was that if you are beating Yuns, Kens, and Chuns, you are winning because they do not know how to play the top tiers and not because of your Sean abilities (no offense, really).

Sean just cannot compete with any of the top, mid top chars.

End of story.

Sean = parry bait :rofl: . Not to mention he looks like a doofus. You can always go back and play double impact if want a a Sean that doesn’t suck.

Sean can be <i>good</i>, but not at a level to compete. Every one of his supers is super easy to parry(and that’s in situations where it’s actually a good idea for Sean to use them, which is few).

His normals suck, aside from the same good c.MK c.HK that the other shotos have, and his midrange HP is alright.

His supers are okay and deal decent damage, but not enough to make up for everything else.

Oh god. STFU noob. Sean is fucking garbage. His dp has zero priority, Tornado Kick is retardedly punishable, axe kick is parry bait, and no regular fireball. What does he have? A basketball, shoto dash + shoto normals, and ghetto Sean Tackle. He has no target combo into his SA’s. If you’re winning, the Yuns, Chuns & Kens you’re playing against suck.

Oro’s SA3 combos + SA2 unblockables make him 45 billion times better than Sean.

(Pink Sean is exempt from all these restrictions.)


(Pink Sean is exempt from all these restrictions.)[/quote]

haha :rofl: :lol:
yup, pink sean is top tier(he’s looks like dan when hes in pink).
white gi and black pants sean looks tight too.

u want target combos?
how about his chain: standing strong, standing roundhouse, if the strongs hits just cancel into any of his supers (preferably shoryucannon)

or, the best hit confirm i love to use:

hit confirm standing jab,jab or crouching jab,jab XX shoryucannon. i did this the other day. i was playing an akuma player. he did wakeup raging demon. i jumped up and landing behind him, and i did crouching jab,jab XXshoryucannon, which took off like 40 percent of akuma’s life cuz of his weak ass stamina.

i got a question though, i can’t figure out how to do short short super with sean. i gotta master that shit. you see, when i do the motion for the super on the second short, i end up doing the axe kick (which has the qcf+k motion). should i just do crouching short, crouching jab XX super instead? If yall know how to do this please help me out on this. it gets predictable to do crouching forwardXXshoryu cannon, the crouching forward gets blocked or even worse parried and punished with a super. I just gotta learn crouching short,short XXshoryucannon. i’ve seen other people do crouching short,shortXX shinshoryuken with ryu, which is basically the same thing.

basically my question is, when do you input the qcfX2 motion on the second of first short? thanks

SEAN IS THE MOST underated character in THIRD STRIKE ,if you can master HIM you will most likely kick any ones ass that come your way!!! It is really all about execution and SKILL LEVEL!!! :karate:

I don’t think he’s the weakest character in 3rd strike
he’s pretty cool !
But i kick his ass with ken …anytime


u gotta be random with sean to win, kinda like makoto but atleast makoto doesnt hurt herself being random.

2nd short/jab. …cr.lk,cr.lk+qcf,qcf+p
cr.lk,cr.lp xx sa2
cr.lk, cr.lk xx sa1/sa3

i always taught sa1 wont connect after cr.lk x2 noob4life
i use sa1 sean now.
parry, cr.forward xx sa1
he has a good dash, but when he jumps, he floats. :xeye:
sean = for casuals only.
his TRUE power in 3S will remain hidden. :lame:

I agree Sean is underated …
If I’m not mistaken you can do jab xx shoryucannon …
Well … I’d play Sean at EvO if I had the money to go … :clap:

That guy that posted the “Skill Level” post was just damn funny. I sure hope he wasnt serious.

Anyway, we all know that Sean cant compete at the Tourney Level of play, but between casual games and the likes, he seems to be formidable.

Plus…hes got a pink outfit. 'Nuff said.

I think I fall somewhere in between “SEAN IS THE MOST underated character in THIRD STRIKE ,if you can master HIM you will most likely kick any ones ass that come your way!!!” and “Sean is fucking garbage.” Obviously he’s bottom tier, but he’s not unplayable. You can win with him, it’s possible, it’s just a lot more difficult than it is with most other characters. I would say Q, and not Sean, is the worst character in the game, and if Q players like Kuroda and Riki and TK and Kyosenshi can compete at and win matches in major Japanese tournaments, Sean should be capable of at least the same thing. It’s just that he’s a sucky character. Q is extremely badass and gets all the dumbasses (myself included) who like the challenge and fun of picking the worst of the worst, but Sean gets nothing. If you’re gonna pick a shoto, you’re probably gonna pick one of the other three, and Sean’s personality and moves are totally not compelling enough for people to pick him based on that.

Sean’s normals go a long way, I really like them actually. Crouching forward and short are great, close standing roundhouse is great, far standing fierce and standing forward beat lots of things, forward fierce is cool, crouching fierce, close standing fierce, far standing strong, and standing roundhouse are fine for antiair, the strong roundhouse chain is fine, and his jumping normals are as good as any shoto. You have great hit confirms in crouching forward, crouching short short, crouching short jab short, and close standing roundhouse. Yeah, his special moves blow, but the roll and ex tornado kick have some (limited) uses. I don’t think that Sean has to be too random to win, he can be methodical in his own right. You have to outplay your opponent, yes, and he’s bottom tier, yes, but Sean can still compete. Just thought I’d stand up for him a bit.

IMO, Sean is a worthless character to pick. If there was a Q clone with an MK>HK super cancelable hit confirm, nobody would ever pick Q. All you would prove is that you’d do much better by picking the Q clone. Yes, you list his “advantages”(basically shoto staples, with sean hk=ryu+akuma mk), but they hardly make up for his deficiencies(sp?). Also, picking Sean is like a self imposed handicap, and also(this is kind of stretching it, but it’s just my opinion) is like indirectly ridiculing your opponent. Picking Q doesn’t do this, but Sean basically has 3 barometers in 3S. His playstyle in 3S is a mediocre, raped version of the other shotos. I’m not really sure what you mean by “compete”, could you define that? Sean will not win you any tournaments. I personally think Q is a better character than Sean, because if Sean runs into any of his “barometers”, in a tournament, he loses. This is all theory, of course, but an expert Q would give alot more trouble than an expert Sean, IMO.

I disagree that an expert Q would give more problems than an expert Sean. Obviously, like I said, Sean is still at best the 2nd-worst character in the game, but you can do well with him. Like with Q, winning major tournaments probably isn’t going to happen, but it’s possible to put up a good showing. Picking him is effectively handicapping yourself, but it’s the same deal with picking anyone outside of the top high tier characters. His good aspects (his normals) don’t make up for the facts that his specials mostly blow and he can’t deal big damage without super (that’s why he’s bottom tier, after all), but they do make it so that he’s still a playable character.

I have a lot of trouble dealing with good Sean players. True, they could, theoretically, be just THAT much better than me, but even decent Seans do some of the craziest, most random setups (like basketball, dash, roll cross-up, throw or basketball, roll cross-up, SA2). Sean’s shit keeps you guessing and, if you guess wrong, you eat it.

Here’s the real bottom-tier, judging by today’s players’ standards:



If people would stop playing Sean like a Shoto, Sean will become a decent character.