What are you influences, courses you taken, boosk you read for art?

I took art school for while in university. That didn’t help much with actual drawing since I have yet to get so far to that stage.

Basically I’m self taught, I’m influenced by everyone and yet to have to find a set style, but I’m more of towards the realistic nature. I think there’s nothing better than drawing something realistically. Only book I have read regarding drawing is Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain which is something I truly reccommend for any person, casual or expert.


I’m currently in my senior year in a finearts college. It’s been a hell of an experience, from figure drawing (so much that naked people jsut seems so normal!), design, painting, ect… You really reevaluate design and concept.
Books? I look at and read a bunch of the masters, but on the lighter end, some comics.

I graduated with a degree in graphic design, and in my time at school I did the mandatory drawing, painting, sculpture, etc classes. I can draw realistically, but I don’t do that for fun. I prefer to use a combination of composition / body language / psychology to convey something to the viewer rather than to accurately depict something out there.

I really don’t use any particular person at this point as an influence. Right now I am a sophomore at Savannah College of Art and Design. I do cater to the japanese art style, not the traditional generic Slayers, Noir, etc. though. Like I said I don’t use any particulars for influence; I use them all as a whole, obeserving the qualities I like in each.

Some artists I do admire though.

Eiji Kaneda
Alphonse Mucha
Takuhito Kusanagi
Range Murata
Alma Tadema
Hyung Tae Kim
Joe Chen
Yoshitoshi ABe
Craig Mullens
Lim Hak Soo

And the Project Justice artist, whats his name?

Edayan. Anyone read Japanese? Click
He (she?) did the SF EX series artwork too. My favorite Capcom artist.

I’m a SCAD senior majoring in sequential art and minoring in drawing. I tend to draw fairly realistically, although I wish I had more of a cartooning sensibility. Used to draw a lot more anime-ish, but have somewhat lost that (still do it every once and a while) I’ve taken a lot of comics classes, and the usual drawing classes. Life Drawing is great - you can never have enough. I haven’t read too many drawing books, but as far as storytelling, you can’t go wrong with Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics.

I like Akiman, Savadore Dali, Hiriko,Toriyama,and Michelango. I love how he has anatomy to perfection. Thats also what I like about Aki mans work. He knows the human body so well he can play with it and distort it. But at the same time still be accurate.


im self-taught. been drawing since i was 3 and will attend Art center this semister…my influences would have to be…my uncle, Jim Lee, MAD! and michelangelo

im also self taught but still got lots more to learn, i learn how to draw from one of the site on internet, i think its polykarbon.com, i learned the basic step from there(stick figure)after that i kind of get the idea and start practicing and reading figure drawing books… for artist i like CRMK (the one that drew SFA3, Marvel vs Capcom series),Edeyan (Rival School artist)

I pretty much draw and follow any tips anyone gives me.

My brother tought me all the anatomy and proportions I know, but he’s not much of an artist, he just makes me draw better. :slight_smile:

I attended school at PAFA(Pennsylvania academy of fine arts). I went to this school basically because all my life I drew comics and wanted to try my hand an all traditional art school, and to keep me away from comics. All the information has meshed me into the style I have right now.

As for influences i have way too many, but the ones that stand out are:

comics and digi-
Craig Mullens
Travis Charest
James Jean
Jim lee for (composition and layouts)
goes on and on

Colors and illustration type artist-
Loren Long
N.C. Wyeth
Peter De Seve
list goes on and on

Anime artist
Tatsuyuki tanaka
Range Murata

Hrm… Influences? Greg Capuallo and Michelangelo are my biggest influences. This may sound corney, but thanks to SFMC, I have given my self a complete overhaul when it comes down to my personal style and skill.

i ahve alot more this is just what i cna remember right now

pop mhan, lesean thomas, capcom artists, snk artists, falcoon, steve valdez,ed mcguinness, keron grant,joe mad,jim lee, akira toriyama, masashi kishimoto, euchiro oda, fatoe, robert dejesus, dwyane mcduffie, rey, skottie, ale garza, frank miller,blade of immortal

high school classes:art 1 freshman yr art 2 senior yr

college:beginner art sememster 1 art2 semester 2

I’m aiming for an art college by next yr

Hmmm I’d say one of my biggest influences comes from fighting games, alot of concepts for many characters inspired me. Also, anime+manga have had a great impact on me, namely Yukito Kishiro and his work Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita. I also collect books on how to draw comics/anime/cartoons/manga and figure drawing books.

I took a semiester of drawing and figure drawing at college, but it wasnt working out for me because it wasnt helping me develop my own technique or style, so I’ve set off to find myself and my muse!


yeah same here. as Aformentioned I dont really have favorite artists really,there are SO many out there- just good art that catches my eye, I appreciate…artists who come up with their own styles who are willing to try somthing different as long as its in the right direction…

FIghting games, Comic books, superheroes, cartoons/ anime manga/
Streetfighter was the turing point, and since then ive never looked back, but as far as character designs Go, Ive taken a liking more for SNK’s designs overall, -
I have a strong liking for Martial arts, Kung fu movies not only by bruce LEE, But with other Martial artists Such as JET-LI, and Michelle Yeoh, Donnie YEN,

Fist of Legend has still got to be one of the best Kung fu movies ive ever seen ( a movie that uses little wires ) also noted should be Donnie Yen’s IRON MONKEY, and Once Upon a time in CHINA and America with JET-LI…ive studied alot of their movements watching some of the local Competitions that are in town, as well as taking up a little myself, has helped me tremendously with capturing fighting poses, stances and action.

Im not gonna preach again how Important it is to have Figure and lifedrawing skills,but if one wants to grab jobs in animation etc, etc, its important that they have the Foundation laid out for them here first with the basics first-

in order of influence :slight_smile:

  • 1990s comic book artists; Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, Joe Madureira, Marc Silvestri.
  • Claudio Castellini (Marvel vs DC and some Silver Surfer issues). Michelangelo-style anatomy applied to comic books.
  • Bengus/CRMK (Capcom).
  • Kinu Nishimura (Capcom).
  • Hiroaki Samura (Blade of the Immortal).

forgot about

  • Burne Hogarth (did a book each on dynamic anatomy and the human head).

Art 9 (highschool)
Art 10 (highschool)
Art 11/12 (highschool)
Yearbook 12 (highschool)

Kinu Nishimura (Cannon Spike, Cyberbots, Capcom Vs. SNK 2 fame)
CRMK (Darkstalkers 3 fame)
Edayan (Rival Schools fame)
Senri Kita (Capcom Fighting All Stars fame, though cancelled :()
Norman Rockwell (Saturday Evening Post fame)
Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy VII, FFVIII, FFX, Kingdom Hearts fame)

Capcom Design Works (Capcom)
CLAMP North Side/South Side (CLAMP)
Der Mond (Yoshiyuki Sadamoto of Evangelion fame)
Darkstalkers 3 game guide
Street Fighter Alpha 3 game guide
Rival Schools game guide
Marvel Vs. Capcom game guide
Capcom Vs. SNK 2 game guide
Anatomy For The Artists (Sarah Simblet)

My classmate once recommended me this book; I might check it out…

BTW, I like the new SRK layout!..

Hmmm one other inspirtation to me is older classic paintings done in the renaissance days of very curvy to chubby women. I dunno, but those old school painters really had something going there, because back then, bigger women were considered more feminine back then, and thats what guys wanted hahaha.

A shame today, were being feminine is defined by having a size zero waistline and breast implants…
Someday when I am good enough, I want to make a comic book series with a main female character that doesnt fit todays norm!

I’ve been drawing since 3, I’ve taken art classes in school, but they never really taught me anything. I do plan to major in art in college TOMMOROW!!!:eek: I like drawing semi-realistic things, like anime w/o big eyes, giant ball-tongues, and triangular-esque mouths

My style has been inspired from these comics/anime/games:

-Akira (#.1 probably)


-Megaman X series





-X Men




-and currently One Piece.

Katsuhiro Otomo’s style impresses me the most, everything he draws like the cityscape is so prefect and filled with minor details. Akira Toriyama is also cool because his style totally diverted from the anime mainstream.

Here’s an example of how I draw (mouseart): http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=29055

All of the Capcom artists, who of which, seba_boi mentioned a few.
Akira Toriyama, Rumiko Takahashi, Yositaka Amano, Jim Lee, Alex Ross (check out the Jim Lee, Alex Ross collaboration on the new Wizard X cover!!!), John Romita Jr., Joe Quesada.

As far as books, I haven’t really read any. Just the character designs in NewType. I’ve wanted to read the book that OrangeCat spoke of, “Drawing With the Right Side of the Brain” gotta run to Barnes and Nobles, and read it there…heh heh heh…

Im currently i guess a Junior, at the Art Institute of California, I’ve learn so much the past few years, i still dont know what i wanna focus on, career wise, most of my influences, come from, video games, anime, and movies, that i play and watch, oh and comic book artist hehehe