What are your bad habits?

So, I’ve been playing a lot of online recently. I’ve read here that playing online tends to set players up with a lot of habits that will take matches from low/mid skill players, but are somehow not “proper” Abel play, or will lose to high skill players.

Myself, I have the bad habit of having super predictable oki. It’s crossup crossup crossup all day for me. So many times it’s free 350 damage! However, I know that when I play better players I’m going to eat ex headbutt, ex tt, ex ball, etc.

How do you feel about your play? I’d like to get an idea of what I should look for when analyzing how I play Abel.

I don’t do all of these now but have at some point.

Don’t f+mk > jab/short mixups too often. I find myself doing this too much instead of just doing a straight up f+mk > s.fp combo.

Don’t spam wheelkick and learn which one to use at which distance and sparingly.

Don’t abuse/overuse ex-roll on wakeup as a get out of jail free card. Learn to block the crossups/jump in’s on your wakeup or use FS as AA.

Don’t throw out too many random Cod’s and if you do stop after the 1st hit if it gets blocked. It’s easy to just keep hitting punch and go with it hoping 2nd, or 3rd hit will connect which funny enough it does against a lot of people.

Don’t roll too much and when you do vary which rolls you use so they can’t figure out where you’ll come out of it. Learn to walk + block + st.lk and get footsies going.

Those are some I can think of off the top of my head.

-Too aggressive/impatient (not taking time to read opponent or overconfident in the person I’m playing against that I don’t think at all)
-Executing combos when it matters
-Whiffing s.fierce instead of hit confirming off step kick, especially CH ones on characters you can’t land s.fierce on afterwards.
-Using FS after c.fierce, instead of using roll -> FS after c.fierce. They’re bothunsafe when c.fierce is blocked, but at least rolling is safer.

Those are the bad habits I see in my Abel… but there’s probably more.

There are a few things I used to do, that I’ve gotten much better at here are a few that still plague me:

-On any anti-air, or trade anti-air, I have this habit of landing and going for an immediate TT. It works often, but when it doesn’t it’s a big punish, and isn’t something I should be doing.
-My mixups got a bit predictable at once, sometimes I drop block strings now to bait reversals so that helps against shotos and such.
-I think it’s too obvious to good opponents when I’m trying to get in and be too agressive… and I usually get taught a lesson for it.

Can’t think of much else for now.

For starters, I tornado throw too much. I can and definitely do mix it up, but I still throw TT out there too much.

Secondly, I try to falling sky as anti-air too much. That’s bad in general, but my worst habit is when I get knocked down and my opponent jumps, I immediately try to get up and falling sky, but by the time I get up they’ve either already hit me or are too far and have jumped over me, leaving me standing there with my arm in the sky like a fool.

Lastly even though I’ve practiced cl. FP into CoD, FADC cr. FP enough in training mode where it comes out 80-90% of the time, I don’t use it in actual matches because I’m too afraid I’ll miss the link and be punished. Yet at the same time, by not practicing it in matches, I’m never going to get better at using it in matches.

Oh, I also jump way too much.

I overuse roll alot and when an opponent is jumping back i usually chase them down with roll which i usually get punished for
I also use wheel kick obsessively and I get salty a lot when I play when something stupid happens an then I start sucking afterwards

On people that neutral jump I sometimes tap throw thinking they’ll throw but when they land they punish. I’ve been brushing up and losing this habit though. Losing habits is what improves your game.

I always go for the cross up because I’m used to playing people who fall for it over and over(online playing) so when push comes to shove I get predictable and it leads to me eating auto-correct reversals.

Don’t be scared of losing online matches. I was a training mode hero with this combo but I would never land it in actual matche. So for a week I ate dp’s when I tried it (even some of the better players will be mashing when they see you attempting this link) but now … I still eat dp’s, but less! This combo is key in making people afraid of whiffing dp’s etc.

I have a lot of habits also. I tend to overuse my roll in online matches but I never do so at tournaments and against friends. I also find myself whiffing his BnB link in online matches but against friends, I lay it all the time. So don’t be afraid, the only way to learn it is to try it. It’s like Keine said, don’t be afraid of losing matches.

my bad habit is usually after i focus crumple somebody i usually go for TT. what i really want to do is cr.hp and go for roll mixups, its just more damage and its good mixup practice. i also dont CoD FADC enough. even if i punish someone with cr.mp CoD(a guaranteed hit) i usually just finish off the CoD but i wish i would remember to fadc, its good practice until i eventually get the step kick>cl.hp>CoD>FADC down.

  • I can’t tech throw to save my life
  • Don’t use cr.mk enough
  • Impatience in the Honda and Sim match up

Think thats about it

haha yeah, i’m jumping like a motherfucker versus sim

I get myself way too used to f.canceling -> tornado throw. I feel lost when lag kicks in and I miss.
I step-kick/crossover on their wakeup too early, leaving me way too open.
Defense is crap, I’m too used as a rushdown to even think about being defensive. If I’m being pressured, I lose most of the time.

I wheel kick wayyyy to much, only use falling sky in combos, and suck at mixups, I try to keep people at mid range, so I can f.mk dash in, or roll, or wheel kick(which happens too much!)

Probably my biggest bad habit is not being patient enough when trying to get in, meaning I do things like throwing out random wheel kicks or CoDs. But I’ve found that when I do get replays, watching them really helps to spot these things and improve upon them.

Bad habits hmmmmm let’s see…smoking, picking my nose, cutting off the power on my p3 without properly shuttin down (for real don’t do this one I lost all my save data once 4 vanilla!) Ok on a real note I find myself sometimes going for a crossup, landing in front hitting the cmp and then instead of cod combo I get a whiffed tt…really annoying. I also find myself whiffing the fs on wakeup and getting punished. I think I become too reliant on wheel kick as a round ender and sometimes eat a ultra for it but don’t use it as much as I should during the majority of the match. I get jump happy sometimes too. But the one that bothers me the most is when I throw out a chp that lands both hits and freeze up thinking it was gonna get blocked or sumptin and don’t follow up with anything.

SF instead of rekka, but that’s mostly due to the lax inputs
Forget to roll into SF sometimes
jabx2 instead of tornado

  • Jumping back when under pressure
  • Ex Wheel Kick FAAARR to often
  • Tech throwing

glad to know im not the only one who does this. part of me thinks that the easiert way to get away is by jumping. same when the enemy does a focus attack too and of course they always release it right as i jump so then they get the crumple stun on me.

my main bad habits are rolling too much, and jumping too much. or more specifiaclly using them as a way to get in on my opp. i find the magic distance of F+mk very hard to close in without using something risky such as a dash or roll, and feel like anytime i do land it is becasue the enemy is advancing on me and not the other way round.

i also use my focus attack way too much as a means of getting my combos in and need to get in the habit of cancelling them much more than i do instead of holding till the animation finishes.