What are your best yun combos?



i’m new with yun, and i want some of his better combos. i do the standard stuff for now…

cr lk x3, qcf l/fp

standing lp, lk, mp, qcf fp

what else? can you combo into any of his supers? when you get an opponent dizzy what is the most damaging combo (supers excluded) that you can do?

what are his anti-air options?



They can only cancel special -> super in p groove, and only on x box version. the strong, fierce, … uhh, i assume u meant qcb+fierce doens’t always connect, sometimes the qcb fierce wiffs… and cr.forward combos into qcf+fierce too…


Only the p groove? i was curious cause he was in p and i had never seen that particular cancel before. Good to know. The strong -> fierce -> bk.+fierce is a standard yun command combo that was brought over with him from third strike, and it definately can be cancelled into a super. I can’t think of the name of the super, but it’s the one where he hits three times and launches the opponent high.


Hmm, Im not sure if that’s true about it definately cancelling into super, unless they are p-groove xbox… the properties on yun arent quite like they are in 3s :slight_smile:


It is. Seen it many times and it’s listed in jchensors’ combo faq over at gamefaqs. Which is really a nice read if you’re interested, it’s older info but most of it still applies. Since the last hit is a normal, even though it looks like Yun’s qcb+p special, it has cancel capabilities. If it was his special I’d definately say no, but i’m pretty positive it is. Gonna check it out again tonite though.

That brings me to another point, I miss cancelling specials into supers like in other street fighters, just a general comment lol.


Ahh, i was always assuming u were talkin gabout qcb+p… :slight_smile: Ive never tired strong fierce bk. (do u mean back?) fierce


Here are some decent combos:

If you are REALLY close to the opponent: crouching lk, standing lp, standing lk, standing mp, hp lunge punch.

If you are really close to the opponent: crouching mp or mk, lp palm strike

Jump-in hp, crouching mk XX You-Hou (qcbX2+p), lp shoulder tackle, standing mk cancelled into super jump, jumping lp, press joystick towards opponent+hp

Mp or hp shoulder tackle, standing mk cancelled into super jump, level 3 dive kick super (qcbX2+k)

Grab command, crouching mp or mk, hp lunge punch

Close standing hp XX any level 2 or 3 super

Jump-in hp, standing lp, lk, mp XX Level 2 Yang super cancel last hit into mp shoulder tackle, standing mk cancelled into super jump, jab, press joystick towards opponent+hp


strong->fierce->hold joystick away from opponent+fierce can be cacelled into supers (I’m being really specific about my directions:) ). However, all of Yun’s supers will whiff almost completely if cancelled off that chain which makes the super cancel almost useless. A level 1 walk-forward-and-combo super (qcfX2+p) cancelled off the chain will only hit twice while the level 2 and 3 version will only hit once. The second hit of a You-Hou cancelled off the chain will always whiff and the third sometimes whiffs too. The Yang super won’t even connect at all if cancelled off the strong->fierce->back+fierce chain. Besides the poor damage from the chain, the chain itself is risky cause if you are too far (in other words, if you aren’t right in the opponent’s face), the back-fierce will whiff which will cause you trouble. Avoid the chain, if you ask me


Is you hoo still level 3 only? can it be comboed off of just strong -> fierce?

Er, i dunno why i thought it was level 3 only before ^^


the yoo hoo super (three hit launch opponent into air?) will hit after that three hit command combo strong fierce back+fierce. just have to cancel right as that last hit connects. It’s gotta work, otherwise what’s the point of making that move cancellable. I’m sure it works, it’s yun’s kick ass super combo it has to.

^^^ I’m thinking you have to land the chain combo pretty deep for that to connect now. That would make more sense. The combo shouldn’t be abused though because the three hits do no block damage at all and the recovery isn’t that great. I’d go for the jab,jab,short, strong combo because it’s faster and has better recovery


I agree.

Anyway, the second hit of the You-Hou will always whiff even if the third hit connects. I can super cancel it really fast. It’s just that it is not always guarranteed to connect anymore like it was in Third Strike. That’s why I think that what is the use of making the strong, fierce, back-fierce chain super-cancellable if there aren’t any decent supers to land. Personally, I would rather go for crouching forward XX You-Hou or even jab, short, strong XX You-Hou or Yang’s level 2 or 3 Rashin Mahhaken.


Have you seen anyone cancel the qcf+p special into the diving yang super? someone did it to me the other night and it surprised me. Dunno the specifics on how or when you can do that, but it looked pretty damned cool.

Does Yun’s jab, short, strong, dp+p combo work in cvs2?


Yes, it does. And it’s still safe if blocked:)

I noticed that Yun’s level 1 qcfX2+p has a bit of invincibility. Goes though close-up fireballs, I think.