What are your CC setups,mindgames,and combos with Sakura



I was just wondering what you guys do to set up your customs combos and what not in general and character specific ones if you find it to be easy on a specific character… and well and your favorite combos and follow ups to started your mind games that either you have made your have pick up from top players at major tourney likes evo?? “like bas,tokido,or ricky o” etc



The easiest way in the world to get a guaranteed CC off with Sakura (besides the jump-in method) is off of c.short. You should always be trying to land a c.short anyway. Without meter, you should be doing c.short, c.jab, s.short, Fierce DP. WITH meter, do c.short, c.jab, ACTIVATE, s.short, s.forward, Fierce DP xN.

This is extremely easy. It gives you 2 hits to react to before activating, a fast move post-activation so that you have a better chance of connecting the rest of the hits, and the s.forward offers more stun for the Fierce DPs to connect easier.


whenever i land a fierce dp, i try and setup a DEEP divekick. for example, if i knock someone into the corner after something like crouching short, crouching short, standing short, fierce dp, i’ll dash up to them. then as they’re getting up, i’ll super jump backwards and do a roundhouse divekick. it hits very deep but also at their feet, so you can do standing fierce, mp fireball for good guard bar and a little chip damage. at that position you can do a standing hk for more guard damage or just jiggle around. add a standing hk once, and the second time they will most likely try and dp it, so just stand there. i’ve been experimenting with positioning and divekick strengths at midscreen, but i haven’t found anything really good yet.

oh yeah, for mindgames, that’s where it’s at- the tokido jiggle. watch his match against daigo in SBO, and when he holds his stick backwards and repeatedly taps down, that shit is crazy scary:lol:. i just use it to piss my opponent off, and it works pretty well.

here’s my question- i’ve heard that sakura does very well against chun li, but i’m not too sure about all the details of the matchup. since she’s my second character in my team (A-guile/sakura/r2 blanka), i face tons of chun li’s. all i can gather is that chun li doesn’t have an answer to sakura’s divekick, and sakura should pretty much just poke with standing hk. what else?


sups guys…

Good stuff from both Gunter and Popoblo…

Well usually after a bread and butter combo i like to do a super jump foward dive kick with roundhouse…since it will cross up kinda fast I start doing the bread and butter again…

One thing that i use for mindgames and mixups would be after they get use to the cross up dive kick i mix-it up with the short version so i land in front of them and do )(bread n butter or crunching strong,strong fireball or do her over head kick attack ( hold foward and press foward)… another thing is that in that anywhere when you land in after sakura’s bNb. if you dash back and jump straight up with a RH dive kick, you will hit deep on their feet, after that if it connects do a standing short, to a F shoryuken I personally don’t like to get up too much so i most likely do this if i see the opponnent is about to be get guardcrush (CC. that shit :lol: or has pixel left in his life bar:cool:

for other mixups. after any knock down. stand right next to your opponnent and just hold back. if they wake up attack punish them hard… if the don’t mix it up with a throw and next time they will think you going for another throw do a RH hurricane kick, into st. Jab,st. short, F shoryuken. keep mixing it up and make the guess:evil::evil:

Popoblo… chun has to fight against sak in the ground no jumping short. besides why would a good chun need to jump… I don’t know if chun would trade with her C. roundhouse but sakura’s dive is so fast that is kind that hard to react to it. besides if it does it might favor sak… Gunter do you know if it does… i might have to check it out in training mode…

I use the dive kick a lot in this match up. when i land i usually hold the stick foward in case they try to throw me(but if it hits or doesn’t i can’t tell) that is why i do a roundhouse hurricane kick just in case. so i get the frame advantage… i’ll try to post something else later…

thank you to the u guys for replying…i hope this threat will help other sak and starting agroovers



Heres a couple of things i do with Sak that are pretty effective. Whenever you get a knockdown do a dive kick mixup. For example Sometimes after a knockdown just do a normal jump and divekick.You’ll land right in front of them and if youve been crossing them up they wont be expecting you to be in front. Other times after a knockdown, do a superjump forward into rh divekick. It will cross them up and if they choose the wrong way you can proceed to do the B&B.

One other thing that seems to work for me is to do a couple of block stings after a crossup attempt. After they get used to seeing you do this mix it up next time. For example , they block your crossup. Let them block your c.short, c.short. Then just walk up and throw them. It sounds simple but youd be suprised how many times people fall for this.

Anyways, im by no means an expert, as im still learning myself.Keep the Sak tactics coming.


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yeah yo that AV is fucking top tier. anyways after saks BnB i usually walk back a little and go for an ambiguos crossup then do c.shortx2, c.fiercexxxqcf+fierce. I don’t do it for damage necessarily but to take off a big chunk of guard so that when i do the CC, she guard breaks them. without meter i do dive kick into tick throw, since people are so used to the dive kick s.fierce, mp fireball.


Anyone else do this CC? s.hk x4, fp dp (for range) mp dp x N, low meter fp dp xx uppercut super. or lk hurricane after the last fp dp.


i do the s.hkx4 part then i just do fp dpx12 then hk hurricane kick,link lp,mp,hp upper


What’s with everybody and MP dp’s? Is is because of what Buk or BAS said? The truth is the CC does the SAME damage whether you use MP or HP. The only reason BAS uses the MP dp’s is because he obviously can’t do the motions when facing right. I use to practice this CC every single day myself and the conclusion I have is:

-MP dp’s, better for mashers.
-HP dp’s, better for those who take the time (and have the patience) to practice.


Hm, somehow I didn’t think they did the same damage. I get more damage with mp’s but can do hps too btw.


I can’t even do it at all with medium dp’s. That’s too fast for me. HP dp’s seem more damaging and easier also. Why are people saying that MP is more masher friendly? I can’t even get 3 reps of MP dp to come out and i’m fairly proficient with HP.


He means, if your mind is so that you cant restrict it from doing the input as fast as possible, than you use the mp version because you can mash with that one as opposed to hp, where you need to time it really slowly (well, relatively slow :P)


How can you mash MP DP’s?

I can do Shoshosho good on the right side…it’s the left side that bothers me. I’m using a Japanese stick…I have it resting in the second joints in my fingers. To do a DP, I curve the stick a bit in my fingers to get the right motions. For regular DP’s, this is fine. But for Shosho, I can’t do it as quickly and as accurately. It’s there any other way I could do it?


The CC that i use for sakura is i start with a c.jab, c.jab activate it

then s.fierce kick, s.fierce hurricane kick repeat 4x then end it

with upper cut super or fireball doesn’t matter.

A good combo to use is, come in with j.fierce, c.strong, f.hurricane

kick, and qcb.k to end it and then when they get up do a s.fireball

in there face it takes good guard damage :smiley: anybody got any coo combos;)


Why would you EVER do that custom? It does SHIT damage. Haven’t you even read any of the thread?


lol i’m glad you said something cuz i wasn’t about too


lol, maybe he can’t shosho


maybe i dont need it. to kick your ass my sakura can shool you with out the custom combo, my combos are just for looks:D Biatch!


the combo you did is nothing to write home about…as a matter of fact it’s straight up ugly!