What are your Comics Holy Grails?

Recently I’ve had to re-evaluate just what my holy grails are, as I’ve been eliminating them left and right (some of which I’ve sought for years!)

now, none of my grails were particularly valuable or hard to find, but for me, they were just elusive.

It all started with Flash #92 (First Impulse), that was my #1 grail for the longest time, until a friend sent it to me for free.

so then, my grails switched to New Teen Titans #43 (First Nightwing), and Secret Wars #8 (First Black Costume Spider Man), both of which I eliminated at the Pittsburgh Comicon a week ago.

so now, the only REAL HTF issue for me, is New Teen Titans #2 (First Deathstroke), and the last few issues of Young Justice I need:

39, 50, 51, 53, 55, Graduation Day, Spyboy Crossover

Having goals is important I guess, and it keeps things exciting.

The misprint of Sandman #8 is proving to be difficult

misprints usually are.

but even moreso on popular titles.

best of luck to you.

milestone comics…i have a shit ton…but u wont find any of those…u gotta search hard or suck dwayne mcduffies dick…i used to have static vol.1 of the new series signed but somehow i lost it…i still dont know how i fuckin lost it

the original tradeback of dark knight returns…my sister gave it to me…they swore in it so i threw it away…i was about 9 when i got it…i had no fuckin clue what i had till years later.

i got alot more but im buzzed and its 7am and i need sleep.

A few milestone issues of old spidey, alota special sonic comics from 1995-97, and hardcover GREEN edition of the killing joke is as close to anything “rare” in my collection.

absolute planetary

mage slipcovers from graffiti designs

silver surfer #3 for me. found it at a local antique shop (the ONLY decent comic they had, I also snagged a couple jack kirby issues of thor) and its in TERRIBLE condition!

and an issue of SOLO by damion scott, not a holy grail but I really love his art style. so its a holy grail on a personal level

battle angel #1

Giddy, do you have the Absolute Planetary? When is the second one coming out?

First printing fo Watchmen and DKR. Both are waiting at the shop for me.

Also a sketch done by Henrichon or Mazzuchelli