What are your counter baiting tactics?

always put a smile on my face after I see my geese slam them to the face and yell " owned!!!"

so what are you baiting tactics to let people fall for you counter?

personally I like to use

  1. f+ RK , down counter
    2)d+Rk, down counter or jab counter(if you train them to think you are going to throw a fireball

when playing self projectiled characters they like to do there charge moves etc… after a gurard string.

My fav. guard string Jab jab cr.mk Strong repuken then counter or not

Mind games

characters with dp, such as shoto, sagat, cammy, etc., tends to do wake-up dp. especially if the opponent is mashing c.lp or c.lk right next to their ‘downed’ body. that’s a common knowledge.

i use that to bait into geese’s counter. i’m sure somebody has done and used it, but i get quite a number of ppl at the arcade with this.

the jab counter slams the opponent right next to u, which creates perferct set-up for above counter bait.

from my experience, two counters in a row usually discourages players from being aggressive. even discourages them from doing wake-up specials. many of which would be on ur advantage.