What are your FLAVORITE low tier supers?

Ok, I dunno if it was Jay and his Rolling Thunder talk, or if it’s my lack of sleep, but I just got this huge urge to use “lesser” supers.

Ken’s SA1 is really good, you can do shit like strong, fierce xx jab srk xx SA1 for some pretty good damage midscreen or corner. You can also do strong, fierce xx jab srk, jab srk xx SA1 in the corner vs some characters. Then you have c. short, s. jab xx jab SRK xx SA1 vs ppl who high parry on wakeup. Obviously, there is the anti-air jab srk xx SA1. Short, short xx SA1.

Mmmm…who else? Oh yeah, Yun’s SA1 is good, since you can do stuff like j. jab air to air, then land, SA1 (they can parry…so what?), then strong shoulder, fierce Lunge.

Ummmmm…Akuma’s SA2/SA3 is pretty fun at times cause SA1 gets boring. Same shit, you can do j. jab air to air, land, super. Close strong, hit confirm SA2. Throw, SA2 vs Dudley.

Dudley Rolling Thunder is the fuckin’ BOMB! I love this super. I’m actually glad you can’t normally link it off t+rh cause I can focus instead on doing 6 of them in a row instead (Jay tactics Volume 4). This super also punishes TOOOOOONS of shit on block, including all sorts of low forwards. It’s also fun to punish whiffed throws with this baby. I heart this super so bery much…

Post your favorite lowER tier supers and why! Doooo it!

Shoryu cannon almost made me want to play Sean. Almost. :wink:

Elena’s healing SA3

Akuma’s SA3

thats all I can stand


Total-fucking-destruction. Not really good…at all… but it’s hilarious. “DANGER!”

Sean’s canon is fun.

Slam dance.

Ibuki’s SAII.

And of course…


Sorai-Rengeki is a lot of fun…

X-copy FTW
Alex SAIII for free dizzy

Makoto’s SAIII is extremely fun.

I always chose SA2 for sean so I don’t consider it low tier, that’d be sa3.

-Tyrant Urien, eat shit akuma

-Raishin Yang, j.rh, s.strong XX Raishin. more damage than raging demon

-SA1 Oro. s.strong X qcf+forward, s.strong X qcf+forward, s.strong XX SA1, jump, SA1 air grab. It looks fucking cool and you know it

-Blue Nocturne Remy is truth. Rushdown, and randomly throw out blue nocturne to counter pokes when you have meter :rock:

You can’t escape! UNGH UNGH UGHN… UNGH

SA1 Oro is fucking hilarious. One grab and it’s gold.

I really like the concept of Makoto’s SA3… on how she becomes this non-stop raping machine and does a shitton of damage… too bad it doesn’t work very well… maybe if BOTH opponents couldn’t block during that super? That’s be pretty wicked… a super that eliminates blocking for both opponents… hahaha.

makoto sa3
slam dance
shinchoryuken (aka chancho-ryuken (for the damage…XD))
yang sa3
alex sa3

q’s SAIII DANGER- i love jumping in the air w/ a roundhouse but then the roundhouse cuts off due because i land and then i do the grab. it always seems to catch people.

elenas SAIII.

HYPER BOMB i be telling people “you cant escape” and they dont believe me, that is until i catch them

X-copy- against kenplayers because i get all of theose moves w/ attack boost.
against makoto because i can do mad damage+mad stun damage at the same time.

shin shoryuken( my favorite super) sooo much damage and i enjoy trying to “beat” other peoples supers by using this one.

and denjin (i dont know if it counts as low tier or not)…

I like Kikousho Chun. Just because it looks really cool and gives her a super solid AA. I remember the first time I saw it in an old preview video for the game and I was like “WOAH 3S IS AWESOME!!”. She doesn’t get as many opportunities to do damage as SA2 but by god is it difficult to get near her with that super.

Dude, I thought the same thing as you, until I did some testing last night, and Yun’s divekick beats it clean when you try to use it as a deep anti-air. It seems to have like no upperbody invincibility. =(

Yun’s dive kick beats everything…:wasted:

I was thinking the other day , if Chuns SA1 had 2 ( or for that matter 3 , but im thinking 2 here ) bars , same length , would it be able to compete with SA2?

Also taken into the equation is the possibility to link 2 of them together in certain situations.

Except shoryukens. You can HPsrk Yun with Ken hitting Yun with Ken’s back shoulder:rock:

It’d be nice but the super definitely has a range disadvantage compared to SA2. SA2 you can connect anything from the furthest possible range and the super will hit. SA1…you have to hit a little bit inside of sweep range to get all the hits in and it knocks them far across to the other end of the screen. Which means unlike SA2 you can’t take advantage of wake up games after it connects.

Having 2 SA1’s would definitely make it pretty much equal to SA2. Just because you would become an insane wall of priority that would be very difficult to get near for the majority of characters. Not to mention still having meter makes her a lot scarier. Chun Li is still solid without meter but it’s when she has meter that she really becomes a danger. Which is the other thing knocking SA1. Once she uses it people are much more inclined to rush her down since she’s not as scary without the meter.

LOL. That’s F’n SRK. SRK has been able to beat everything since 1991. :lol: