What are your least favorite character archetypes?

What type of persona/playstyle really gets your goat in fighting games?

Which one do you get tired of seeing constantly?

Maybe you feel that without a doubt that this archetype/personality or lack there of, is useless and could be easily replaced with something else that is more worth while?


Well when it comes personalitys i guess the one i would dislike the most is the so called Strong but silent types. because really that’s just code for the character has NO PERSONALITY and we’re framing it as the strong but silent type because we’re to LAZY to make a real character!!

Sure you can make a real character off of the strong but silent stereotype if you actually try. but in most places i’ve seen its just used so writers don’t have to bother making a real character because the audience will fill in the blanks themselves…

When it comes to playstyles it’s charge characters. It’s really difficult for me to maintain a charge on a constant basis.

-emotionless characters (akuma)
-giant one-eyed green octopuses with raspy voices who fire laser beams out of their eyes
-characters who cannot erotically dance half as well as voldo


Apologetic Attackers.

Fullscreen keepaway.


I guess the badass whose…just a badass because the story forces it. We all love it in moderation, but it was played out in the 80s.
If Dante wasn’t tongue-in-cheek, he’d be the most ironic character in his popularity ever.
Silver hair, makes crappy puns and quips, relatively thin, fights off things and people that’s superior in size and potential power by a hundredfold, does random COOOOOOL anime attacks and shouts, has a horrible hammy line, and much more.
Hell he has a guitar that shoots LIGHTNING, everyone would have groaned so much the angst could shake the earth if this was still the 90s where that would have been a dollar a dozen.
Though that’s mostly just bad characterization than any specific archetype.

  • Petite little “I want to be the strongest fighter in the world but I don’t even lift weights” schoolgirls. They hit like trucks with their skinny little arms and legs. “Oh, it’s dat legendary power past down from my ancestors.” Yeah right bitch; have a protein shake.
  • Emotionless “I just want to kill you cause I’m badass” types. It’s stupid cause nobody really dies in a fighting game except for maybe the last boss. I’m playing MVC3 and Akuma gets a time over victory against Thor:

“Actually, thou art still standing before th—”

  • Snobby, dainty, upper-class girls/women whose persona contradicts them even participating in a no holds barred fight. They come to a fighting tournament in heels and/or a dress, and they go up against seasoned warriors twice their size and think they won’t get beat to a bloody pulp.

  • Fighters who only use part of their ability cause they think they’re too strong to use their full power. “I lost. Well, you’re lucky I didn’t use my full strength becau-----” Aw STFU and go home bitch you’re eliminated.

  • Fighters who don’t train or have no real fighting ability but are still effective. Doesn’t matter if you do boxing, muy thai, drunken fist or even army sambo; you gotta come in the ring with something. Dudes be fighting with one hand and shit and think they gonna win. They usually have some kind of power to make up for not having any discipline.

  • Brainwashed characters. I hate to see a character get their strings pulled by something or someone else. What’s worse is that the opponent is completely oblivious to it.

“You ready for a beating?”
“Ok then, I’m gonna fuck you up.”

“Mr.Do it all, and have no weakness.”

Vanilla Dante from MVC3

Low tiers.

Shoto’s…all 30 of them.

Big dumb slow ass dudes.

dumb cutesy school girls.

“joke” characters. Sorry Dan your not funny and never have been.

fuck shotos, they should make a clan of shoto slayers to kill them

Characters who are intentionally made to not stand a chance. Joke characters are fine, but there should be some substance behind them.

Characters who are intentionally made to dominate the rest of the cast. Sorry Seth, “He’s an 8-foot-tall kick boxer, of course he’s going to be tough!” is not a valid excuse for intentional imbalance.

And yeah, shotos. They’re boring.

Sean is pretty cool. He’s reminds me less of a shoto and more of a black kid in a baggy karate gi. Throws a basketball and doesn’t really fight like one.

There we go.

Nice thread idea, GeneralD. You clever, clever pussy.

I dislike little schoolgirl characters who fight with brooms and fans and shit.

I hate superman and superman-esque characters. No depth to be had.

The “I’m fighting for revenge” archetype is getting old.

Seems like half the Tekken cast anymore is there for revenge, even my main, sadly. Seems like a lot of fighters are taking Guile and Chun-Li’s stories, and turning them into the stories of the majority of their cast.

In my experience, if you were to make a Venn diagram of people who read literature of any appreciable depth and people who try to pick fights with total strangers for no reason, the two circles wouldn’t touch.

Tekken has a story?

Confused and stupid characters are getting old. It’s kind of rare to ever see a down to earth type.

In America it’s kinda surprising there isn’t a punk ass mofo who talks smack behind peoples back, it’s as American as you can get.