What are your most hated professions?


Professions, jobs, and positions that you hate either for having to work it or having to deal with the people on a professional or personal basis. I know most of us hate telemarketers with a passion so that is a given, but what else can we think of? And on the flip side of that coin, what are some professionals that we really love and appreciate, if that is at all possible.


I appreciate traditional animators becuase of all of the hard work they do to produce quality animation, and not receiving enough pay or attention for the work that they do. I’d have given up on animation and went to flash if I had to put up with that shit, so i thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Now in order to get like 80 likes i have to list a profession I hate which the majority will agree with the second they see it? Can’t think of one, sorry.


Yup I love me some animators, it’s a shame they choose to animate the most inane bullshit.

Also if you want to get a bunch of likes I suggest you post somewhere that isn’t GD, we only like quality.


So anyway, I am sure the tow truck drivers are pretty high on the hate list. Niggas stay sneaking in and legally stealing your shit.

On the other end we have firemen who everybody generally loves even though they work like half the year and spend a majority of that time goofing off and training.


Lawyers can eat my shit. Not that there aren’t any respectable lawyers, but god damn, what other profession has such a high potential for churning out low-life amoral fucks?

I have a high appreciation for construction workers and other people with jobs of that sort. Regular guy jobs that make regular life possible for everybody else.


bankers, politicians, private military and high profile entertainers to name a few


Am I the only one who really hates most doctors?

Yeah, yeah, I know “what if you end up on the surgical table one day and a doctor saves your life”?
Well, just because I might end up in court one day doesn’t mean I can’t hate most lawyers either…

Also, I hate mechanics. It’s like combining the scummy, shameless, nickle-and-dime shadiness of your average salesman and replacing the (at least superficial) charm and glibness with surliness and impatience.


Reality TV star, thinking specifically any “real housewife”, Kardashian, etc.


I wouldn’t count Reality TV “celebrities” as “professionals”, though.

At least as much as I hate doctors, lawyers, or mechanics, I can admit there is usually at least SOME education, experience, and training involved in obtaining those positions. Rather than simply connections, plastic surgery, and a complete lack of dignity.


Police Officers
"Gaming Journalists"

I like doctors. Food delivery guys are pretty rad, of course. I’ve never met a barber who was an asshole, probably the most personable profession there is. I’m talking about black barbers though, can’t speak for you white people who go to Super Cuts.


Sales department at any company/organization. They will do anything to secure the contract, but will often fuck over the people that will be doing the actual work in the process. Yet they will often get the most credit since they are technically the ones securing the revenues - regardless if it’s a poorly designed contract.



This thread has covered all of my most hated professions.

Barring one.

The one from whence the term profession derives.


White barbers are nice, too.


They can’t help you guys with your conks, weaves, or whatever the hell it is that you do nowadays to get your hair to be less… you know, black.


Barbers have to be nice and personable. You’re not going to let a guy you don’t like take a razor to your neck or scalp.


Much respect for construction, my dad has been a drywaller/finisher for the vast majority of his life, and a contractor at times, even ran a small biz with his brother before the housing crash.

He pretty much taught me to hate contractors though, they up their prices (which they get for wholesale prices I might add) mad high and pretend it’s all materials, when really it’s them assigning an arbitrary price on labor, which many of them dick out their own employees for extended amounts of time. My dad never did that shit though, he would regularly buy his dudes lunch.

Some fuck face offered to do my grandma’s windows for way more then he should have, thinking my dad was some fucking chump. No sir, get out.


I hate anyone who works for a jewelry. Nothing is worse than walking into a jewelry store, being looked up and down, then being spoken to in a condescending tone. I remember when I bought a ring for my lady, bitch at the store acted like I the ring I was looking at was “out of my price range” because I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans! That kind of shit drives me up the God damned wall. The best part was when she told me that she generally wants “serious shoppers” and I called one of her co-workers over and bought the ring on her commission instead. I wrote a check, LIKE A BOSS, EVEN THOUGH I AM SO POOR!!!

I come from a family of mechanics, even though I went to graduate school, I still have more respect for someone who puts in an honest day’s work than someone who works in an office. Those manly jobs are what makes the world go round, and it is nice that some people are still doing them. I enjoy working on my own car, it helps keep me grounded.


Slowly evolving into the manly occupations are better than all others thread.

In which case I would be inclined to agree.


I hate any job which uses corruption, deception, intimidation, and constant loop-holing in their repertoire, such as the politicians and the media.

What are the chances that a politician is an honest one? Who ever heard of a deposed president being able to take another shot in the elections?


Hated: Law enforcement. I know not everyone in the profession is crooked, but i KNOW there are far too many that give the good ones a bad name.

My local sheriff is now in prison for life for dealing drugs out of his squad car.

Then you hear other stories that make you sick.

Not law enforcement, but i had a fire in my apartment last year, and one of the responders jacked my digital camera. Called the cops, and they literally told me, “So?”

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The media.