What are your personal thoughts about 'conspiracy theories'

The simplest answer could also be that the term conspiracy theory originated when someone got fingered in an actual plot and then threw that term out to discredit the opposition. Like they knew the evidence was on point and that someone was hot on the trail and people were starting to go, “Hey, wait a minute, this shit makes sense when you think about it.”

“Um, um, um …erm :sweat: …that’s just a conspiracy theory y’all, don’t listen to him!”

The vast majority of them are utter bullshit. A tiny, minuscule margin of them have a few grains of truth. An even smaller margin are actually real.

For the most part, however, they’re stories taken to extremes. If a bomb goes off it wasn’t a bomber. It was light rays accidentally shooting from Zenon, channeled through the powerful telescopes on Dracula’s satellites designed to watch you clip your toenails and analyze the DNA data from your toe fungus in hopes of creating an army of mindless killing machines with great pedicures.

I find conspiracy theories about as credible as aliens and ghosts. In other words, bullshit.

I think some make for great entertainment. I could listen to someone talk about the Reptilian ruling class for hours. Ones that have the potential to do harm though, like leading people to believe the cure for cancer is a simple change in diet, really suck.

i believe there are things that the government doesn’t want you to know

Alex Jones is a shill. If you find yourself on the path to the truth, he’s there with a looney tunes detour sign to point you in the wrong direction, often towards shadowy “secret societies” that you could never really pin down & prosecute for their crimes.

The truth is that almost every action that warrants a conspiracy theory is in fact a crime where somebody profits in a huge way. If you can find out who benefits most financially from a tragedy (JFK, 9/11, etc) you can usually find the culprit. People up top don’t give a fuck about issues, only money, money being power and all, and as such, there are no crimes of passion when it comes to conspiracies.

That being said, Bin Laden didn’t make tons of money bombing the WTC, the US gov’t, on the other hand, now has enough reason to take over Afganistan, and take control of the poppy/heroin trade (why this is important: the three biggest markets in the world, in order, are oil, drugs, and then gold. there is more money in all the drugs in the world, than all the gold, heroin is the most profitable drug worldwide, Afganistan produces 90% of the world’s heroin).

Also, around 2000, Saddam decided he would stop trading oil in dollars. Prior to this, if a country wanted to trade their oil on the international market, they had to do it in dollars, which greatly inflated the value of the dollar far beyond its actual worth. Essentially, we had every oil producing country by the balls. By trading his oil in euros instead of dollars, Saddam would’ve essentially flooded the market with dollars that are no longer being used to purchase oil, crashing our currency’s value. Essentially, Saddam declared ECONOMIC warfare on US. So to preserve our economy, we had to take him out, and keep all iraqi oil sold in dollars. A dirty move to say the least, but once you’ve got that kind of control, you can’t let one nation free, or others will follow. In 2003, Iran made the same move to euros, and sure enough, they were added to the “axis of evil.”

But don’t go to Alex Jones for your political news, I used to listen to his show every week, until I realized he’s there to steer you away from the truth. It’s not the freemasons try’na get the OIL for the APOCALYPSE! It’s just unsavory business tactics played out on an international scale.

I just keep an open mind and a closed mouth. I don’t know either way.


I think conspiracy theories on most things are kinda bogus, and often times try to make more out of thigns than they are.

Is corporate america scheming every day with other evil politicians to remove your freedom and make money doing it? I doubt they are holding secret meetings.

I see it as overlapping self-interest. There need be no conspiracy, since when these politicians and greedy companies act in self-interest, it so happens it means scratching the other guy’s back. And stepping on yours.

the tips at the end of shoelaces are called “aglets.” their true purpose is sinister.**


I don’t like the term conspiracy theory because it automatically gives the claim a negative image. Also there are people who make themselves look like conspiracy theorists and spread misinformation all over, like Alex Jones and that guy who did Zeitgeist.

The idea is to listen to everything but use your brain to carefully acknowledge what is and isn’t the truth. That’s how I go about it.

Conspiracy theory is such a stupid word. People don’t know how to use it properly and what it ACTUALLY pertains to. At the end of the day anything aside from what the government and media tell us is a conspiracy theory. I think it’s funny to see people automatically assume all alternative theories are wrong and believe everything they hear from one source. That sounds like ignorance more than anything.

I’m still waiting after thos WMD’s in Iraq.

Most of them are crazy, but you can’t blame people too much for believing at least some of them. Some examples:

  1. The conspiracy theory that public education is meant to produce mindless factory workers and consumers. Whether you believe this or not has no bearing on the fact that the general population is unbelievably ignorant, particularly in math. When a huge number of students graduate high school without being able to divide fractions (I would never have believed this before, but then I became a teacher) something is going on. Add to that the fact that ignorant people are perfect for Apple, Sony, Disney, etc and it seems to make sense. I just think that enough teachers suck to account for these results, but this theory isn’t so far-fetched.

  2. The general distrust of doctors and certain vaccinations. Stupid? Perhaps, but today’s doctors may have been trained by somebody who thought lobotomies were good only 50 years ago. Or gave black people syphilis. Or are giving your kid drugs so they won’t engage in normal behavior. Maybe the person giving you the harmless vaccination (probably not an actual doctor) is giving you way too much because he can’t do basic math (see part 1).

These are cases of recognizing a problem, or having a healthy level of distrust for authority being molded into a conspiracy theory.

you’d have to be an idiot to completely believe what anybody says, im talking people against and people for conspiracy theories. the best thing to do is choose if you wanna know about a conspiracy theory, if yes then research on it passively, complete attention will suck you right in that mother fucker.

I personally think there is a whole lot of high ranked people out there saying shit so how can you ignore it? but then I start to think why the fuck would these people want to maintain power of this/that magnitude, aren’t they bored?

and if it’s all bullshit to distract us then that’s a conspiracy theory in itself :rofl:

what is real, what is real? :confused:

There’s never been a conspiracy ever in this country. Go to sleep.

Isn’t AHVB Phoenix Wright? At least i remember reading that here.

Reptilian Overlords what the fuck is this Chrono Trigger. Anyway some shit in our world don’t add up and there is some forces at work behind the scenes.

don’t post in this thread, OP is generating a list to share with the gov’t

i got a question. kinda dumb, but meh

why all the one world government fear? *technically *government can’t control the people now if they wanted to fight back. wouldn’t the evil reptiles that run OWG get owned even harder if they tried to pull something that the people wouldn’t like; especially since we’re talking about everybody on the planet? wouldn’t a OWG have more of an impetus to fix up crappier areas of the planet to “look good” for the people? wouldn’t OWG bring prosperity faster than what’s happening now?