What are your pro techniques in Street Fitah Fo'?


I can do j. RH into sweep, only with Sagat though…very hard to get this link down…I have to “violin” my buttons or whatever that technique you youngin’s call it.

Another one of my skills is auto correct sweep. I can do it with every single character too. Works wonders. Next I’m perfecting auto-correct overhead in training mode. I practice 5 hours a day too.

Don’t steal my tricks from me guys or I’ll murder you on G-1.


…the newbie forums are suppose to be for real questions
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One thing I see online that is really something (too bad I always get beat by it :sad:) is c.lp x 4. I have no idea how someone can do this over and over in a match, but whenever I see it, it makes me realize how special SF4 truly is!


I know Quick Man! That dirty technique is quite cheap and brutal. However, I believe I have developed a dastardly counter-strategy…

I noticed if I wiggle the stick and mash on fierce punch, good things happen. This works even when I’m getting hit!

AndyOCR, would you mind sharing some M. Bison techniques with us?


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Auto Correct Sweep as a skill? get out of here.


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Lol at some of these niggas answering this question seriously… did the mofo say violin his inputs lol.


Please keep this shit in FGD/GD.


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Anyways, I found another awesome technique. I found out if you mash Sagat’s standing roundhouse really hard, you can get a 2 hit combo. SICK!


I tried this, and all Sagat did was raise his knee and then put it back.



I know, right?! I was trying out Sagat. I mashed on Heavy Kick and all he did was lift his knee and put it back down in a feint-fashion. You lie, man! Tell me how you did that 2-hit combo, nao!




I was using Geef. And I couldn’t stop twirling my stick around and circles, and I had a tourerttes style spasm and mashed down on the buttons and the screen went WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH and there we were flying through the air and I totally won the match with a guy’s ass in my face


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Guys having trouble with Sagat’s 2-hit combo RH of death, keep mashing harder. Maybe we gotta “guitar” the inputs.

The only other pro thread here is “Frep afafaw is not real.” Learned so much from reading that…


I thought it was harmonica inputs…

Now I gotta wipe the drool stains offa my buttons :frowning:


My best pro technique is reporting unfunny troll threads.


Mooyang is already the master of Salty.

I haven’t seen a single post on here where you aren’t angry, take a chill pill fool.


so… can’t we just ban people that troll this section? wont this kind of mockery/trolling discourage new players from coming to srk with legitimate questions?


Wonder Chef do you have some pro tips on being too scared to play casual matches/complaining about going 2 and out all the time/bitching about only being able to do your crappy 20% damage juggles with Tekken 6 King (when he actually has one of the best juggle damage/post juggle oki in the game)

Only post if you have a tip to share about the game. Stop trolling my beloved Newbie Saikyo thread…anyways, another pro-tip I found…you don’t have to do that complicated F,D, DF dragonpunch motion! Yeesh, I could never do that correctly…they didn’t have that in Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

Now I can just twiddle my stick between D and DF, still a bit hard but I can actually uppercut now.

Man I love these forums…learning so much about dat Street Fitah Fo…


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