What are your thought on Virgil of UMvC3?

Is he going to a low health damage dealer like akuma?
Another Wesker type?
Or just Clutch?
What are your thoughts?

Who the fuck knows?

lol no info man.

Just some things people might want to consider:

Vergil doesn’t have an air dash or double jump like Dante, so he’s not going to be as mobile as Dante and Trish are.

I think they should’ve went with another character, one from previously unrepresented series. Especially considering he’ll be another sword-based character. But i’m excited to see how he plays like, i’m sure he will not be a Dante clone, so i’m hoping for the best.

Summoned Swords

swords everywhere

I’m thinking he’s going to have Wesker like teleport shenanigans or even be a keepaway character like Deadpool. Darkstalker style was pretty weak in DMC3 and 4. I doubt he’ll play like Wesker though, we already have enough teleport shenanigans characters, Wesker and Strider chief among them.

Part of me thinks he could even be Dormammu like with Judgement Cut, but we’ll have to see what we get.

i thought he was gonna be the token black guy but then i thought why would they put a wrestler in mvc3

Haggar is a wrestler isn’t he?

I expect him to be the next Wolverine. I know his sword is shorter, and he is very fast. He could possibly have a lot of OTGs that are easily executable. I just can’t be for certain due to literally no in-game footage.


If he is as faithful to his series as Dante was, he will likely have enough new tricks to be very different from Dante, such as Summoned Swords, more teleport options (he had 3 types of teleports in DMC3:SE, whereas Dante only had one), and very different damage-dealing Hypers (he will have Devil Trigger, though, so there’s one Dante-already-has-it move).

I have no concrete idea of what to expect other than not 60+ moves (he only had 3 melee weapons and 1 ranged option in SE), but what I am imagining right now resembles something between Wesker, Spiral and Dante.

One thing I would really like to see is some sort of re-enactment or reference to this:

To help enlighten people as to what Vergil does:

The “Brea” who is in some of the videos the 2nd vid links to is, I believe, the same Isedelica who does those crazy-ass Dante combo vids.
EDIT: Welp, they’re not. But if I’m not mistaken, Isedelica has done DMC/Bayonetta stuff anyway, which explains the crazy tech skill and the prominence of Dante in her (?) work.

isedelica isn’t brea, they just know eachother

and im still wondering why people spell vergil as virgil. anyway, not really expecting as many moves unless they decide to take DMC1/DMC4 DS moves and give it to him

Vergil looks really good. His air laser that covers half the screen is pretty intense. The fact that he can OTG and relaunch twice all by himself will most likely make him formidable. Lets not forget about the attack where he coughs up blood, shit has a 2 frame start up and does 70% damage and can be continued with a combo afterwards.

The one thing I don’t like about him right now is his speed, it seems like he is a little bit slower but his dash that allows him to burrow underground should make up for that.

your forgetting about his level 3 where he puts on his troll mask and stabs megaman x through the heart which automatically KOs megaman fans and shoots 100$ bills from your console

All I know is that Capcom will make him play as distinctively from Dante as possible, and it will make him as powerful as possible. They he’s very popular in Japan… I guess they are to make MvC more popular over there by catering to Japanese fan fare. Although it only makes me wonder why there isn’t more characters of popular franchises in Japan like Breath of Fire and Monster Hunter.

Judging from this Video I am assuming some of his combos will look SOMETHING like this … I have never played any of the Devil May Cry games except for at a friend’s house long ago but I see some of the MvC3 combos are almost exactly like this video. so I am kinda looking forward to how he will ACTUALLY play.


Just a few thoughts and some insight to get the speculation rolling.

I think Vergil will be very solid, but the “sword character” archetype in this game is too similar on all fronts in mvc3. Dante, Zero, and Strider are all very capable from basically anywhere on the screen and have teleports of varying sorts and in my opinion that should’ve been Vergils highlight and strong point. In all reality summoned swords and judgement cut is what really sets him apart from the 2-dimensional “mid range use melee” “far away shoot stuff” gameplay style of the three, if implemented well (or too well lol) he can effectively pressure you form anywhere on the screen.

His main weapons are Yamoto (katana), Force edge (think Dante’s rebellion but not huge), and Beowulf (Dante’s gauntlets) and summoned swords (his main ranged option). From what I remember Vergil is a far superior swordsman in comparison to Dante so his gameplay should reflect as such. While Dante it takes 11 frames to swing Rebellion Vergil with his speedier Yamato and force edge should have a fairly faster swing time while obviously lacking the range. Vergil’s beowulf was also faster but who knows how it will be implemented as far as fighting games go. It would be hard to put Vergil in a fully as we’d all hope because Vergil functions best when he is able to use all his weapons freely unlike Dante who would just be a clusterfuck of way too many moves (even more so than he is now).

Which is why I think Vergil should have a weapon switch feature similar to Amaterasu, this would offer him the flexibility he needs without him feeling like your just playing a less interesting Dante. I think the ability to change weapons where and when you want mid combo would really make him almost precisely like his Dmc3 incarnation, while having a feel very distinct from the current mvc3 dante and giving him a great playstlye overall. Also unlike legit Ammy players who know that Sword stance is more or less the only real stance for her (with a few exceptions), Vergil should be able to greatly affect his playstyle/match ups depending on which weapon he uses. Now for the pointy bits lol.

Force edge: This should function as his base weapon for quick close combat with a moveset almost identical to Dantes Rebellion but with a much faster (albeit less damaging) feel and the ability to toss the occasional round trick (the move Trish uses when she throws Sparda at you), but unlike Ammy this shouldn’t be the training wheels weapon for Vergil. This weapon should be able to give him a strider/zero-esque rush down oriented playstyle.

Yamoto: .This weapon would be more comparable to Rebellion is the range department while still holding a Katana feel. The most memorable moves Yamato had were Judgement Cut and Rapid slash, Judge cut is a more ranged move where he takes a step back and quickly draws his sword leaving a large sphere on screen a distance away from him and dealing large damage to anything in the radius of the sphere and rapid slash is a beserker slash-ish move that knocked back on hit. Yamato had great air normals as well. The only real way to make Yamato shine on it’s own would be to heavily emphasize the usefullness of Judgement cut and rapid slash, giving him the ability to both zone and close space easily. Another thing that made Yamato brutal was the complex jump cancel system in dmc3 I think this should be implemented into yamato’s air normals somehow. Here’s a video showing what I mean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-5gUr_R9tU&feature=related the first 30secs are more or less a great demo of what I’m getting at, but throughout the whole video when you see Vergil jump into the air a do a series of quick attacks when he unsheaths his katana.

Beowulf: The main difference between Dante’s and Vergil’s Gauntlets were that while Dante more or less pulverized his a flurry of blows, Vergil on the other hand had a much more precise almost surgical feel to it. This weapon had a quick and dirty fell to it unlike the more fluid swing of his blades, the emphasis on Beowulf should be hard crushing blows with chargeable normals. This should be by far Vergils most damaging stance.

That is how I think the weapons should go but the best parts about Vergil in dmc was definetly his ridiculous Summoned swords and teleport. Personally I summoned swords is vergils most valuable tool, it’s so flexible and useful it’s beyond ridiculous. They can be fired as a direct projectile summoned around him as a shield or multiple can teleport above the enemy and comedown after a short while. I’ll link the video again to show just how much chaos summoned swords can cause http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-5gUr_R9tU&feature=related. His teleport was much faster than dantes offered invinciblity (more or less) that was a fair trade because Vergil didn’t have a double jump or air dash. But this fast teleport afforded him ridiculous movement and screen control, I’m hoping it turns out a bit more like Wesker’s teleport instead of Dantes very obvious one.

Seeing as no real gameplay released yet we can only guess, but I’ve been hoping vergil would turn up in a fighting game since Dmc1. That being said I’m super hype for this character and hope he can hold up to the competition well (oh who cares about tiers I’m fucking sold XD). Can’t wait to see you guys in the Vergil forum!

Dude’s gonna be like v-13 from Blazblue. Swords swords swords.

Hoping he doesnt end up being blue dante with more projectiles.

D,D, Forward D, D, Back D, D, jump D, D, Jump forwad D, D, jump down D, D.