What are your thoughts about SFV with or without Fei Long?

As far as I can tell, Fei isn’t wanted in SFV by the majority of people. I think they just view him too much as an expendable/unimportant side character.

So to all the fei players, how bad do you want him to be in SFV? Are you willing to do without him so long as there’s some sort of rekka character in there, or is there something about fei that you really like?

I personally won’t be devastated if he doesn’t make it in, but at the same time I hope he does. I’m a fan of Bruce Lee, and I think fei is awesome. The game will feel a little empty to me without him.

It really depends, if the game has a huge roster like we do right now in Ultra I’d be kind of disappointed. But if the game is going to have a smaller one then I wouldn’t mind his exclusion.

profound sadness

The way this games playing Rekka would be like his V-skill and not a normal special. Although if he had his cr.fierce and cr.mp (and possibly command grab) he’d probably still be top tier because the game looks very simplistic at the minute.

To answer the question though, I don’t think he will get in UNLESS they put T-hawk/Dee Jay in. He’s sort of grouped in with them a little.

I main Sagat now (who I think will get in), so losing Fei would be a shame, but really, this game looks like it’s chock full of close quarters characters. Perhaps the next new character (zen?) might be a martial artist or a space controlling character since really, this game doesn’t have a “zoning” style feel to it yet.

Triple tap V-Skill to execute full rekka combo /Kappa

As a fellow Fei Long player, I must say I’m gonna miss him. Thankfully we have Karin as a rekka character in SF5 for now, so she’ll do just fine until Fei is announced as DLC at a later time