What are your thoughts on Aria?


How does everyone feel about the recent character Aria? Personally I love the unusual traits they have been adding to some of the recent characters. Agonies’ rock system; Cinder’s flames; I really like Aria’s 3 bodies just from the little I’ve seen. I don’t know if she is good or not, but I like her design and role as a CPU/CEO.


She looks like Chaos Number 39 Utopia


She looks like a gundam.


Her 3 lives seem complicated but I’m sure once people get the hang of her she will be a beast


i didn’t know Michael Bay was working on Killer Instinct


She is so hard to play. I’m mediocre at this game and haven’t even given her much of a chance. Not saying she is bad, but she is complicated. I couldn’t even get my Cinder winning much matches at all.

I stick to Aganos.


I feel like she is a grab bag of rejected ideas that were buffed and put into a single character. I am not a fan at all.