What are your thoughts on MUGEN?

I don’t know if this is in the right place but, i would like to know what everyone’s thoughts are on the MUGEN engine.

I think its doomed to never be taken seriously.

Also always good to have another furry on SRK. That’s one thing we are definitely in need of.

THanks and yes i do agree. the game is Highly unballenced. and i do own a copy of mugen…its one of my guilty pleasures.

I think they need to fix the freaking sound issues.


What are your other guilty pleasures, Hadouken fox? :smile:

mugen can be balcned with thr right people behind it. take a look at some of these videos with mugen that nMo made. im telling you mugen i will make it serious for fighting game fans. elect byte did us justice with making the engine and in the right hands you can get rsults like this.




this is just mean

I mean I actually laughed out loud

but sheesh

Unfortunately, most people on it are fanboy scrubs who’re out to fulfill their fantasies or are unable to play to win and would rather try to prove that they can do a better version of their favorite character rather than learn to win with them.

I agree MUGEN games usually end up apocalyptic but I doubt your reasons are accurate. The results of the MUGEN template are merely the expected results of any similar program when you give people tools to create things *without *the training/education to… create things. But I don’t think it’'s some ‘scrub revenge’ movement.

some mugen games can be made badly. but i can say that mugen games can be really solid.

I was always sketchy about MUGEN because all the videos I’d always seen had been absolute chaos with a bunch of supers flying around everywhere, and over powered characters with attacks that cover the whole screen.

However, the Super Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Turbo I believe was the full proper name for it, looked to be a really solid and fun game. When I was looking on the nmowner site, I couldn’t help but see the Dante that Alexlexus made, I can’t wait to see what he’s like in action.

it looks terrible

heres a better one [media=youtube]-gNwcYX9Poo"[/media]

compare: [media=youtube]yT02wWlY4Iw[/media]

hahahah too good

Mugen is only good depending on what you add to it, it can either be good or bad. There are accurate Mugen characters out there, but very few. I remember me and my friends screwing around with this.

I don’t know why I’m posting in this thread, but whatever.

Saying MUGEN is unbalanced is like saying C++ is unbalanced. I hope you realize that.

The biggest problem with the MUGEN scene is that nobody wants to make a game. Yes, that includes the people who are supposedly making games. None of these people want to actually make a game. At best, most of them want to make a character and throw all their ideas into it. Maybe they’ll spread those ideas among several characters, but the point remains the same: building a complete game isn’t something they’re interested in enough to actually do it. This begets “games” which are actually just collections of unrelated characters which haven’t been balanced or otherwise designed to fit within the same environment. Some people love collecting these random characters, especially the most over the top (and almost universally terribly designed) characters. Others strive to simply create the most absurd, unfair AI for people to try to beat. There are more examples as well.

All of the above is fine, but none of it is actually making a game.

Look at Fighter Maker 2nd. There are dozens of games of wildly variant quality built on the engine – Vanguard Princess, Dong Dong Never Die, Wonderful World, (Supier)/Strip Fighter IV, Super Cosplay War Ultra, and more. There are people who only convert characters from existing games as well, but it’s not nearly as epidemically common as it is with MUGEN. There are complete and tangible results of well polished games being released fairly often on the FM2nd engine, which is very much not the case with MUGEN. The result is that the MUGEN engine itself, and its capabilities, are sold short. People call the engine garbage because creator #7209 doesn’t understand alignment or hit velocities, or creator #5877 thought it would be cool to take an existing creation and add things to it without actually understanding what he was doing.

I suppose it’s partly the fault of the engine’s design for having modular components that are easy to swap around, as well as most of the documentation being character-driven. Nevertheless, MUGEN itself is a great platform on which to build a game, if a person were so inclined. It’s pretty easy to learn, is designed in a logical way, is very open-ended while also being structured enough to be easy to follow, and now with recent releases is graphically representative of the current century. I htink it’s avery good engine. Having not used it seriously in years, I don’t have the programming experience with new versions to break down what its weaknesses are. I just know that its capabilities are abundant.

mugen needs to ability to wrap up your creation into a neat executable, free of the mugen name, for 2 reasons…

  1. nobody will ever take a mugen game seriously
  2. it would feel like a more legitimate game if it were legitimately wrapped up, and not just the basic mugen executable, with a bunch of character files and stage files.

I’d love to see MUGEN wrapped up with GGPO, and maybe an XML type way to make editing move properties easier

It seems most people there think that MUGEN and netplay do not mix

mugen is a fun casual fighting game. the problem with this is that people of traditional competitive fighting games bash on it because it can’t be played competitively. i think people should take it for what it is, instead of trying to compare it to “real” fighting games.

what mugen needs is online play with an official online community, akin to osu.