What are your thoughts on Ryu's USF4 changes?



What are your thoughts on Ryu’s USF4 changes? A little bit underwhelming, im not too sure what it means by cr.mk fireball is easier to connect, and U2 is still shithouse…


Changes? What changes? That’s my exact thoughts. The change to low forward fireball helps eliminate mistakes that are made mainly by low/mid level players. The 1 extra frame of invincibility added to his U2 probably helps him mash it out during a blocked EX messiah is all I can think of so far. Besides that 10f of invincibility is more than good enough to beat out practically anything, making it 11 is irrelevant. Neither of these changes help at all. With other characters getting some good stuff, I’m shocked that this is all Ryu is getting. He may just be the worse Shoto when all is said and done in USF4.

When people said to make his U2 better, they should be speeding it up or adding more damage to the non-cinematic version. If it were a 6 or 7f start up instead of 8, that would be a much bigger deal than having 15f of invincibility compared to 10 because 10 is already plenty. Giving him a fake fireball or donkey kick was probably asking too much. But giving him something more significant like a faster U2 is not IMO.


Well it is safe to assume that he will be dropping in tiers. Everyone gettings buffs and he’s virtually the same, how is it possible for him to stay in the same spot or even go up.


Its like those comments on Capcom unity didnt happen, they just ignored all the 46 pages. I kinda of suspected they

cr.MK xx fireball pointless buff no one was asking for it.

Chun Li / Ken / Gouken / Dhalsim / Guile / Sagat / Blanka / Balrog + many others got a whole lot harder.

Sakura / Akuma / Ibuki / Seth / Adon got a little easier.

I think Ryu slips down the tier list slightly. But its still early days, may drop him for one of the new guys (but hes fun to play).


Going to disagree with the Seth becoming easier part. He got his dhalsim punch back that is going to allow him to keep out Ryu even better now and he still has good offence. So now seth has a stronger keep away (which was already pretty strong on Ryu imo) and still a good offence. I’m not too sure how his dp invincibility will work though, he has 5 frames of it now idk if that will beat Ryu’s mp dp.


shin shoryuken having another frame of invincibility is nice as hopefully that will finally stop the albeit very random chance of it trading. However I think I would have perfered it just being a frame faster instead. Although no mention if the attack finally does counter hit damage. For some reason shin shoryuken is the only attack that isnt a throw that I can think of that can hit on counter hit and wont do more damage. It just doesnt make any sense. Considering how the move is used in the first place this hurts it. Honestly im of the opinion that his ultra 2 is good for what it is in the first place. Its just that its not better then fireball ultra at the end of the day. Making it a frame faster, fixing the counter hit prob with it, and making sure it doesnt have that ever so slight chance of trading would be nice. It would be nice if they made his stand HK links a little more realistic to. Just to specific combo videoish. But its SF4 so I dont expect much out of any update of this game… Haters gonna hate I guess.


What I was hoping:

  1. Removal of hurt box in front of his cr.MK (this was added in AE)
  2. Solar Plexus strike damage up to 120
  3. cs.LP extended hitbox so it doesn’t whiff so easy

What did they give Ryu:

  1. change that helps players at low level
  2. change to an ultra with limited use


Considering the entire game is going to be changed with the delayed wakeup/red focus additions, maybe everyone should calm down and see how he plays in the new meta before flipping out?

Just a thought lol, not trying to make enemies already.


I´d like simple changes besides that:

  • One more frame of hitstun on solar plexus (+5)
  • Close mp +5 on hit
  • Slightly forward expanded hitbox on cr.HP for not missing the link because of the pushback
  • More projectile invincible frames on mk tatsu for closing distance on reaction


He plays exactly the same as AE2012.

Nearly every other mid tier got buffed making those matches slightly harder, so we know how he plays already.


From what Ive read Seths air stretchy arms are different there’s more recovery now.


You want to know my thoughts, well here they are



He’s not in need of buffs to his frame data, I would just give him some damage and make U2 one frames faster. So basically this

-Solar Plexus damage up to 120 from 100
-cr. MK/MP damage to 70 from 60
-sweep damage 100 from 90
-U2 start up in 7f from 8f

Most of the damage buffs revert him back to Vanilla status without the really good shit like Super trap, escape tatsu, or 160 damage FADC’able DP. No crazy fake fireball, joudan kick, or something that gives him 50/50’s. Just reward him a little more for playing good footsies and punishing opponents for making mistakes. But if they want to give him some of that crazy stuff then I have no complaints at all.


I think you guys are asking for too much. I think he just needs 1 or 2 decent buffs like cr.mk xx ex fireball is a blockstring from any distance and always connects with cr.mk on hit from max distance (just an example) or a bit more back walkspeed. Other than that he is fine imo. I mean, of course giving sweep 100dmg and cr.mk 70 or even remove hurtbox from the tip of his foot would be kreygasm ubercool buff of darkness doom, but it’s probably not gonna happen :/. That’s why we should be happy if we get any useful/good buff.


We got screwed every character got buffs except us. I used the cr.mk dp shortcut to punish balrogs rush punches so even that is a nerf.

Heres what Hitler thinks of it:


Ken and Evil Ryu got HELLA buffs. The poster boy gets left out in the cold…


**** you Capcom.

All you’ve ever done is **** with Ryu. Update after update.

Well I guess I shouldn’t complain since he never got as a bad/neutered as Sagat. But then there is AE Ryu…

Gah. Really. I’d settle with just escape tatsu back.


Well they brought back Vanilla Sagat in Ultra. Since they did they that should have brought back Vanilla Ryu. I don’t see Ryu being able to compete with all these buffs everyone else got.


Thank the fandom for the buffs and nerfs. And people like combofiend for even listening to them.


I was watching a video from the usf4 stream and a one of the commentators asked combofiend if their was any chance of ryu getting his escape tatsu back and combofiend said “nope”. Meanwhile Ken and Sakura can escape tatsu wtf. I HATE COMBOFIEND FUCK DAT NIGGA!