What are your top 10 evo Moments?

Evo is done and over and I’m sure there were hella stories and exciting moments for everyone. What are yours? I’ll put mine up later.

  1. Ricky’s Sexual Preference Talk - Hanging out in the marvel room where Duc Jr. and Fanatic says Ricky O is BI while Demon Hyo and I said hes straight. We also said its not cool to talk about others while they are not there so we asked matrix to confirmed what we said so it’ll be over with… he starts smiling big and laughing saying … LOL its not cool talking about others but I have to say this RICKY IS NOT STRAIGHT LOL. He’s straight BI and everyone around us starts laughing - we try not to but it was funny. No hate for you ricky - we know you are cool :-). LOL

  2. Alex valle saying to RICKY - why did you jump off the stage like a little fairy from the facts of life after you beat kim and ricky replied it was after beating combofiend - get your facts straight.

  3. Rodolfo and sanford match in the losers of our black bracket of death pools. That pool was insane - good matches to everyone in that pool including you carnevil :slight_smile:

  4. Me coin flipping tails 16 times in a row and samB making hella money off it cause he called tails each time. Justin wong, henry cen, duc jr, everyone hella lost their money lol.

  5. Everyone getting hella hype over Rock Paper Scissors after evolution in the hallway - it was so packed that even the evo staff had to do something about it cause security was on us for not clearing out. Boo security people! Tony or Tom cannon backed down from a RPS MM with marn cause Marn is that HYPE. He won like 20 to 2 or something.


you vs sanford was THE greatest match up i’ve ever seen. after that, evo finals were sooo boring compared to that shit

co-sign. i don’t think anyone can argue with this

LoL same here, i saw the match online and it was the most intense match i have ever seen

Seeing both Combofiend and Daigo in wheelchairs, in one night, was pretty funny.

Besides that random drunken arm wrestling where the american women raped the Japanese was probably up there.

missed a lot and didn’t get to see everything but from matches alone that i saw:

  1. sanford vs row losers-insane, lost my voice, i thought sanford’s storm in sscable was untouchable, but I’ve never seen a mag (row) rush a storm and cable like that, then again sanford blocked nearly everything at one point. Also sanford’s sentinel keeping cable in the corner for what seemed like 10-20 secs, row’s cable prevailed though.

  2. sanford vs duc winners, made me proud to be WC and from california and viet.

  3. valle vs daigo 3s semis-hella intense, american pride! one of the best parts was daigo taunting valle and getting a fierce shoryu in return for it. I saw the RUSH.

  4. smoothvipers money matches

  5. justin vs raoh-last match, intense too.

  6. soo vs justin finals

  7. yipes vs soo finals

  8. amir vs isse finals

  9. rip vs sanford t5 pools, hella close.

  10. seeing qudans play casual.

can’t think of anything else i missed the duc vs sanford money matches. :stuck_out_tongue:

3s finals and loser’s finals

you vs sanford $6k MM (best match in marvel history)

erik vs cableguy, genghis, and golden-NZ MM’s

erik vs soo in the hotel for $1k

Mvc2 combo video that introduced marvel (sentinel combo was hype)

Rock paper sissors bets (RANDOM)

Coin flip bets

Duc singing the BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY everywhere song and dancing in the middle of desmonds MM

steamy bathroom marvel back in the hotel on sunday night

soo playing blackjack with hevad and both of them trying to hit on the middle age spanish dealer. Then soo calling her a no life milf after leaving the table. HAHA

Alex Valle putting Daigo out in both AE and 3S. CALIPOWER FTW!

Ahahaha I was laughing like hell at the way Ricky jumped off the stage.

Alot of 3S matches were really close, and when Knit messed up on the SAII parry, he could’ve just parried the whole thing ftw but he had to attack after the 1 set, meh.

And I guess also Daigo for playing hella weird in CvS2, keep on dashing in with Blanka and throw? o_O;;

*) Potter’s “Johnny Cage” move. He gave Sanford an autographed 8x11 picture of himself signed “I’M BETTER THAN YOU -POTTER”, and then proceeded to beat him in the team tourney. Stunningly good.

*) The Row/Duc/Sanford/Mike Ross pool play. WOW. What a beastly pool. I know the match vs Sanford was Row’s first match of the day… those matches were all really good. Sanford not qualifying? Wow.

*) JWong’s Psylocke 3-character comeback on Genghis. I saw that out of the corner of my eye and was stunned.

*) ~17 people hiding in Hevad’s bathroom while we got chewed out by hotel security for being too loud.

*) Erik winning $10 by proving to Potter that XXX had fallen asleep on the toilet while we were playing Marvel in that bathroom. :lol:

Man, some of the shit this year was crazy!

10 - Me vs Sanford…I lost…badly…well, I did good second round.
9 - Daigo vs Valle - nuff said.
8 - Ricky jumping off the stage, and I said “He’s flying off to Gay Land again” and people infront of us looked back and laughed.
7 - Meikyoushisui video that I missed half of it cuz I went to Starbucks, but someone was recording it, good shiiittt.
6 - Justin Wong vs Gene Wong. Very good matches.
5 - Daigo on CvS2…cmon man, you know that CC with Blanka was top tier…lol.
4 - SmoothViper money matches - TOO FUCKING FUNNY. Omg, the amount of shit talk was hilarious.
3 - Duc vs Sanford
2 - Justin Wong pullin off some crazy shit in the BYOC during Marvel with Sentinel…crazy.
1 - Marvel finals. That’s all I gotta say. Good shit.

Oh yeah, and me being in the Bracket of Death = Not a top Evo moment :frowning:
That shit sucked ass…I had to get pwned by Sanford =/

Combovideos.com has the high-quality version up now, I have the low-quality version up. :tup:

Golden Fatty Kindebu jumping off the stage after beating Ricky during the Cvs2 finals. It just didnt look right. Video coming soon.


Oro >> Raoh’s Chun

Jal beating Justin in Marvel. Top 10 player of all time material right there

  1. Hungbee vs. Raoh, total Oro goodness.
  2. Gene Wong vs. Justin Wong, good shit to both of them, very close match.
  3. Buktooth vs. Daigo… that match was the first time I’ve ever seen Daigo actually have some emotion in his face, he was SMILING when he lost.
  4. The Tekken 5 Bracket of Death (Sanford Kelly, Ryan Hart, EmphyNAPS, Rip, and the Korean Qudans). Crazy matches, hella upsets. Sanford vs. Rip and Sanford vs. Ryan Hart were both crazy close matches, Emphy beating Qudans in another real close match, Rip eliminating Ryan Hart for the losers spot in the semis… crazy pool.
  5. DOA4 in general. The game is pretty bad, but I made it to the semi finals after playing the game for about 2 weeks. Not bad.
  6. Valle vs. Daigo in both 3S and AE. Valle coming out the winner was very nice to see.
  7. Combofiend’s K Groove. I think I’m gonna pick up K groove now.
  8. Tekken 5 finals. Shit talking during that game was fun as fuck.
  9. Marvel money matches. I think I found a new favorite game when it comes to shit talking.
  10. Duc vs. Sanford, the greatest money match ever. Mad props to both players.

org vs potter money match was the best shit talking ever.



norcal will be goin up to east coast u cats too nice.

Amen man. That shit had me wanting to play Oro afterwards haha. I swear he did like 30 MKs after the super ended.

The greatest moment at EVO 2006 was easily Duc Do vs Sanford Kelly mm.

…a close second would have to be the Rocks Paper Scisors tourney in the hallway after evo…

…in third place I would say, drinking at the lounge with the rest of SRK and holding arm wressling matches. When peeps get wheeled out to their room, you know it was a good night!

evo moment #5 = http://www.filelodge.com/files/room12/287355/1.GIF

top 8 moments in chronological order

-getting evo/yaris bandanas
-seeing ricky ortiz for the first time. dude’s got a pot belly
-daigo’s ryu making a 3 pixel comeback on afrolegends’ balrog. 2x jumping meaty crossup hurricane followed by…something, i was too stunned to remember the rest. he goes on to advance.
-ggxx slash - everything
-gene wong doing hella good vs jwong in cvs2, then having the most depressed emo kid look after the loss. we caught it on tape
-^^ combofiend vs daigo, that random eagle spinning stick shit
-3s blew goats, but i overheard somebody’s over/under bet for genei jins in the t8. turns out the final number was 121.


christ almighty

(i guess it was faight, in this thread http://shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=118467)
-also in 3s: “I KNOW YOU CAN FUCKING HEAR ME, SHUT THE FUCK UP” to the announcer, multiple times.