What assist should I use with Venom





That depends on the moves u wanna dish out during a fight. AAA work good just as long as it’s not CapCom AAA or Ryu AAA.

Proj. assist work good too. When I use proj assist I tend to favor using Venom’s S.Fp or C.FP

If a assist has something u can follow behind use Venom’s venom fang with lp that way you’ll have good recover.Sometimes u can use his airdash if u use a AAA like Dooms rocks, u can force your oppon to duck and then canecl your air dash with any attack button at the beginning of the air dash so venom will hit them out of the crouch.

Also don’t forget to do a lot of zoning with venom, ya know dashing in and out.


I usually use Venom as my assist. Great for stopping those annoying rush down characters.


Well, Venom’s big three, IMO, are Doom’s rocks, Sentinal’s drones, and Blackheart’s Inferno- the reason is fairly clear- they give a good amount of lock-down and coverage on the ground, and Venom is one of the hardest character to escape by taking to the skies, thanks to him having a GOOD air-to-air move for nearly any occasion.

Other notables are Ruby Heart’s Sublination, both of Storm’s typhoon assists, Iron Man’s Deflector Blast, and Tron’s gun of pain.