What beats a Switch-Tricked Mags low short?

If both chars are switch-tricked, what beats mags low short?

Iron man df-HK?
Spiral standing HK?

I’d like to know the full list, just for knowledge’s sake…

cable c.lp sometimes

a manual crouching short with magnus wins if you can time it right. Standing roundhouse cant beat it due to the speed of the lk. he doesnt get enough time to lift his leg, unless you use the df version of the hk.

You can manually beat a switch trick? i thought the whole point of a switch trick was that it comes out as soon as possible. are u saying it doesnt come out as soon as possible, as in, when switch tricking, the computer waits 1 frame and then attacks but if u manually do it u dont have to wait that frame?

there’s a SLIGHT delay.

Seriously, you don’t NEED switch… just hit the button as soon as you see the second flash after the “FIGHT!” appears

switch glitch has a tiny delay that can be beat if you manual the same move that is glitched.

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I think punching your opponent in the face would work too.

yes siiiir

awesome, see you there

just about everything beats mags switch-glitched low nowadays…

dash back with sentinel owns it :).

but mags c.lk is is 1 frame. so other 1 frame moves will trade with it

as for moves that float over it, i think those are the only 2 u will ever see

and lmao at that post that said cable c.lp sometimes lol funny shit

im pretty sure switch trick is the fastest way, i saw it on a frame-by-frame vid, no i cannot remember where, that it literally comes out in one frame after the flash. so i dunno how the hell a timed c.lk would beat it. unless u wanna try that in tourney and lose ur whole team.

actually cable’s and storms punches beat it consistently.

you don’t even have to dash back with sent to beat that shit.

timed lk OWNS switched-glitched lk…I experienced it done to me…to my horror…and now I do it.

A1+a2 Juggy Headcrush!!!

so how come we dont see that in top level play?

and how would cable’s and storm’s punches beat it? they dont float over…meaning they would get hit by the mag c.lk according to joo…

i play with only top level people, we are all aware that manual beats switch glitch, and yes we all do it in tourney. And yes c.lp with cable beats it SOMETIMES due to its properties, dont know why its just how it works.

I think j. up + hk with Psylocke beats c. lk

it would but did you know that c.lk can be timed to actually beat a 1 frame normal jump straight up. Its not as consistant as i would like it to be, But c.lk is pretty random.

psy :r:+:hk: beats mags c.:lk: