What beats Kens Strong+Fierce?

As we all know Kens strong+fierce combo is key to his wakeup beasting game. Just curious what beats Ken’s strong+fierce combo on wakeup? I know supers beat it and most people on wake-up. Most people in tournies block it or parry it. But what things do you guys know that BEAT OR OUTPRIORITIZE STRONG+FIERCE?

Blocking owns it for free.

That solid red parry. :slight_smile:

Ken’s wake-up Strong, Fierce has a 1/2 frame priority over a meaty standing Strong, Fierce.

i think you can punish it with kikosho… then forfeit your game becuase you picked kikosho.

never have wiser words been spoken

super wake up

block,revearsal sa3 of your own ken.

that don’t work. :confused:

Thanks guys, I tried LP Raida with Ibuki and I her EX Dragon Kick and that beats it MOST OF THE TIME. The person I play mixes up his Strong+Fierces with his throws very well but has a tendency to use Strong+Fierce more often than not and I wanna BEAT HIS STRONG+FIERCE with a move of my own though not many (albeit Supers) beat it on wake-up. Yeah you block it all the time and before long YOURE GONNA GET THROWN. The basic mixup.

RRF bitch

Obviously this is true, but you still have to ask yourself, would you rather eat a throw, or eat a strong, fierce, fireball, super?

that’s why you block when he’s right next to you, and get ready to react to a throw attempt… that’s BASIC DEFENSE.


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If he’s doing MP-HP, or Throw EVRYTIME (and not going low like he should) you should be able to stop it cold with option select throw.

When you get up, tap ->, then throw. If he throws, you’ll tech. If he does MP-HP, you’ll parry the MP and throw him.

cr. mk xx SA3 :tup:

OMG worst advice ever.

a. There is no option select throw.
b. Parrying on wake up = noob shit that’ll fuck you over at high level of play.

jeez settle down man… I never said it was good, but it will definitely stop what he’s talking about.

Why is there no option select throw?

That’s why Ken throws a fireball at the end if blocked, no?


Why is parrying on wakeup considered “scrubby”? I’ll never understand that. If you can read what your opponenet is going to do on wakeup, why not parry for free punishment? Obviously if over emphasized you can be goaded into punishment (like anything else) and blocking is safer, but if you can read the wakeup what makes it so scrubby?


I understand why they say blocking is safer… ME personally just block on a wake up(i rather do a wake up DP than wakeparry, guess wrong and get owned up)… but I don’t call people who wake up parry a scrub cause they had to have parried your move and cost you the match for you to call them a scrubby parry wakeupper, I seen jap vids were players will wakeup parry… I just think peeps who call it scrubby just use it to cushion their defeat and are the victims of wake up parrys that cost them a match… Ive lost fights to wake up parrys, its just when u do fight someone who likes to wake up parry u need to be more careful on their wakeups… plus u attacking them on them waking is just a guessing game as your waking up opponent is getting up thats why i don’t say its scrubby… from my experience when ur fighting a person who likes to try to parry your moves on wake u tend to hesitate on attacking on somebodies wakeup so attacking on their wakeup turns into a guessing game… :karate: