What Birdie option selects do you use? Here are the ones I find practical so far



vs. Dhalsim
Teleports if I have him knocked down.

c.lk ~EMPTY os EX-Chain~ slk
(Input the EX-Chain on the frames that have no recovery on c.lk whiff, that way on hit and block it wont come out. Think Sagat c.lk ~c.hp~ c.lk OS from SFIV.)

**vs. Fang

vs. EX-Escape(dont know the name)**

s.lk ~LP-Bullrush~ s.lp
(do s.lk QCB s.lp)

Built in option select if you go for a tick command throw vs. fang

s.lk ~light bullrush~ l.Command Throw
(Do the normal s.lk Slow motion command throw tick, that way if they teleport your s.lk you will catch their recovery on EX-Escape move with light bullrush.)

Havent found the use for any other option selects yet. Still very new to the game.


I need to try these out… Anything that can help out.


Has anyone else been able to find anything useful? I’m struggling with Birdie tech at the moment.


You gotta watch people like A4Andre and KingJae on Twitch for Birdie stuff Korbidon. You can learn a lot by just watching and listening to good players talk.