What book is this Marvel art from?


I just found this art and was wondering if anyone recognizes it? It looks like late 80’s Marvel artwork (Storm in a mohawk, Spidey’s in black, Hobgoblin, Modern Age Iron Man, etc). It almost looks like a Secret Wars cover but many of those people were not in the first SW series.

1985 by mark millar and tommy lee Edwards. Trade should be out soon

Interesting. I’ll keep an eye out on it. That was my favorite era of Marvel Comics.


hc should be out

and btw, the interior art is NOTHING like that, but dont let that deter you from picking it up
amazing book

as millar said “this is marvels chronicles of narnia”

What does this mean?

Like in what context? Maybe I don’t understand the Chronicles of Narnia enough to understand how it’s being used here…like is 1985 going to be a series of children’s books that contain allegories to Christianity?

I think he means that just like Narnia was a crossing over of the real world and fairy tale land or whatever, 1985 is about the year 1985 - our world where we just read about these characters as comics - crosses over with the comic book world of 1985.

Haven’t read all of it but the issues I did read were pretty good. Heh, I actually remember those old smaller comic books stores featured in issue #1 where we used to talk about Secret Wars and things like that, I was about 10 years old. The book was pretty accurate about how things were back then. Those were fun times!

This was all before me actually buying comics, but I would follow my brother around and read his stuff when he wasn’t looking lol! It’s funny how my older brother got me into reading comics and he long abandoned it. Well he really just went into collecting old records for DJ purposes instead. He has like tons of albums.

Ya it was a good read
I pick up everything Millar anyway so it wasn’t going to be a hard decision if I was gonna pick it up

Really has a good 80s vibe though.
Edwards quasi-realistic art is really fantastic imo