What Book(s) Would You Like to See as a TV Series?


Just a simple discussion thread that came to my mind when I just finished reading Mind of My Mind the second book in Patternist series by Octavia Butler.

I’m currently reading the third book in the series and would really like to see it portrayed on TV though I believe it would be difficult getting actors for Doro. If a series would be made I would hope they would take leverage to differentiate from the book every once in a while like with The Walking Dead.


I wouldn’t mind another season of Legend of the Seeker. Only read the first book and a half but the show was a fun watch even if the serial format drastically changed the narrative.


Guardians of the Flame series. It would make for pretty interesting TV since the plots is about D&D kids thrown into serious business. Good books.

Aside from that, there are more comic books I’d like to see turn into TV series than movies; don’t think I’ve read many books with sequels other than Love Potion and Tracks.


I want A Song of Ice and Fire (game of thrones) redone as an anime series. Live action adaptation just isn’t doing justice to some of the fight scenes. Basically I’m bitter that the little girl actress for Arya isn’t badass enough.


wood watch if made into a TV series:




not a book but this needs to be a real movie reboot…real talk…


50 shades of grey

movie won’t do it justice to how awesome it is


Micheal Hearn’s Iron Druid Series. And The Dresden Files…done right, this time. Some guy who looks like the doctor from Start Trek Voyager is better off being Waldo Butters, not Harry Dresden.


damn you’re makin me less excited for when i eventually watch it :frowning: I looove Arya


Where are they gonna find somebody to portray a tough-talking half-irish kid from da Bronx…who is a total wuss, despite living in a rough hood and having an abusive drunk dad? Wheeler should have been the baddest fucker of the group, learning how to fight from getting into fistfights with local thugs on the street and his old man at home.


Didn’t know that was based off of A Song of Fire and Ice. I’ll have to watch it and read the books.


I would like to see Lord of the Rings remade into a show where the hobbits are all little girls (they’re well into their adult years, but have the appearance of children) and must journey across a Japan shaped middle earth in order to vanquish the evil in Moldol. Freida Bagginsu must make use of an ancient ring that allows her to transform into a powerful and voluptuous moon warrior.

I would also like to see CSI: Dune. There would be a really hard Freman bad cop and a cool and sexy reverend mother good cop.
“This tribe of fremen says the murder victim tried to steal from them, so they beat him and made him walk out into the vast, unending sands of arrakis.”
“I guess you could say…
zips up stillsuit
He got his just deserts”




Oh wait it might be coming?


thats where the reboot comes in…it takes that whole saving the planet theme and spins it around…

Kwami’s family could be attacked by poachers and one of them rapes his sister in front of him as a kid

linka’s home could be brought out by an eco terrorist

mati witnesses the death of whatever the name of that monkey he hangs out with’s family get killed by poachers

gi’s family resturant is brought out by more terrorist as a front for smuggling drugs

Hogish greedly and Dr. blight could be the villians of the first movie…


The following Magic the Gathering novels:

The Thran, Invasion cycle trilogy of books, and the Uza’s Saga books.





The early Drizzt books. The Icewind Dale trilogy or The Dark Elf trilogy would be cool.




Arya isn’t supposed to be badass, her fans like to think her that way though. She’s really just an angry brat with a chip on her shoulders who desperately wants to be badass. And if the art in those ASoIaF comics are an indication of anything, I’ll just hope an animated series never happens.

Personally I’d like to see a mini series done on Stephen King’s It, one which follows closely with the book. The movie version hasn’t aged well imo, not to mention it being nothing like the novel in many parts and of course omitting plenty of things.

Aside from that, as someone mentioned here earlier, 50 shades of grey definitely needs to be a tv series. Each episode can focus on one sexual encounter along with cliff hangers at the end of each episode. Is this really the orgasm of her life, will she survive what appears to be the coming of a climax that may well shatter her body, will her lover’s impressive length split her in two or will her inner goddess prevail? Find out on the next week’s episode! “Oh my gosh!!!”


Regardless of how you feel about Arya being a badass or not, you gotta admit she’s the only Stark with half a brain.