What buttons do the white HRAP3's have (AV/Amazon Version)

I’m going to assume it’s virtually identical to the black HRAP3, being a Sanwa stick and Hori buttons.

Can anyone confirm/deny? I need to know whether I need to be ordering some replacement Sanwa buttons ready for its arrival.

I’ve asked akihabarashop and they said the buttons are Hori.

Thanks for that! Time to order me some Sanwa buttons! :smiley:

Man the Hori buttons are truly shite. Highly anticipating the delivery of these Sanwa replacements.

recstyler, where did you order your sanwa’s and are they white? This stick is arriving at my house in 2 days and I need to order some Sanwa OBSF-30’s in white but I cant find a place that has them in stock.

Just order them from akihabarashop. www.akihabarashop.jp

OBSF-30’s from Akinhabara.

you can get Sanwa OSBF-30’s from www.lizardlick.com also. They come really fast and never had a problem with them.

Yo recstyler

check ur pm

lizardlick.com all day long. Fast shipping and a great company/owner.

Yea I went with lizardlick and got my items in 2 days.

I just modded the exact stick, black meshball top, black/dark sanwa buttons.