What buttons sanwa or semitsu should be used on HoriEX2?

i need help to look for which buttons will fit in the hori ex2 since all the buttons i have are to big and wont fit and i also file the hell out of the metal and yet its still to big so i was wondering which buttons would fit best?

There’s no standard size sanwa/seimitsu buttons that will fit the EX2 without a decent amount of filing.

The 30mm buttons that you’ve probably been trying are still your best bet. In addition to filing off the small metal tabs you’ll just have to patiently enlarge the holes until you can squeeze them in there

my goodness that crap takes 4ever just to properly fit 2 buttons!(Hand filing)

Which is why dremels come in oh-so-handy.

sherbet is right …

sherbet is right …

Korean buttons will likely fit without modification


Korean buttons are great, by the way

I think Korean buttons could be too long, but they will fit in the holes, but if you aleady started filing… too late.

Also PS-15 from akihabarashop.jp will fit in better since they are shorter, you will still have to file the hole. These will leave more room for the PCB.


ill vouch for these. the shortness of them make it really nice for ex2 cases. you can even use quick connects and you dont have to bend them for em to fit.

yea those korean buttons look exactly the same as the buttons that came with it and yea the filing has begun so i don’t i have not choice but to keep grinding metal