What Buttons Should I Order For my Custom Arcade Stick

I am going to try to make my own arcade stick; and i was wondering what are the best type of buttons to get. But at the same time them being “cool” or physically attractive.

Not to be an ass but use the search function or look through a few pages, and maybe try using Google?

I’ll still answer your question… Sanwa buttons are the ones used in the arcades and are the best, second best are Seimitsu.

cool thnx

Dont please. If your referring to buttons as being Physically Attractive im worried about what your going to use in place of hot glue.

Seriously though, it doesn’t take much to look around the forum and see what buttons people use, what they prefer, what in their opinion is better then make your own opinion on it. Read the stickies on the top of this forum. There isnt any need to create another thread on this topic. Its all personal preference.

Well hold on a second. Sanwa and Seimitsu are personal choices. Neither one is “better”. But since being attractive is prerequisite Seimitsu has more options for you.

Just because Sanwas are used in arcades doesn’t necessarily make them better.

I learned on sanwa. But If I was learning again I would go with seimitsu. Mainly because with sanwa you can never rest your fingers on the buttons. this seems really simple but if you’ve been playing on a pad for the last 20 years then it actually takes a while to get accustomed to.

Sanwa are a little softer than Seimitsu. Seimitsu are stiffer so as they said, you can somewhat rest a finger on a button without accidentally pushing it.

I use Seimitsu because I like a slightly stiffer button. Otherwise, yeah it’s preference and doesn’t matter. Both are great quality.

Seimitsu can be clear, Sanwa are solid colors… again preference.

thats interesting about resting your fingers on the buttons thing… but basically these two type of buttons are really similar. Therefore it doesn’t really matter what you choose right? Until it comes down to personal choice and preference. Or little things like it you want it to be a snap in button or a screw in button.

I haven’t used either but…

its seems sanwas are more sensitive and more popular, but semitsus are still pretty sensitive and you can put artwork in the buttons making it more “physically attractive”

i know most orders are backed up now and that its pretty hard to order buttons and sticks. but if you guys know of a website that is taking orders let me know please.

In my opinion.

Seimitsu buttons are prettier than sanwa, and you can put some leds on it.

But sanwas are more sensitive.

where can i order my buttons besides places like ebay,amazon, and lizardlick(backed up on orders)

Try this one http://www.modchipman.com/. www.Gamingnow.net Also check in trading outlet.