What can be kara'd?

what are the rules for karaing? i’m wondering if a lighting legs kara is somehow possible.

you mean karaing something from the LLs or karaing into the LLs?
The first isn’t possible, the latter is and it’s old knowledge

kara into ll’s. it just occurred to me and i thought i’d ask.

basically a friend and i were discussing what could and couldn’t be kara’d. is it possible with any special, or are the properties more specific? i’m sure theres a lenghty discussion of this somewhere, but a quick search didn’t reveal it.

it’s possible with any special.
In example you can kara chun’s HK lls with far sMK… buffer 4 HK taps during some animation, then hit MK~HK et voil you have the kara LL’s

MOV during SBO4 semifinals vs Nuki did a crazy partitioned walkup kara EX LL’s lol

^thanks. i know it would be hard and probably useless, but could it be used to give specials with no range (shin shoru) more range? i’ve only seen makoto kara a super.

kara shinshoryu you say?

kara taunt with mak is whats good

I read from GoldenGunMan somewhere that when you do EX K-LOV It’s an auto Kara.

i wanted to say post a link, then i remembered the rules:wgrin:

^ Good call. :rofl:

can you kara a taunt or a special?

Any ‘command’ move can be kara’d. UOHs, Throws, Special Moves, Taunts, EX Moves, Super Arts, but not plain normals.

if u let ure mind run wild, anything