What can be removed from a Mad Catz 360 PCB to reduce the size?

I am at the stage of my custom stick design where I have only removed the screws from the back of a Mad Catz 360 common ground game pad.

I am a carpenter by trade and also a qualified electrician so later stages of the build such as building the housing case and the soldering are not a problem.

However, before I get to that stage I just need to know what can be removed from the PCB and what needs to remain in place.

What can be cut away?

How do I remove these things?

How to set the trigger buttons to neutral?

By this I mean the plastic trigger housing, the rumble motors, the rubber thumb sticks. Can I simply cut them all off or will soldering be required ??

Some step by step guidelines would be hugely appreciated together with diagrams.


The triggers and analogue sticks can be removed.

Check this youtube for step by step info on desoldering the triggers and also the other parts in the users channel

About setting triggers to neutral see this link:

(you aren’t actually setting them to neutral if you are going to be soldering them off, setting them to neutral is only if you leave the triggers on)

After taking off the analogue sticks you need to solder in resistors as shown here:

AFAIK nothing can be cut away… mostly all of the board is used.

Fantastic - thanks for your advice.

I’d also like to add that you can simply snip off the rumble motors without any ill effects to your PCB. No need to solder resistors or anything, just cut the wires right off.

Instead of removing the analogue sticks, pull the plastic thumb piece off and cut off the metal shaft flush with the housing. It obviously won’t make the board as thin as if you totally removed them but it brings it down to around 20mm - that might be enough for you.

It could save you from possibly damaging the board.