What can Capcom's SFV learn from Valve's DotA2

The closest thing I can think of is the ‘teams’ in 3D fighters. Its a neat feature that sort of gives a sense of belonging in the community.

A lot of the community features for dota2/csgo just doesn’t work or make sense under FGs which by nature are 1v1 games.
Perhaps the bigger factor is that dota2 is backed by Valve, a very flexible company that can run their business model longterm on their own flexible steam platform.

Can’t say the same for Capcom or namco or whatever under Sony’s (comparatively) restrictive platforms and public company business model that has to get dat short term profit and keep the shareholders happy.

Despite those differences, FGC is still growing annualy. Evo stream numbers are rising every year. Tournament payouts are higher than ever. Look @ the evo Sunday hall tickets sold out and over 1000 entarants already for USF4…on PS4! These are all good signs of growth.

The release of SF5 is going to get another new wave of players…very exciting!

When I say bad I don’t mean toxic, I mean they do bad things like being afk in a ranked match, losing on purpose and being totally stupid in general. In cs:go it is not that common to see people that make you lose on purpose, since people paid for that account and they can’t just create a new one when they get banned.

Also cs:go is probably not the best example here since that game was sold for like 4€ at some point or even less and people stacked dozens of accounts. I also have 3 cs:go accounts.

200 ping is pushing it, but cmon, 2 frames of lag can easily change the outcome of a street fighter match.

SF4 has multiple gametype modes but only 2 are used. I’d like less useless modes if they are going to have anything more than Ranked and Endless.

As for ranked, I’d like a better system for matching players up along with better made menu system in ranked lobbies.

I’d like to be able to see a player’s PP/BP, main character, regional location, disconnect % and if the player is playing on wireless or hardwired the very instant he joins my lobby without having to hit any menu option.

I think the costume DLC is pretty cool and would welcome it again in SF5. It would also be cool if they gave us some unlockable costumes as well. I also like the community made costume suggestion, but they should make it like a monthly contest with Capcom as the judges. Then the winner would get a prize or something and his/her costume bundled into the latest DLC.

For costume DLC, they should follow Team NINJA and NRS’s lead by using fanmade designs (and maybe even actively soliciting them).

That name is pissing alot of people off right now, the last thing people want is for anyone to be anything like Team Ninja at the moment, maybe you know what i’m talking, maybe you don’t.

And that this has nothing to do with what we’re talking about here.

Sigh* I know, b… but.

Then get back on topic.

Are you guys in favor of character DLCs like KI and MK? I really am not. I think single character DLCs or ones that are not part of a full game (SF4 > SSF4) will really damage the community and divide the playerbase in ways we’re not used to as SFers. I wouldn’t want them to SELL character DLCs to begin with actually (this is why I like DotA’s approach where heroes are free).

I raise this because it seems to be the direction the FGC is moving in at the moment and I hope Capcom has the foresight to see how this will be bad for the game. There are SO MANY THINGS that they can sell that will not interfere with game balance like this.

We’re likely getting them in “season” packs similar to KI where we get a whole bunch of them together.

I wonder if they’ll include arcade/story mode prologues and epilogues for each as well. They better!

Agreed. I don’t think anyone has ever enjoyed playing arcade mode, yet they’re still putting it in game that don’t even have an arcade version.

Just make a shitty story mode like MK or soul caliber, and then improved vs modes.

I’d be fine with character DLC’s if you can at least use them in training mode as a dummy.
So stupid if you can’t figure an opponent out just because he’s hiding behind a paywall.

I have always enjoyed and, on ocassion, still play arcade mode. So how about they keep it AND improve the vs modes? Sound good?

That is definitely something I can get behind.

Patching broken things should always be a welcome addition. I agree that patches should not come that often, but if we were to see something of the magnitude of vanilla sagat…then who’d oppose a patch?
Otherwise, apart from community costumes, i’d like to see the return of the color editor from SfXt but limit the damn thing so that you’re characters don’t end up looking like neon fruitcakes.

Vanilla Sagat wasn’t even as strong as other top tier in prior SF’s. And in any case, had the game developed, we’d have likely found that Akuma and Cammy were just as good, or even better.

IMO, any balancing should be done with these articles in mind.


For those who don’t want to read, these state that having interesting characters and match ups should take precedence over trying to make match ups as even as possible.

I was already thinking “who defines what is broken?” and then you mentioned vanilla Sagat which is a classic example of something being blown out of proportion. You could argue that he wasn’t even top 3 in that game.

Do you balance for the average twitch chat user who want anything that wins to be nerfed regardless of actual power, or do you balance for the very top expert players who are more likely to be right, but who’s proposed changes won’t even effect how most users play?

it’s definitely not as simple as you think.

It’s actually quite simple. You balance for the highest level of play and only for the highest level. This point honestly shouldn’t be even up for debate.

Popularity nerfs on the other hand, the ones that affect the average user, should only be considered as a hesitant last resort and only if the outcry is huge.