What can gill do?

if he is in the hand of a top-player … experienced with it too …

let’s see how chun VS gill is going to be like , or ken …

me thinks that resurrection could be a vulnerable super . if gill uses it , and the opponent got a free meter or maxed metter … just wow …

so how does a player plays gill ??
and A.I gill only turtle and pokes mostly …

That sound just wrong, but anyways…
Think about a super beefed-up Urien. Faster normals with less recovery frames and more priority (just laugh at chun’s back fierce). Stuns like no one. Given the better priority, landing a low HP would be a lot easuer than Urien’s, and that leads to juggle -> stun -> death.
No aegis “hurts” him, but when everything else is 100x better you won’t care that much.
I wouldn’t keep meter to resurrect against characters which can easily punish it, but more likely I’d go with meteor shower if I see them jump (yeah, no one would consitently parry it since it’s half random in timing), or just chip them to death with the seraphic wing.

just turtle your ass off or just rush like mad cuz it wont matter. once you get meter just seraphic wing or wateva and its pretty much GGPO cuz you cant parry it. there really isnt any chance for any other character if Gill is being played by anybody remotely good. i think he should be banned from tourneys :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: look… you obviously dont know how to play 3rd strike if u have trouble handling gills. :lol:

He’s not banned from tourneys? :confused:

probably not banned from CONSOLE tourneys :lol:

edit: Gill can laugh at you.

what are his chain-combos ??

elbow, head butt, head butt, hp is enough to dizzy u

Fireball , Super Cancel, Ceraphic Wing. U can even use a juggling fireball. His jumping hp, crouching hp, head-butt (HP), standing HP combo.

crouching short x n > crouching foward. afterwards link into sweep :lol:

Want mo’