What can I do with Doom+Sentinel?



I’m pretty new to the whole fighting game scene, UMVC3 is the first fighting game I’ve touched so I might not be speaking with as much experience as other people on this forum but bear with me.

So I have this team I’ve been experimenting with: Doom (missiles)/ Sentinel (drones)/ Strider (oreos)
And I heard that Doom and Sentinel were apparently one of if not the best two man combinations in this game. So obviously there’s a lot more to it then I’ve discovered so far.

What I notice works a lot against a lot of people (maybe not so much on the competitive scene), is just jumping up and dashing up back with doom, (repeating this too much will result in getting your ass air thrown) using finger lasers L and calling drones. The finger lasers cover drones, and as soon as i can I S footdive to land as quickly as possible, wavedash to the opponent who is getting hit by drones and go for an easy high/low, or if I’m close enough, tridash over the opponent so he has to switch sides to block drones, and if he does block, high/low again.

As I was playing with my older teams with doom and sentinel in the back with a different point character, I noticed that people tend to superjump a lot to avoid my simple set up, which is why I put doom on point and added a new character with a good anti-air assist, strider. Dante would’ve probably worked too, but I thought strider just has more synergy with doom altogether with the hard knockdown and stuff, not to mention that it tracks and it also helps sentinel get rid of those pesky “sky camping” characters.

In other words, I can play doom and completely control both the ground and the sky thanks to sentinel and strider. All I did was jump, dash up back, and if I smell a superjump I call strider and if not I call drones and win.

I do feel however that there is a lot more for me to learn with this Doom+sentinel combination, so I want to ask if there is any more stuff between these two I could use? Like maybe some sort of weird combo that somehow uses drones in it or maybe a useful incoming character set-up with drones?

I know you can do marlinpie’s “foot dive cross-up” for incoming characters with sentinel instead of ammy, but I know it’s nowhere nearly as effective because it’s a bit hard to hit confirm.


I recently picked up this exact team. I think the synergy is good. As you said, point doom can control the skies with vajra and sentinel covers the ground/ normal jump heights. One of the things I like about this team is the possibilities for really cool combos. Here is an example of doom + drones to extend a combo. It actually build 2 meters, so overall it’s meter neutral since you use both those meters to get the higher damage.


Another note for the combo shown in this video:

Since you have vajra assist, you could extend this even further by tiger knee or normal jump h. plasma beam, hard knockdown from strider, and then tiger knee or normal jump h. plasma beam again.

I would focus on learning air confirms from random drone hits midscreen so you can get full combos off. you’ll have to experiment a lot with this since the angle and height a random drone can hit makes confirms really situational. You’ll find that against characters that have good air mobility, drones won’t be as an effective assist as vajra. The stun caused by plasma beam or mini finger lasers can be comboed with vajra’s hard knockdown. So if you are aware of your distancing, you can tri dash in and convert into full combos.

In the corner, find a way to lockdown your opponent from jumping away with doom (I use butter gun a lot if my opponent doesn’t push block because it has great stun if it does it and can combo to drones and give you enough time to extend the combo, or if he just chicken blocks, it really locks him down long enough for drones to come in) and then call drones so you can get high low mixups. Also, if you’ve noticed, the dhc from an air finger laser to sentinel’s plasma storm does great damage. So use this often! Also, if you are midscreen and can’t end a doom combo in the corner, hyper into air finger lasers and dhc to sentinel’s plasma storm or hyper sentinel force (timing is a little more strict) for some great damage.

I have several combos using drones to extend combos. Here’s an easy one in the corner:

Any hit with doom in the corner. For this example I’ll use crouching light.

cl. cm. ch. s. air m. fwd h. air s. dash down. st h + call drones at the same time. s. air m. fwd h. air s. dash down air m. land. jump. air m. air m. fwd h. air s. st h. s. air m. fwd h. air s. normal jump or tiger knee air h. plasma beam + call strider. normal jump or tiger knee air h. plasma beam again. cancel into air finger lasers.

Note: you can actually get another foot dive rep if you use st m to st fwd h instead of st h to s.

Hope this input helps you somewhat. I’m just an amateur who really likes this team. Good luck


Yeah, that’s exactly one of the things i was looking for, a good sentinel combo extender.
I’m surprised at how nobody seems to know about this team, cause it’s a really really strong one.

Also, you said that drones air hit confirms were inconsistent, but I find that it’s extremely easy to confirm off them by just j.m j.m j.s airdashdown into a combo.


you’re right. j.m j.m j.s confirms well. I always am looking to add some swag in for fun though and that’s what I have trouble with ALWAYS. haha

I think this team is exceptional. I thought I was one of the only ones to come up with it and with this order, but I’m glad to see another person that’s found the potential! Doom can build so much meter with these 2 assists and if he dies, you still have meter for ouroboros. I have some trouble fighting against full screen assists like log trap though


For log trap it’s not really about the full screen, it’s just that it’s really hard to punish because it’s so small. But I have yet to play a R.R that knows what he’s doing so I can’t really give you anything about that…Really I think outright just blocking it should deal with the problem more or less…

With this team what I struggle more with is really crazy rushdown wolverine, because he keeps clinging onto me with his speed and divekicks and I can never get him at the right distance to be able to safely call out drones…

Another thing I hate: other striders FUCK


Just wanna say this: Doom with Sent is really good, but Sent with Doom missiles is fucking insane. It helps him take more risks with his offense, but is especially good on defense by allowing him to turtle indefinitely against some characters. I think it brings him up a whole tier.


Can you go into more detail? I’ve been kinda wanting to up my sentinel game as well (the reason why I came to this forum in the first place…)


To quote myself:

I think the closest thing to a repeatable loop is cr. H + Missiles xx H Drones (Air Raid)

Cr. H to force the opponent into either crouch/block stun, missiles to attempt a pre-emptive catch on the super jump, air raid to force block stun/catch recovery on tracking teleporters or wave dashing. Usually, if they super jump over cr. H, missiles forces them back to the ground. If they eat the cr. H and get put in block stun, missiles will extend the stun. In both cases you can usually get out an M Drones (diagonal up version) pretty safely, either due to the push back of air raid or extra stun of missiles. From there you can probably do it again. Though I can’t really tell if the sequence is actually good, or if my opponents just aren’t that good at responding to it.


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<div class=“QuoteText”>Just wanna say this: Doom with Sent is really good, but Sent with Doom missiles is fucking insane. It helps him take more risks with his offense, but is especially good on defense by allowing him to turtle indefinitely against some characters. I think it brings him up a whole tier.</div>
Can you go into more detail? I’ve been kinda wanting to up my sentinel game as well (the reason why I came to this forum in the first place…)</blockquote>

So, Sentinel’s normals are good and have lots of armored frames, but the best ones like c.M and S are easily read and can go punished. Missiles helps that the same way it can help Hulk: if you get in and one of your risky moves gets punished, missiles’ divine intervention will help you out. This might lead to some bad habits but when used properly it’s quite effective.
As for the keepaway, you should just try camping while calling missiles and you’ll see what I mean. Sentinel already has a good keepaway game as I’m sure you’re aware, but you give him full-screen lockdown on top of that and your opponent rarely has options. This makes matchups against less mobile characters nearly unwinnable. s.H/c.H mixed up with Sentinel Force L/M when they’re full-screen, Air Raid when they’re trying to close in, Rocket Punch M/H if they’re getting too close for comfort, and double jump and fly the fuck outta there if you have to. Most players won’t figure out how to beat the Sent/Doom zoning which is why I recommend putting them in that order.

edit: Also, what Captain Planet said is basically true, you just have to have good reads against teleporting characters. Other characters with strong zoning options might give you trouble too, but that really only extends to Dormammu and Morrigan.


not too sure how to contribute, but one thing ive seen dios x do with sentinel and doom is he would call for drones and shoot hidden missiles at the same time. the drones would lift em in the air a little, then the missiles would hit raising him higher, and he would j.M, j.M, Foot dive, j.S. my explanation is pretty bad, but the combo looks pretty cool. try it out


haha,my team is strider/sent/doom,strider on point is so fun,but i can try that doom on point too!


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<div class=“QuoteText”>haha,my team is strider/sent/doom,strider on point is so fun,but i can try that doom on point too!</div>

Doom on point makes better use of two extremely good assists without “overkill”.<div>Strider with both missiles/beam and drones is overkill, in my opinion…if you like strider with an assist I recommend you play strider on second with sent in the back.</div>