What can i do with Team BISon

whats up guys to dasrik and stiltman what do u guys think i can do with blackheart iceman and son son i mean im kinda needing some detailed help with my blackheart but thats on another note but yea if u guys have any good ideas or help please feel free to post it thanks alot . :tup:

That team’s somewhat outdated.

I don’t have a lot of time, but off the top of my head, BH can jumpback fierce with Iceman assist for chipping zonage on the ground, Iceman can call BH and superjump icebeam downward for pin, and SonSon… well… just fierce roundhouse DP dildo that shit…

have you by any chance came by the “H.I.P” in illinois and played me or something? coz that is my team. seriously. BH/Ice/Son.

Not actually i just was thinking of some good temas that team popped up sry guy :pleased: but dasrik thanks for the help so i guess i cna zone with iceman and bh i was kinda thinking of that but wsant to sure so if i do launcher with iceman + by assist i can low icebeam that shit straight into inferno and still be able to get the artic attack off or is that just for lock down?
Dasrik im giving u a standing ovation :clap:

Well heres some advises and tips on what you can do what that team, since i play that team…

  • As you already know infinite isnt worth it, unless if you know you can actually kill the oppononent when hes character is badly hurt and its his last character. so when i start on inifinite id suggest you to continue it upto 3 times only then land in front of him the momemt you threw the 3rd demon. do inferno, hes going to go shooting way up, when hes landing down press LK + Son’s AAA, then do inferno then heart of darkness.

  • as for black heart with ice man, i use it to zone in + chipping. When i have alot of meters i tend to waste a few on chipping with icemans beam assist + inferno + judgement day, the moment the super ends call ice man again and zone in.

  • a good set up i do against sentinel when i plan to DHC is i hyper jump and throw a FK goblin, not a FP (i want him to actually try to get close)then i do the air judgement day super, sentinel players tend to go into flight mode and move in closer to get a better angle to punish you. the moment you see sentinel in flight mode and hes right over the judgement day demons, DHC right away to ice mans arctic attack. not the best but its quite a nice set up.

  • as for ice man dont randomly throw ice beams, especially against cable and storm. SOMETIMES you may want to use the big ball of ice against sentinel, and cancel into arctic attack when youre getting zoned in.

  • the obvious things… whenever sonsons AAA assists connects: and youre using black heart, thats an open invitation to inferno + a super. or if youre using ice man, and you know know sonsons assist will connect, super jump towards them (while sonsons AAA is hitting them) then do lp, lk then buffer them inputs for a slow arctic attack.

(if you dont know what a slow arctic attack is:
normal arctic attack: qcf PP in the air, watch how fast you fall
slow artic attack: any special moves cancelled into super, without seeing the animation of the special, would make your arctic attack fall down much slower)

  • basic stuff:
    if the opponent tags in and you have no available super (far from having one):
    ice man - lp, lk, FK + Sons’s AA, then HP ice beam. does quite a meaty damage.
    Black heart - FK goblins + iceman asisst or sonson AA. not that great but keeps them momentarily pinnined down. or you can just go with launcher (with or without sonson) air combo with magic series, but only do 1,2,3, dash forward end combo with a grab. does a fairly good sum of damage.

  • also black heart has a really good poke, it might not be the best pokes in the game but its up there. use it. i use his pokes quite alot. probably almost 40-50% of my black hearts games revolves with the pokes.

-sonson is used here to zone in on the opponent, and or keep them pinned in the corner if they are trapped in there. and for ice man, it provides you with a space while you chip with icebeams. sonson works great as either anti rushdown or zoning.

  • sonson, connecting the big staff super, or the POW super:
    the big staff super:
    if standing LP, LP connects add the dragon punch special, cancelled into the staff super. or if at anytime you did a dragon punch and it connects thats an invitation for the staff super.
    the POW super:
    the POW super is extremely risky if you messed up. just think if it this way, if you messed up, once with it… bye bye sonson. connecting the POW super… c.lp, c.lp, c.fp (sweep), qcf P the instant the second monkey is about to hit cancel into POW super. this will take some practice.

so far thats whats on the top of my head, if theres more youre curious about just let me know.

i forgat to mention that this whole team is actually based around black heart. assists takes care of him and he takes care of them. its centered around black heart, so if youre team isnt them we MIGHT play it differently. like the other porpose for iceman other than chipping zoneage is to buy my black heart enough time to recover. while chipping away at their life and building meter for black heart. so when black heart comes back in he doesnt have to do as much work. since hes probably badly hurt in the first place.

by experience though probably the team that gives me problems is a strider/doom duo. as for team scrub… well i know how to work around captain commando so doesnt really bother me much.

Theres alot of good players in my area, and i give them regards for the exoerience i get out of playing them.

im hoping i was of some help to you, if theres something youre curious about, or question, ill be happy to answer it.


thanks alot franz i will be trying to improve my team BISon ok if i have any question i will ask again :tup: also if i find out any new combos with them i will let u know ok peace out

just curious as to why you guys would have sonson on your team when there are much better assist?

I play with a team watts mentality so maybe I’m missing the point.

oh and just off the top of my head for zoning with sonson using the assist…

ahv version of the three monkey projectile while calling out either assist would make her hard to get to. especially when you can just dp move anybody that trys to go over the wall you make.

Zup people!

Well, i don’t play team BISon but if you looking for a team that incorporates chipping+zoning then try Blackheart, cable, capcom. With that team you are not going to lose ever, unless you get tired of playing and let your self get killed. :clap: