What can I put inside my SE FightStick to make it heavier?

I have a customized SE FightStick modded with all Sanwa buttons. I learned how to mod the buttons from the FightStick tutorial here, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Recently, I’ve been slightly annoyed with how lightweight it is. A lot of times when I do an ultra, whether it connects or not, the whole stick itself moves, and I have to put it back into place. I sit on a chair with the fightstick in my lap while I play.

I know that the TE FightStick is more hefty, but I’m not getting another arcade stick when I already have this one with Sanwa buttons.

I was thinking that I could tape something on the back of my stick to make it heavier so it wouldn’t slide around as much. Is this a bad idea? What should I do? Should I change the “fightstick on lap” setup?

I’ve heard of people duct-taping rolls of pennies to the metal lid before. That should add some weight.

some user on the forums once suggested this as well GPMGPMQ4485 Segmented Lead Weights 6 oz - Great Planes Airplanes

pennies taped to the insides will do the trick… make sure you tape it well tho