What can I use to make a .gif from an .mkv file?

Couldn’t think of anywhere else to post this.

Any ideas?

Or at least what converter can I used to make it compatible with Ulead Gif Animator

Mkvtoolnix with MKVExtract plugin/addon.

VirtualDub Mod or just VirtualDub (you can look it up on videohelp)

and your Ulead Gif Animator.

Basically use MKVExtract to extract the avi in the .mkv file then use VirtualDub to cut the video to the location you need it to be and finally use Ulead to convert it to gif (that is if Ulead accepts avi file)

Im going out on a limb here to say that i THINK VirtualDub/Mod can save an avi as a gif on its own. Im not 100% sure because I havent used it in the longest time but its worth a shot to check after you’ve cut your video.

If not, you might be able to use Adobe Imageready, Adobe Dreamwaver.

[edit] did a quick search on videohelp, you can use Ulead Cool 3D to convert avi to gif
follow this link i guess http://forum.videohelp.com/topic320277.html

Well the thing is…inside the mkv containers are h264 encodes, but now I at least know how to extract them.

Actually this may have everything I need

thanks a mill

if anything, look up videohelp for h264 decoders or check if Ulead accepts them.

You should bookmark videohelp for anything video conversion related.

And no prob