What can magnus do midscreen?



His midscreen combos are mad weak, the only one I found is most useful is his new midscreen flyloop because the increased knockback from his j.H can pretty much bring somebody from wall to wall. I can’t do any of his ROM shit midscreen anymore because it’s too awkward when you’re still trying to do them like you’re playing MVC3


Try this:

:l:,:m:,:h:,:s:, sjump :h:, addf :h:, fwd jump :h:, addf :h:, neutral sjump :m:, addf :h:, neutral jump :h:, adf :m:, :h:, land, neutral jump :h:, adf :m:, :h:, land, :s:, sjump :m:, :m:, :h:, :s:

If you’re cornered, this combo puts you just at the next corner ready for an OTG assist for HG xx Tempest, or Attaction xx Shockwave.

I really hope someone gets a new version of midscreen swag ASAP 'cause it’s the only thing Magneto lacks right now.


hey whats up, try these for mid-screen or full-screen(works for both).


and this…


Hope this helps, also make sure to do a stand light after the magnetic blast, i dont know why but it makes it possible to do air heavy, fly, light, heavy, adf heavy, adf heavy loop.


you can go to the usual flight loop just from a medium. launch->sj.m->flight->sj.L, sj.H to loop


I do believe for those Magnetic Blast to Fly loop combos, the opponent will fly too far fullscreen during your fly animation unless you are hitting them at the bottom of their hurtbox.

This is what I’m using as my BnB

cr. :l::m::h::s: xxsj j.:h: adf j.:h: Magnetic Blast:l:, [land, normal jump uf j:m:,j:h: Magnetic Blast:l:]x2 cr.:h::s: xxsj :m::m::h::s:

Does over 520k, plenty of swag, and pretty easy to learn.


Hey Din0, that is correct, but if you time it correctly(jab right underneath before the launch), then it wont whiff, even on midget characters from mid/full screen. heres a clip if anyone cares.


extra: 3 launchers in one combo ->
this variant does more damage, but a bit harder to time. this combo has [S]not[/S] been[S] tested[/S] on smaller characters and works.

rocket raccoon example below

last video for now, i promise.

PS: the double magnetic blast is legit, great addition. is it harder to land slower assist OTG’s like dantes crystal after doing SJ M,M,H,S? (nevermind, i got it down!)


I’m gonna try this. I’ve been doing :s: sj. :h: adf j:h: :l: magnetic blast, land, sjuf, addf :h:, c.:h::s: sjuf :h: addf :h: land normal jump uf j:m:j:h::l: magnetic blast, land, :s: sj :m::h::s:


Been using this combo since the end of vanilla, goes pretty far on wall carry too, and yes plenty of swag (mag-blast combos FTW)


Yeah I think you can actually put in another rep of j:m:,j:h: Magnetic Blast:l: but I can only get it working in the corner so far. I have some trouble doing it online sometimes because doing the first Magnetic Blast :l: too late will cause the j:m: to miss.


just do the 2 reps so when you get to the corner you can do 3 grav loops


You can delay your jump( alot) after the S, and then do air fierce xx fly, light etc/


How much harder is the Magnetic blast combo compare to the airdash H loop? I am having a lot of trouble doing airdash H now online. Would magnetic blast be easier online? damn it I’m still mad at making magneto swags harder. And any idea to do the HG loop in corner? I can only get the first rep the 2nd rep the HG doesn’t connect.


It’s harder. There is no measurement for hardness. It’s just harder. It’s not easier online.


With midscreen combos carrying to the corner, why not end the last mag blast with a hyper grav pseudo loop into magnetic tempst ?

If I’m midscreen I usually go for: trivial magic series, sj. :h: ADF :h: magnetic blast :l: dash :s: sj. :h: ADF :h: magnetic blast :l: st. :h: hyper grav :l: into magnetic tempest…yields 750k+ to boot. Very easy to perform offline, very dependable. Don’t think you can add another rep of hyper grav due to HSD though.


This one particular variation of the magblast combo i’ve been doing online lately has served me well so far getting optimal damage for little effort:


I have problems doing the magnetic blast inputs. Any tips?


Practice. Theres no shortcut for it so just grind it out.


Iv been trying but i keep getting his hyper grAv :confused:


Pad or stick? If you’re pad, I just make sure to hit the up button at the side edge of the button and roll it until I get to the end of the side button.


Im on stick dude, sometimes i can do it in the 2p side but never on 1p