What can punish Bison's scissor kick?

Are there characters that can punish Bison’s short scissor kick with a super if you block only one hit??

I remember distinctly being able to counter the lk scissor kick with Blankas Ball, super or not. Required some timing, I think. I’ll have to double check.

yeah, i’m talking about the short version, when it hits only once…

what can you use to punish this?? Think faster than Sonic hurricane…

You can punish with a sonic hurricane, gigaton blow, mega psycho crusher, just make sure you do it as a reversal. I don’t think anything other than a instant super will hit the 1-hit knee press.

NO, try it. Short knee press, you can’t punish it with gigaton, Sonic Hurricane, or Super Psyco Crusher…What can punish a one hit short knee press into super??

Besides those supers you mentioned aren’t instant…They have 4 frames startup. There isn’t anything in the game thats instant.


AFAIK, The one hit knee press is completely safe. If you get “reversal” message with a sonic hurricane or a gigaton blow, then there’s nothing in the game that can punish it, since those are the fastest supers in the game.
You could try stuff like blanka’s stand jab or his regular ball, both of which are 2 frames, i think. Or you could just look at frame data.

Besides, only bison’s with leet skillz know how/where to get 1 hit knee presses all the time. :slight_smile:

All supers have a pre-flash startup, I think 4 frames for all supers. So supers are far from the ideal thing to punish a blocked 1-hit short scissors.

Sakura jab DP works for whatever reason.

rolento’s c. jab xx trip wire. It also punishes Iori’s rekkas. Thats something that can punish things into super that not even Sonic Hurricane or Gigaton can punish. Try it.

i’m pretty sure gigaton blow can punish it. it’s the fastest super in the game. Even from full screen if u even inch forward and then block right away, u will get hit by the gigaton b4 u get into block animation

Sagat/Blanka can punish a 1-hit Knee pressfrom what Buktooth told me, or anybody with a 4-frame mk that will reach Bison. His super isn’t even safe, he is at -3, so any 2-frame attack can hit him (tight timing Buk says). His ex. were Sagatcan s.lp, c.mk xx super, Blanka can s.lp xx Blanka Ball, Iori can s.lp, etc. I was very surprised to here this.