What can the FG community do to get people to play other games besides SF4?


Hating on other games isn’t the solution. People tried it ever since SF4 came out and it got us nowhere.

We need to find solutions that will actually work.
One thing I was thinking about is since SRK is the main site of competitive FGs on the internet, it has some sort of “responsibility”(forgive my lame spiderman analogy) to promote every fighting game that deserves being promoted, not just SF4.
I know that SSF4 is coming soon so I’d expect the front page to be full of every little detail about it, but once it’s out, please try to spread the attention equally among all the new games, and even some old ones.
Why? Because it’s a vicious circle.
People only care about SF4->It gets more attention while other games get less attention->People only care about SF4.
If you start hyping other games just as much as you hype SSF4, it will eventually get people to open up and try them as well. Hell, maybe they’ll even like them…

It pains me to read all the stories about SF4 tournaments getting 60 contenders while other games get 5. It pains me to read that people play SF4 without even liking it because they don’t have competition for the other games. One of the best things about the fighting genre is that it has a big variety of great games to choose from, and I think that what is happening now where one game rules them all is unhealthy for the community in the long term.

If we were living in Japan, we could sit back and enjoy ourselves since almost every game has a scene of dedicated players there, but since we don’t live in Japan, we need to work for this to happen.

It doesn’t matter if your preferred game is MB, KOF, BB or VF.
Our goal is not to get people to like your game over others, but to get fighting game players to be more open minded in general to try other games.
United we stand, divided we fall.



Good luck with that I guess. Haha. I think in general people are actually a little more open minded now it’s just they want to play something with competition. Which is generally SF4 and T6.


SF4 spoils people.

edit: Okay that was a wrong comparison and I will admit, SF4 has a decent amount of depth at least.


Hmm lets see Sub-Zero vs Batman equals hype, am I right?


One of the best workable solutions is by introducing new games to other people and see if they catch on or not. Whether it’s by having a casual session, bringing new games to a ranbat or a tournament, it starts by you taking the initiative to push interest. Also, showing people youtube game footage sometimes helps.

The way I try to introduce other fighters is by rotating a plethora of fighting games during my casual sessions (TvC, KOF XII, BB, MvC, HD Remix, Darlkstalkers and Tekken 6 just to name a few games).


Well for the most part I always try to bring in more games with my casual friends up north; I don’t have to down here in Orlando because everyone already knows, haha. I might try to push KOF2002UM or the hypothetical Virtua Fighter 5 FS when they come out on the 360…other than that I’m content with Super Street Fighter for now, and eventually MvC3.

I could try to push some of the older games, but if I really want comp in those there’s always GGPO or random casuals. The games are ‘new’ to me because I never had comp when I played them as a kid but to everyone else they’re the same old same old


SF4 works at getting people BACK into fighting games because

  1. they have already played it
  2. It was intentionally dumbed down to draw people in

BlazBlue is the exact opposite of this

  1. Noone ever walks by BB in an arcade or in a game store and says i remember playing that back when i was a kid. The game has ZERO nostalgia factor drawing people in. Which is a HUGE factor in SF4’s popularity.
  2. By the time you explain to someone why everyone in the game has a different bar they don’t want to play anymore. Overly complicated option filled systems are great for making a game fun for experienced players but its a big turn off in drawing in new players.

The error in the OP is that SF4 is bringing in new players or bringing back new players (scrubs who actually want to learn now), getting people who already play fighting games to play a wider range of fighting games is only a temporary solution at best.


In my opinion if you want people to sign up for other games at tourneys give an incentive then. If there’s a pot bonus split it between games, don’t put it all on SF4. Or possibly have a wider payout for other games instead of the standard 70/20/10, possibly add in 4th and 5th placings getting some money back.


Honestly, what it comes down to is those other games need to be better.

HDR does fine most places, so no need to mention that game.

Only VF/Tekken this gen for non-Sf games can be considered respectable tourney games. XII bombed, BB has balance issues.

BBCS and KOFXIII could reverse that trend. KOF will need to be marketed, unless you got lots of immigrants.


KOF is South American national sport like StarCraft is to Korea


I believe what it boils down to is that players are generally not open-minded. Rather than learn something “different”, they would rather do what they’re used to doing and if it doesn’t work, go to where it does rather than alter their game. This applies to, not only SF4 and overall capcom players, but every other player. I mean, hell, why is it that GG players scrambled to BB when it first came out and didn’t even give SF4 a look?

As for how to break this habit, I can’t say really. In my experience, I’ve ascertained that it is simply impossible. No matter what happens, people always wish for that security of playing what they already can.

… however, if someone has an idea, I’m all ears.


I usually break out something that doesn’t have a high execution barrier so the SF people don’t feel left out. Breaker’s Revenge and Karnov’s Revenge always do nicely.

I usually stay away from my mains until they learn or get confident. Then I pick Saizo or Ray and give it to them raw.

Whomever sticks around usually has what it takes to become well versed in FGs if they stick around me long enough as I constantly switch up the games so they get a feel for the genre as a whole.


well BBCS is just as unbalanced, but people don’t seem to care because they OP characters are dumb rush down instead of zoning, which is more okay with people apparently.


I don’t think SRK will ever do much promoting of games besides (S)SF4.

Furthermore, if you were, say, a KOF player, why would you want people to simply be more open minded to other games as opposed to simply liking KOF more?


it also didn’t help that Blazblue CT was fucking terrible and everyone stopped playing it after a month lol.


I see what you did there =D


this post is full of fail


I don’t really see a problem with people only wanting to play SF4. Everyone has a preferred game and for a lot of the newer members to the community its a lot easier to focus all your time and ability on improving in one game rather than stretching yourself thin across the entire genre. Being well rounded in all fighting games is certainly not a bad thing but being able to play on a competitive level for even a game as simplified as SF4 still takes a level of dedication beyond what switching out the game you play every weekend allows.

I actually feel its better to let the SF4 players play SF4 BUT to also hype up all the other games in the genre an equal amount. There are plenty of things you can do to showcase other fighting games and the top players in those games.

For Example

  1. Between the Semi Finals and Finals of Major Tournament live streams have a streamed exhibition match between two top players in another game such as KoF or BB complete with expert commentary and color commentary. Showing the games at highest level of play combined with an analysis and commentary comparing it to whatever game the major tournament is for will help increase interest in the games. Especially games as fun to watch at high level play as BBCS and Darkstalkers.

  2. Whenever a game at a tournament fails to draw a large crowd. Set up a casual/freeplay area for the game so people can play while waiting to be called for matches. If its a game that you’re an expert in sit down and play with the people casually playing and share your knowledge with them. Answer questions and just be friendly and excited about the game. The more hype you are for your game the more hype other people will be. (Unless its UMk3) Being hype for that game will just get you shot.

  3. Don’t Demonize people or the fighting game(s) they play because you feel they are too easy or don’t meet what your criteria of competitive might be. A lot of interest in other fighting games dissipates when other people view you as an elitist enclave of some niche gaming genre. Being able to get people interested in what you enjoy is about being open-minded yourself. There is a large difference in a persons reaction to the phrase “That (insert game) is scrubby as fuck” and “I don’t really enjoy that game but I’ll play it if you want to get some rounds of this other game in after”

I think when people are comfortable with the fundamentals of the genre and understand what it takes to compete in game at a competitive level they will naturally want to branch out and try other games. I don’t believe its wise to try and force them to play other games or shove your particular game down their throats because you feel it has more merit than whatever it is they enjoy playing. Getting people to play other games is more about maintaining the hype for the other games, introducing them to the games in a friendly/fun/exciting manner and just being open minded to why they play the game and hoping the common interest in the genre as a whole will help them take the next step into the rest of the genre.


you can’t do anything about it. For most of these new players SF4 is the only FG that they’ve ever played. Everything else to them is different and will be harder to learn than SF4 was.

With that said there are two things you can do. Increase the popularity and competitive scene of other games, and wait for them to get bored with SF4 and hope they’re willing to try something different when that times come and not just drop the whole genre.


No it isn’t.