What can we all do as Individuals to make Street Fighter more poplular

We all know Street Fighter and other fighting games should be more popular than they are in the US. If GTA is the only video game your into, than thats just sad. I have a feeling that capcom is not going to be into running Street Fighter any more since they are making money on Devil may cry and such. imo ST is getting progressively less popular. People simply don’t have either the time or the attention span to put in the work to be competition for the og players. Even though i’m sure there are good players on it but Xbox live is flooding the scene with lag abusers and non-stick players. If anyone has evidence to prove otherwise, please bring it up. Does anyone have any ideas on what we can do to make sure the scene doesn’t die. I try to teach people that i am better than at the arcade but 80 percent of people either are too pissed becuase of losing to listen and they think cus they get lucky sometimes that they are good when they don’t really know about blocking and countering and not taking unnecesary risks. some of them simply don’t speak english well. It might be idealistic but i wish there was an arcade in every big town that was open till late. It would keep kids out trouble and keep their heads in something that exercises their brain, rather than doing something that burns out there brain if you catch my drift. Any ideas? we need to spread the love that is ST.

well, in order to do that you have to let it be accessible to more casual players. not everyone wants to go pretty deep into the game. if you get the casual crowd in it, it makes capcom more money and a fair number will come into the more competitive scene.

one thing that doesnt help is having a negative attitude towards non-stick players. id like to see people play regardless of how or when they can.

Are you talking about Super Turbo?

True 2D, hand-drawn fighting games will never be popular with the mainstream again (high-res or not, it doesnt matter). Not with videogames becoming more popular and more expensive with each passing day. Read on the GDC rants of Nintendo and Microsoft. Check the minimum resolution next gen will have. Even The Rumblefish will look like SNES compared to whats coming. Hell, it already does. Just look at DOAU.

What Capcom and SNK couldve done, they didnt. They stopped moving forward and now theyll never catch up. Theyve lost the fans - fighting games dont make money anymore. If they decided to try hard now, they would have to face DOA, Tekken, SC and VF.

What would be the point? Capcom failed with SF3. The fans didnt support it, the mainstream didnt support it. SNK failed with Garou. The fans didnt support it, the mainstream didnt support it. And Sammy has Dimps, with the small (nich of the nich) TRF and Arc Systems (which lost most of their staff just recently).

2D is dead. All we have is Sammy and SNK making small games that only are popular with the hardcore crowd (top ten in the arcades, complete failures in the home market). Deal with it.

I always try to help out or befriend newbies in the arcade, and most of the time they’re cool with it. A couple of times that’s just made the other guy more pissed off, but the people who appreciated the help or who I got along with have all come back. That’s a start I guess. But most people aren’t going to step foot in an arcade in the first place. Even though it seems like everyone is playing video games these days, to go into an arcade is seen as ultra nerdy by lots of people. I have friends who won’t step foot in the arcade here, even to come get me if they need me, even though it’s a couple blocks from their apartment. It’s just not something most people do.

And as was said, 2d games don’t do it for people anymore. There are lots and lots of graphics whores out there. I had a discussion with my roommate about this recently, in fact. He says he prefers games with good graphics, even if the content of the game isn’t as good. Better graphics equal a better game for him, he says. If something doesn’t look like it’s entirely real, most people won’t play it. I have friends who are down with Soul Calibur and Tekken because they say it’s more “real” or whatever, it looks more real. I didn’t realize cyborgs, robots, and whatever Yoshimitsu is are real, and that juggling a person in the air with a jab under less than moon gravity is real, or that Astaroth hitting Talim repeatedly with a giant axe and not immediately exploding her is real, but hey, it looks more like real life, and that’s what matters to a lot of people. There’s no convincing people that SF or Guilty Gear or KoF or what have you is just as good, if not better. You can’t proselytize for a 2d game; no one’s gonna convert who wasn’t already interested.

SF wont get more popular the only ones who will be playing are the ones now. Also, no gamers now want to play ST. Soon as you tick throw them a few times or they get hit with a dp in the air 2 or 3 times they will walk away and go play Soul Calibur or DOA.



Americans are stupid. They drool over graphics and flashy effects, quick fixes for their simple minds. No one here cares about depth or the engine. To them it is just some stupid video game, a kid toy. In Japan things are the opposite.

Time Stop, no offense but DOA sucks, you basically just named all the 3D fighters to try and act like they are so revolutionary. Thinking that making 3D fighters is the only way to move forward is pretty stupid. 2D is a genre not a under-developed label.

We live in a really flashy-overidden time. The 90s were not like that, thus SF was more popular. I think the way Americans will get back into fighters will be to tell them that they can’t do it. Then they will get all pissed and try.

Interesting resoponses. FOr me personally i think soul caliber grapihcs look like crap, and that the colors and comic book style of ST(CVS2 third strike, Kof, whatever) are much more pleasing to my eye. I even hate the way GTA looks. all nasty and box-ey. But sorry, I can’t give up, the only job i see myself doing in the future is an arcade runner dude. I get such rushes from high level games with high level players that i can’t live it down. Chupacabra that true about about non-stick players, it would help if you could use your pad at the arcade like i seen T5 players do in CTF to get more casual players in. It took me tons of time and money to get on a competitive level with the people at my arcade, and to be honest, i don’t think i coulda have done without the fact that i am on disability right now and not working. so are we just supposed to give up?

I’m going to tell all my friends they are to stupid and slow for marvel and cvs2 and see what happens, everyone else should too.

What’s your source on this? I don’t see 2d fighters selling masses of units over there either, there’s just a bigger hardcore fanbase.

I think you got the wrong impression with what Time_Stop said. He’s not pulling for stuff like DOA and SC, just being a realist on the current state of the 2d scene. I agree with him.

On a positive tip, here are a few things you can do to promote these types of games:

(a) Encourage your friends to play. Personally speaking, most of my friends would rather play the latest version of Madden than touch anything resembling a fighting game. I’m resigned to the fact that 99% of gamers out there believe they stopped making 2-D fighters with Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. That doesn’t stop me from digging them out when I have people around who are willing to play. Hype up the game, let them whoop on you a couple of times to get the feel of it, and if it doesn’t work, hey, at least you tried.

(b) Continue to frequent boards and websites such as this one. Get all gushy about the games you like, or even gripe about the ones you don’t. By doing this, you’re promoting the community and showing the bean counters out there that the genre still has a devoted following.

© Write the game companies and speak your mind. Sure, you’ll probably never get a response, but can it hurt to tell a company like Sammy that you appreciate the fact a series like Guilty Gear exists, as opposed to another FPS or survival horror series?

I’d also mention something about getting out and hitting the arcades, but I sincerely feel it’s going to take another landmark game like SF2 in '91 to get people off their butts en masse and back into anything resembling a scene. And it’s hard to see that ever happening with another 2-D fighter.

Don’t forget the fact that you can impale people with out them losing a drop of blood.

This is kinda a hard thing to really judge on… I mean, on the one hand, 2d games must have some inkling of popularity, or we wouldn’t have any GBA games. But… with big name fighting games, people tend to heavily gravitate towards 3d. not only that, but you’re much more likely to see a commerical or ad for say Tekken or DOA than you would for say SF3. I NEVER saw a single ad or commerical for that game, what the hell is up with that. If it wasn’t for the internet and EGM, I’d have never even known there was a SF3. Take into account not everyone searches for gaming news online or reads game mags. You could make the greatest fighting game of all time, but if no one even hears about it or know it exists, what is the point?

Wood is right one for the most part. I can get some regular joes to throw down on some SF2 and Marvel2. Let them win everyother match. They get in to it sometimes. Fuck, show them a damn combo video! That’s how I got back into Marvel. My friend showed me SRK and Meyouski(sp) and I was hooked again. I live in a place where 5 people or less play fighting games too.

Too bad it won’t happen though. If more people start getting into 2d fighters again, I’ll go to the next evo and jack off on my own face!

I’m very new to the 2D fighter scene. In fact, 4 months ago I’d never played Third Strike (or any SF game really), and 2 months ago I thought it sucked. What changed my mind? Well I got into GG#R, and really started to appreciate 2D fighters. After a while I was more open to SF. Then I saw that Diago at Evo video and was inspired to pick up the game.

Anyway, I don’t think there’s any fool-proof way to get people into it, other than to let your friends discover for themselves how awesome 2D fighters are, and be supportive if they show interest.

Over here, (In Holland), there’s a new thing in the bars. They first had photoplay machines, which is basically a shit machine with a touchscreen where you can play dull shit like card games on. Now people are tired of that, so photoplay is out of the bars, snackplaces, and such.

The company that makes those things decided not to throw the cabinets away, but instead modify them. So now they run a customised version of Windows 98, with a sort of a MAME engine in it (I’m not sure yet which one), and there’s 86 games on it. You can flop in a coin and pick one. 2 Euros (about 2 bucks) gives you 6 credits.

2 of the games are:

  1. Street fighter turbo Hyper Fighting
  2. Street fighter Alpha 3

I’m already getting more people to play. They hate it when i use supers on them, but when i teach them how to do those (even the a fucking Hadoken), they start smiling and actually enjoy playing. Ofcourse, I always offer a beer to anyone who can beat me. I might be a scrub, but I’m still one of the best players in a 10 mile area. I think there’s hope, when I look at that. There’s also guys who’ve played it in the past, but basically forgot about it, and now they’re being dragged back in. And as you all know, there’s no better thing than playing some good Street Fighter in a bar or club with 5 people behind you watching.

Do not give up, brothers!

just make arcades have open bars at night that serve alcohol, u might see the appearance of chicks who dont wanna just play the games, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing.

Fighting games have become too complex. In all honesty, all these glitches, tricks, techniques and shit are too hard for the casual individual who just wants to pick up a controller and play. You know what game has had a big following? SSBM. I mean, most real fighting gamers would say that such a game is insignificant, but it embraced a crowd that wanted simplicity. Assloads of people play this game, and I have no idea why.

Games that follow SSBM: All the Naruto games on GC. Simple button presses, even supers in this game is just a button (actually, not sure about Naruto 3, but definite on Naruto 1 and 2).

These types of games revived the fighting game industry. Unfortunately, it doesnt appeal to a lot of “techincal” fighters out there, so we either change with them or it changes for us.

Time Stop thats not completely true,

CvS2 is one of the top online games for the XBox and SFAE was a top 10 selling game for a very long time when it hit PS2.

So it does show 2D can sell, its just a matter of people getting past the perception of 2D.

2D isnt quite dead yet, but its getting near life support.

2D fighters is just too complicated to be mainstream again. The only reason it was ever mainstream was because it was something new and back then Street Fighter was graphically on the same level or above the other games of the day. If Street Fighter 2 in 1991 was still the way it was gameplay-wise but the graphics looked like that old Atari E.T. game then it would not have been big.

Ppl like Tekken 5 right now. If PS3 made it possible for games to truly look real life but Namco decided that Tekken was going to stay polygonal and stop making advertisements then there’d be a “What can we all do as Individuals to make Tekken more poplular.” thread on TekkenZaibatsu.

There just aren’t enough ppl open-minded enough.