What can we all do as Individuals to make Street Fighter more poplular

bleh, I’ve come to accept the fact that most people don’t appreciate the fact that games can be art or the fact that fighting games can be more than 5 minutes of button mashing entertainment.

I have introduced a few people to fighting games as well as getting introduced into them abotu a year or so ago with Street Fighter Alpha 3. THen I moved up to MvsC2 and then I bought just about every popular fighting game in existence and even soem rarer ones. I can’t explain why I like fighting games, probably fro the same reason most people can’t find a legitimate reason to hate them but do anyways.
As for 2D vs. 3D, I tend to go with 2D. But I enjoy 3D immensely as well.

travel back in time 15years ago.

jae hoon: IIRC, cvs2 did not sell that well for xbox, like 60k copies? Omni posted up a sales list awhile, ago, last million seller for 2D was A3 for psx. cvs2 for ps2/dc sold 150k+ copies a piece, mvc2 for dc sold like 300k.

Yes, my local poolhall has this shitty set-up too. Where do you live in the Netherlands? If you play 3S, CvS2 or MvC2, hit me up. ST or SF:AE/AC is fine too.

Proselytize : v : convert to another faith or religion.

About that thing in Holland… I dunno what your laws are, but I don’t think that setup would fly over here. It must step on somebody’s legal toes.

… Are you saying I did’t use it correctly? Cause I did, I was making an analogy between the difficulty of trying to get people to try out 2d fighters and trying to get people interested in a new religion; both are hard. Words is one of them things I’m pretty good with.

I’ve tried getting my friends into SF. I’ve gotten one friend to go to an arcade with me and played on a console with a few guys, but it’s never resulted in more interest. I won’t even beat on them badly, trying to make it seem like they have a chance so they’ll get more into it, but after half an hour they’ll be like, alright, let’s pop in Katamari Damacy or Mario Kart or Soul Calibur or Halo or something. Fighting games are just simple battles of who can combo better to them, ya know? And despite what I say and how much I try to explain the mindgames and yomi layers and what have you, it doesn’t sink in. And it’s back to playing Doom 3 or some such thing that holds your interest for the 20 hours it takes to beat the game and then never again.

Oh yeah, it’s all good. Just trying to save people some trouble so they won’t have to go to dictionary.com like I did. :slight_smile:

as an ST player I honestly wouldnt mind switching to 3d fighters if Capcom (or any other company) made a 3d fighter that made sense… its got to be nothing like FV or Tekken.

If it’s fun, people will play it. Th only hard part is getting people to step up for the first few games.

It’s a perfectly legal machine, they licensed all the ROMS that are in there. There’s even such machines at an arcade (which is one of the TWO arcades in the COUNTRY). They wouldn’t be there if they were illegal. I expect to see a lot of them pop up in snackplaces as well.

Are you talking about Ultracades?

If you want to make SF more popular, then one way is for everyone who’s actually good at the game needs to retire/die so that the other players who don’t have years of experience can have a chance to win.

Note that this is not necessarily a good idea. Just an idea that players can do that would make SF more popular.

:wow: That’s kinda harsh don’t you think considering the average age would be somewhere in the 20’s. I disagree that they should die just yet.


It’s all about being cool in America and 99.9% of people have already made up their mind about Street Fighter. They’ve decided that 2d is lame and no matter how good the game is if it ain’t 3d then it aint cool. They assume only nerds play and they don’t want to be associated with such people.


I see that sarcasm/humour isn’t your strong suite.

Well, I would definately say that I believe inspiring your friends to play Street Fighter is a step up considering that a lot of the time they only remember it as the game with the “Hadoken” sound effect (well my friends anyway lol). No, but seriously, I mean sometimes a couple of my friends will stop by and I’ll decide to turn on my PS2 and pop in MVC2 or CVS2, and a lot of my friends seem more interested in watching me play opposed to reaching for the controller to Vs me. I always ask them if they want to play Vs mode and those who do seem to like the game. I usually try to teach them during rounds if there noobs, I consider it like training for them. But I’ve noticed that once they would start to learn the moves, they would suddenly be so much more into the game. I think that if most people did their fair share of showing off SF (and I don’t think "showing off is to strong a term either), particularly to their friends who don’t know how to play, and in addidtion you taught them HOW TO PLAY, that would contribute to the games overall popularity. :bgrin:

P.S. - I HATE 3-D Fighters! Any game with side-step isn’t classic.

Just continue to support all types of 2-d fighting games and ENCOURAGE, not FORCE, your friends to try them out because remember, you cannot force someone to like something that you do. All the Street Fighter games are good, no one can deny that, with Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike being the top of the tops. In the mean time, support your other favourite fighters (Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters, Guilty Gear) as well as upcoming additions to the 2-d fighting world (NeoGeo Battle Coliseum and Spectral vs. Generation).

I think there is still some hope for 2d. There is a whole generation of people in their twenties who came of age with SF. As this group gets older more and more of them will go back to the game and give it another shot, if only for nostalgia’s sake. Some of them will get into the game again, and come looking at boards like this one. It won’t be a rush of new people, but there will be some, and if the community is open and nice to these people, the community will grow. I know that I am just starting to regain my love for SF, and I think there are others like me.

this: http://wwedayofreckoning.tripod.com/snksucks.htm

SF was popular back in the day because the vast majority of people didn’t know how to play the game except in small, concentrated regions and was thus accessible to all. Nowadays, it’s considered old-fashioned because of its dated presentation and also because 2D fighting games are so mined-out for ideas that you need to generally have comprehension of other systems to be able to do decently in any game released nowadays. That sort of dedication to one game requires too much thought and time for the casual gamer, who’s just looking to burn time.

Consider the engines of the games out today – #r, 3S, A3, MvC2, CvS2 – and then consider how relatively simple (yet deep) SF2 was in comparison. That sort of accessibility’s been lost over the years, which is why people don’t play these games much anymore.

And while CFJ was an attempt to go back to that, it’s still complex by SF2-era standards… plus it looks like shit, and you’re certainly not going to win people over to a new genre by telling them “but the gameplay is what counts!!!” If you were raised on a diet of American food and someone gave you a plate of some French cuisine and it looked like a pile of crap, you probably wouldn’t eat it even if the guy insisted that “the taste is what counts”.