What can we parry and punish on reaction?

So Ryu can parry all kinds of stuff but I figure maybe we should have a thread dedicated to moves that we can see coming a mile away that we can parry and punish our opponents for using against us. We have to build in the muscle memory to prevent other players from using these moves against Ryu thinking it’s safe or spammable. I don’t have a huge comprehensive list, just a few things off the top of my head and we can go from there. Maybe in time this thread will evolve into punishing block strings and other stuff. But for now I just wanted to keep it simple.

Karin’s Ressenha: This is that air flippy move she does. If you parry the first hit you have to time the 2nd parry or you’ll get counter hit if you party immediately. Or just parry once and DP. Me personally I’d rather just block it and mash DP since all versions are -4 or worse and jab DP is a 3f attack and gives me some cushion in case I don’t get reversal timing.

Necalli’s Disc Guidance: This is the lunge attack that has one hit of armor to blow up fireballs. It’s very punishable on block but you can parry it to get a slightly better punish and take no chip damage.

Bison’s head stomp and devil’s reverse: Parrying the Devil’s reverse will net you a big punish. But if you parry a head stomp you’ll have to give chase and jump MP(into tatsu or EX DP) as he flies away.

Mika’s charge HK: This is the charged drop kick she does to get through fireballs. It’s also + on block so you don’t want to block it to be honest. Parry or neutral jump is the best answer. Parry should be a guarantee punish where as your neutral jump might be late and she will recover in time to block.

That’s all I got off the top of my head for now. I’m actively trying to get myself to remember to do this during matches. Once we do this will open up some opportunities and definitely scare players of certain mains from using certain moves as much as they would like.

Nash’s ‘Moonsault slash’.

Gief’s charged HP although he can vary the timing so it is a risk.

Cammy’s v skill.

Chun’s df hk.

Sim’s ‘yoga gale’. Can not be done on reaction to the Gale but rather a teleport the Gale may come from. Not Terribly usefull though I am searching for any edge in this match up.

At first I thought Ryu couldn’t punish Nash’s moonsault and Cammy’s V Skill because I failed to sometimes during the beta. Now that I’ve actually put in the time, I see that it is possible. With Cammy I don’t think it’s worth it. You can just do counter hit st. MP, cr. HP, SRK/tatsu on reaction rather than using parry which you might mistime. As for Nash, some of them like to whiff it intentionally as a gimmick. So maybe whiffing a parry instead of a MP DP is better. Gotta do more test to see if Ryu is punishable when both Ryu and Nash whiff those two moves on each other.

Oh and another one, Birdie’s vertical chain. You can just parry that on reaction and dash forward into whatever depending how far away you are from him.

Can also do it on Mika’s kick thing she charges up.

Can someone confirm that you can dp after parrying a jump in? It seems like I get hit right after parrying with no time to DP. Or is the timing really that strict?

I can say that one of my DP after a parry has already been blocked after a jump in, but i think it’s depend of the timing. By the way, I just found this on the video ryu thread:


Not tested it extensively but I’m pretty sure the only way you can get a DP after a parried jump-in is if your opponent hasn’t realised he’s been parried and tries to continue the block string.

Seems to depend on how high the jump attack hits you. Stuff that’s close to the ground is safe.

It depends on the jump in attack. Ones like Chun’s HK (I think) and Vega’s HP (I think) that hit really early can be parried and punished even if they hold back.

Some Necallis like to use Cr. HP xx HK Stomp, you can parry the stomp and get a big punish but only HK stomp. If they catch on, they can use MK stomp and counter hit you for big damage.

Parry is amaaaazing.
There are so many situations that you can parry. For instance, a Ryu I played online tried to chip me out with his a meaty super, but I woke up and parried all of the hits.
He hit me with a jab after and I died after, but it was still amazing haha.

Two things I noticed:

For Nash’s Moonsault thing: It’s easy to parry, but Nash can do the Roundhouse version which will pass over your head, and he lands quickly enough to punish the recovery of your parry (At least with Jabs, I didn’t play around with what he can do exactly.)

For Karin’s Air Flying thing: With the parry startup I found this a little hard to parry the first hit fast enough. However… it appears the first hit of this whiffs on crouching characters. So it is much easier to duck this on reaction, and then only parry the second hit, for a full punish. (Also note that it seems trivial to beat this thing with crouching strong with no timing required.)

What about on Bison and Vega’s overhead specials? The parry stops crossovers as well, so I feel like you could position yourself nicely off of a perry

That shit is going to be nuts in comps. Esp as its the only way to chip kill.

The clutch finishes are going to be tense as fuck.

I try to use parry on footsies but its challenging. The besst instance is usually this and this may be dependant on the skill the players im going again. As in as i get to harder people it may not work.

So what I notice is that its hard to run away in this gaame. you can punished so hard for backdashing and even walking back once pressure is put on you. It doesnt help that I think they nerfed Ryu back speed. Anyways, when playing footsies it seems like most character can hit you with a lights or a crouching medium punch. Once they push you out of that range it is probably the best time to parry. Most like to use farther reaching moves at this distance. These farther reaching moves is what i try to parry.
the problem is obviously if you miss you get hurt hard but there is something to this. Start by getting a read on your opponent. I they keep throwing out far reaching moves in this scenario then you no to parry that crap if not then go back to playing footsies. This is where s.lk comes in.
s.lk is a good feeling to fill in voids and learn your opponent. it beats out a lot of pokes.

Once again If you know your opponent liketo throw a lot of normals outside of blocked ights then I think parry can work. If you dont parry s.lk works great at that specific range.

For Nash’s Moonsault, if you want to Parry Punish with Fierce DP, hold :df::hp: after you parry. Looks like SFV has something similar to KOF13 where if you hold the button and final input of a motion, it will come out as fast as possible since it saves the input for some time.

This can also help you do :d::hp: -> Fierce DP since you can hold the motion. I would recommend using the shortcut of :df::d::df::hp: though since I think it is more consistent.

Re Nash Moonsault, if he does the EX one since it’s safe etc, V Reversal will whiff after the first and 2nd hit, and if you V Reversal the 3rd hit, he can block or possibly throw you. If you can react in time and parry, you can parry the first 2 hits and DP, or parry all 3 and hit with a s.mp into whatever. Dunno how easy to react to it would be in a match but eh, it’s something. Pretty easy parry too.

OK I have figured out something which will help with finding parry tech. If you figure out how fast you can twitch react to something (i.e. you see your opponent move and immediately press a button before registering what it is), then you can find which moves you can parry on twitch reaction without the parry coming out at all if you get hit by anything faster. my reaction time is about 15-18 frames, so if I am on point and I’m stuck in the corner against ryu. I can parry on twitch reaction to every button and it will only come out if they do the overhead (20 frames) or if they do solar plexus strike. If I am stuck in the corner though, it’s unlikely that they will use the solar plexus strike. So I can relatively safely parry the overhead on twitch reaction. There are two problems though: If they do a really fast attack then the parry can come out as a reversal, and if they whiff an attack then your parry will also come out. So it can be easily baited out. I think this will have fairly limited use but it’s another tool to add to your arsenal.

So if your reaction time is the same (15-18 frames) then you should try to find situations where all your opponents options are <15 frames start-up or between 20-25 frames start-up and there’s little chance of them whiffing.

I just figured this out so I don’t have many practical uses for it yet but at the moment at least it’s an option for better punishes on overheads. Let me know if you think of any other uses.

Hi, new user here. A lot of the critical arts in this game can be parried and punished in this game. Here’s a video showing how to time your parry against Chun’s CA.


Parry has a 3 frame startup, 7 active frames.

On a missed parry, recovery is 29 frames.

On a successful parry I calculated 3 frame recovery, note could be wrong
But it also allows considers the opponent having +Hit Frames instead of block frames.

This can lead to a high risk and low/mid/high reward depending on what you parry.
If you see your opponent performing a the same frame trap that has 3 or more frames between the frame trap (If its less than 3 frame frame trap, you will be hit out of parry) into a buffer special then parrying the normal can grant you a large punish.
(Assuming the special has a slower startup).

Equation on special cancel (-1 for active frame):
Number of available punish frame = (Start up frame of special - 1) - 3

(Frame data taken from wiki.shoryuken)
For example: Opponent is Ryu: s.MP, c.MK xx Hadoken

s.MP on block gives a +1 advantage for the opponent.
c.MK is a 6 frame startup so you have 5 frames to counter the opponent.

Low Risk/Low Reward (c.jab or s.lk should be able to stuff the c.MK assuming close)
High Risk/Mid (Shoryuken)
High Risk/High Reward (parry)

By parrying the c.MK, it takes normal hadoken takes 14 frames to startup.
14 - 1 - 3 = 10 frames of counter hit.

So after the parry you can b.HK, s.LK xx HP Shoryuken or get a crush counter with s.HP xx s.HK, etc.

Equation for parrying a normal that isn’t cancelled

Number of available punish frame = (Recovery of normal - On Hit Frame Advantage) - 3.

Ryu Collarbone Breaker (Overhead)
17 - 0 - 3 = 14 frames to punish.

On a Jump in parry, depending on how high the opponent is how much frame advantage you get.

Number of Frames the opponent is still in the air - (2 for ground recovery until block - 3 parry which cancels out)

  1. Set the opponent to jump attack and mash s.LP and your s.MP should be able to get a counter hit.
  2. Set the opponent to jump attack and then walk back to block, you mash s.LP and the dummy should be able to block it.

I don’t know if my reactions are just ass but I cannot parry necallis wolverine move on reaction. Only if I know it’s coming.